Reagents I Have found Useful

In radionics reagents help reduce broadcast time, as well as raising the General Vitality of the witness while lowering the G.V of a condition, pathogen, parasite etc, so you get the results that you are aiming for much quicker. After trying many different things as reagents there are a few that I  seem to keep using over and over that do an excellent job for a variety of things that I do with radionics. I will tell you about them, and they might be useful for you also.

Herbs and spices


One that I use a lot especially if trying to balance an infection out of a subject is Colloidal Silver. It works especially well for any kind of infection.  I just put the glass bottle that the colloidal silver comes in, into the witness well with the witness, dowse for broadcast time, and turn on the amp. It brings down the intensity of the infection, while bringing up the G.V. of the subject.

I also use essential oils a lot as reagents. I bought  ten small bottles that have oils such as lavender, lemon, frankincense, chamomile, tee tree oil, peppermint, elemi, grapefruit, oregano, clove. The set I have can be ordered from Botanic Planet

I use colors quite a lot as reagents, specifically Dinshah colors available from KRT Technologies You can also go to a store that sells paint and get the cards with the different paint colors and use them as reagents.

Using Frequencies to alleviate undesirable conditions goes back many years to the days of Royal Raymond Rife , I don’t have anything as sophisticated as the frequency generator that he had that used a plasma tube, but I do use a inexpensive frequency generator I got on eBay  at a reasonable cost.  KRT Technologies also sells a good frequency generator, you can read about it here.



I use it with the frequencies in the CAFL book.


Here is a PDF download of the frequencies

CAFL – The Consolidated Annotated Frequency List –


There is one hitch, to use a frequency generator with a radionics instrument you need to have one that will allow you to run a wire between the generators output jack , and the radionics instruments input jack, the only radionics instrument that I know of that  has such a input jack are the  Kelly Instruments.


Other reagents that I use almost every day are the Ho’oponopono, and the Somasol reagents that are made and sold by Marty Lucas. They work well for a wide variety of applications, from lowering the intensity of something undesirable to raising the intensity of something that you want. They are available from  Marty on his website, along with other reagents.

Some reagents are made by “Ashing” which is when you take the thing that is undesirable, burn it until it is ashes, then put some of the ashes in a test tube and broadcast them to the subject. For example if you were having a problem with mice in your house you could catch a mouse burn it and broadcast the ashes to a photo of the house. Ashing has been used to rid a garden of weeds. To do this you would gather some seeds from the weeds that you don’t want in your garden, burn them , and broadcast the ashes to the garden via a photo of the garden. Another powerful reagent you can use if you are having rodent problems, is lion or tiger urine. If you live handy to a zoo, ask the zoo keeper if they would give you some of the straw that the lion or tiger has urinated or slept on, ( something with actual urine is better) now put a bit of the straw into the well of your radionics instrument and broadcast to the area the rodents are in, they won’t hang around long.

Some people use a copy of the New Testament as a reagent ( you can get miniature copies that will fit into the well of your radionics instrument. I have used it and it has lowered broadcast time, and the intensity of undesirable conditions, while raising the intensity of desirable conditions. I have also been told that the Old Testament will have the opposite effect, although I’ve never experimented with that.

The “Tibetan Buddhist Amado Miraculous Spring Water” which Peter Radatti describes how to make in his book ” A Fun Course In Beginning Radionics” I have found that this potentized water will bring up the intensity of anything desirable, while at the same time lowering what is not desirable. peters book can be purchased on Amazon, or a PDF version can be downloaded free.


                                                       A Fun Short Course In Radionics

other reagents that I’ve found useful are tissue salt tablets, pure magnesium oil,  a multi-vitamin, Epsom salts . For plants a good reagent is a test tube with some Miracle-Gro . I have also found the Sanjeveeni  Cards useful, they are a free down load here          

Here are a few of the reagents that I have used, and that have worked well for me. If your going to experiment with reagents it is a good idea to purchase a set of test tubes with caps in a test tube rack, too keep your reagents in. If you are emptying a reagent out of the test tube to put another reagent in,  be sure to neutralize the energy from the previous reagent, the easiest way to do that I find is to put the test tube in your radionic instrument and press the “Neutralize” or “Clear” button for a few seconds.

