Welcome to my website/Blog. I will be sharing information that I’ve learned about Radionics to help people interested in  Radionics get started in the amazing world of Radionics.  Also to help educate people about the value of Vibrational Medicine such as Radionics. That having been said,  I know you can do many things with Radionics  that would be unbelievable to most of the general public, I know because I have done things that amazed me.  While I strongly believe that technologies such as Radionics will be the way the majority of people will be healed of their illnesses in the future, many are being healed with Radionics today, and many more have been over the past 100 years or so since Radionics has been discovered. As much as I believe in radionics I am in no way suggesting that someone who is under a doctor’s care or in need of a doctor’s care take my advice instead of seeing a licensed doctor.  I hope you enjoy this site and you find it helpful ,useful and informative .

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  1. Hi Carl,

    Is the autobiography you have of T. Galen Hieronymus the large green cover book, titled The Story of Eloptic Energy by TGH, or do you have a different autobiography of TGH?


    John H. Reed, M.D.
    Board Member: United States Psychotronics Association (USPA)
    Vice President: Library, Archives, and Museum
    Editor: USPA Journal and Newsletter
    Johns Hopkins email address: joreed@jhsph.edu


  2. I am interested in patient analysis forms and what they look like. I have one and I am hoping to add to it from the analysis forms used by others. The one I have is a generic one used with a pendulum which does not need any particular type of instrument and comes from the training I did in the UK. Does anyone use these forms nowadays?


  3. Hi Carl,
    As a kid, I met a couple of priests who were doing radionics. They were pretty secretive about it for 2 reasons: it was very unaccepted scientifically at that time, and they were priests in a communist country which was enough in itself to be imprisoned.Your blog confirmed for me that they were right, and really new something what was completely scientific. After all of this: I got a couple of objects from them, which they said will heal, transfer, and protect me from things. I wasn’t sure in it, but since i am seeing those companies who are selling the same way as Big Pharma, but on the imprinting side. Selling protection, (wifi) health, wealth, even mood. Would you mind to write about these imprinting process, and the science behind it? How long they work?


  4. I think what you mean when you mention ” imprinting ” as far as Radionics is concerned is called potentizing. Potentizing can be done with a radionic instrument.

    Basically what is being done is a certain energy is being transferred to a substrate. The energy can be anything, and the substrate can be water, sand, stone, etc.

    I can’t say how long the imprinting or potenization will last, depends on the type of energy, the substrate, but I do know that strong magnetic or electrical fields can neutralize the potentization.

    You can determine with a radionic instrument, if an object has any potential energy remaining in it.


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