Photos as Radionic Witnesses

The traditional radionic witness was a blood spot from the subject being analyzed, I believe Dr. Albert Abrams,  the father of radioncs used nothing but blood spots in his work

One hundred years later, the blood spot is still an excellent witness, but the photograph is much more convenient, more easily obtained, easily stored  lasts much longer, some people say indefinitely, but I like to update my photos about once per year, whereas blood spots do become rancid after being exposed to the air after a relatively short period of time

Since people using radionics discovered photos made excellent witnesses the go to photo was that taken by a Polaroid Instamatic camera, because the emulsion in the film contained minute particles of quartz crystals, and what do quartz crystal do…they store energy. Polaroid discontinued manufacturing these cameras in 2008, but Fuji now builds the Instax camera that is very similar to the old Polaroid Cameras. They cost less than $100, and although the film is a bit pricey, they make excellent cameras for radionic work.



In this digital age, another question arises. Is a digital photograph as good as one taken by an Instax camera.  The short answer is no, but they can be used. Most people have a digital camera, and once a photo is taken and printed out so that you have a physical photograph they can be used as a radionic witness.

Kelly Research Technologies did a study to find out if digital photographs are as good as Instax photographs. They compared a photo taken of a tree  with an Instax camera, one taken with a  5.0 Megapixel digital camera, a piece of tree bark, and a photo of the tree taken with one of the old Poloroid Instamatic cameras.

The results of the above mentioned experiment were, The Fuji Instax 200 produced the highest General Vitality of the tree at 735. The Poloroid camera was next at 730 and surprisingly the lowest score was when a smaple of the actual bark of the tree was used it was 728. The thing that made the biggest difference was the kind of paper used to print the photo.  The same photo used above printed on plain paper had a General Vitality of 685, but the photo printed on 8.0 digital photo paper gave the tree a G.V of 731.

I personally use a Fuji Instax camera, but if you have a good digital camera, and print your photos on high quality photo paper they according to the above study can make excellent witnesses.  As with any photograph taken for radionic work, it must be taken properly.

*Do not handle the photos, unless they are of you. A clothes pin makes a good tool for picking them up, or a piece of Kleenex.

*  Store them in individual envelopes, with the name of the subject written on the front of the envelope.

* Try to take a photo of the subject againist a neutral background, away from electricall appliences such as televisions, refrigerators, etc.

* Never have another person or animal in the photo except for your subject.

* Try to get as much of your subject in the photo as possible.

* I take photos with the sun at my back. Some people say it doesn’t matter if the sun is in         front or behind you, but old school radionics said have the sun at your back, so thats what I do.

* As with anything you are using as witness, use your radionic instrument to dowse” Is this a suitable witness for the subject?” If you get a “Yes” use it, if a “No” don’t use it.

The photo below is not good for radionic work, two people in it.


This photo would work well


This one not good, there would  be alot of electrical interfenence


In this one the person is too far away, with background too cluttered


8 thoughts on “Photos as Radionic Witnesses

  1. Good evening from Greece. Please I would like to contact with you! I will try to send you a private message through Fb. Thank you very much.


  2. Aloha,

    I found your site after someone told me about radionics and would love to get some more information. Could you email me?



  3. I have a radionics machine by Berkana, along with some other pieces, but all my life i have suffered from deep confusion, i once suffered with severe Vertigo but feel much better. One problem I’m having is being fearful of doing things, just about anything, i get very hot and sometimes sweat. Everything seems challenging. I can’t seem to get around it. Please do not publish my name.

    Can you offer some help.


    1. Hi Joe, sorry for taking so long to answer your question, just noticed it today. You seem to have an anxiety/phobia of some sort. I am not sure what is causing your problem, . One technique that works is to go to a quiet place, get relaxed and imagine in your mind that you are doing the thing that is fearful, you may have to do this numerous times but it will make doing the thing easier in real life. Also ease yourself into situations that are fearful gradually, the more you do it the easier it will become.


  4. For Joe and folks like him, maybe something called EFT might be a solution. It involves tapping on acupuncture spots on the face and upper body and is very powerful. Also, it is free to learn at Gary Craig’s site
    I am not related to this website or person.


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