There are an infinite amount of possibilities for reagents, it’s fun to try different things to see if it makes a good reagent or not , you can also dowse to see if something will be a good reagent for a particular issue. I plan to experiment with wild plants and herbs as reagents and see what I can learn.   Some people have used different types of music as reagents with success, although I have not tried that as of yet. Another gentleman, Dr. McNaughton used to shine colored light on a witness placed on a plate, after he used his radionic instrument to determine what the person needed.  So I’m thinking why couldn’t colored light be focused right into the witness well of the instrument with the witness, and broadcast that way. There is a whole science behind light therapy that you can read about here

One thing I love about radionics, there are endless possibilities to explore




Everything I Knew Was Wrong

I borrowed the title of this blog from the preface of Nick Franks book “21st. Century Radionics”, where he states “EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG”  which is a pretty powerful statement , but looking back on what I knew, or thought I knew before I jumped down the dowsing/radionics rabbit hole ( it’s a very deep rabbit hole, I haven’t  reached the bottom yet after about ten years” )  and what I know now, the above statement rings true.


I’ll explain what I mean, and I think many other people who have studied radionics, and dowsing can relate. As a child, I attended public schools, where I was taught a bunch of “facts” and “truths” based on a Newtonian concept of the world, where the world and everything in it is a three-dimensional mechanical system. I learned about magnetism, electricity, gravity, atomic energy, sound waves, light waves etc.  I learned that allopathic medicine was the only true, and effective method to consider when you were ill, all of the alternate modes of healing, such as radionics, herbal medicine, light therapy, homeopathy, etc were “quackery”, and not even worth thinking about. I lived in a world where Infinite Intelligence, God, All That Is, (or whatever name you choose to use for this amazing power) that we can tap into and use, either didn’t exist or wasn’t very relevant to the day to day goings on in the world. I also believed that most politicians worked for the greater good of the people. I also believed that big business such as the pharmaceutical companies, the agribusiness was producing things that would make our lives better, and healthier. I also believed smoking, watching five hours of TV a day wouldn’t really hurt you, and if you saw something on the television evening news or read it in the newspaper it had to be true, they wouldn’t put anything on the news or in the paper  that wasn’t “true” would they.

Looking back I will admit I was very naive, but these are the things I was told by my elders, parents, teachers, relatives, surely they wouldn’t tell these things if they weren’t true, in retrospect they weren’t trying to deceive me,  they believed what they said to be true also. Then I saw things, that made me question many things that I believed to be true, such as mainstream medicine’s “cure” for cancer. Fifty years ago if you had cancer, they would dose you with radiation, chemotherapy, or they would perform surgery and cut the cancerous part out of your body. Today if you have cancer they will give you radiation, chemotherapy, or perform surgery. After billions of dollars in research money and countless man-hours spent on research, nothing has really changed. Another example is the government and the medical establishment telling us thirty years ago,  that all fat was bad for you, it will clog your arteries and cause you to have a heart attack, so everyone started eating low-fat, the supermarket shelves were loaded with items that were “Low Fat” or “No Fat”. Thirty years later, we have an epidemic of diabetes and obesity, because when people gave up on eating fats they switched to eating a lot of foods high in carbohydrates, not the medical establishment is saying fats are no longer bad for you (they never were).  Another one is when it came to light that many Catholic priests were charged and convicted of sexually molesting young boys. If you grew up in a Catholic home as I did, you were told that these guys were doing the work of the Lord, and should be given the highest degree of respect. When I found out what many of them had been doing secretly, it made me stop and take a good look at what I believed. I could write about many other examples of why the faith in what I believed was eroding, but I don’t wish to write a novel today, just a blog page.

When I started to see “the light” and realized many of the things I thought were true weren’t even close to being true, while others things, were downright lies. That is when I started searching for answers to my many questions, I knew instinctively there had to be more to the picture than what I was looking at, that’s when I discovered dowsing, radionics, using herbs for healing, etc, I learned about people such as Royal Raymond Rife, Ruth Drown, Rene Cassie, Gaston Naessens, and many other people who were persecuted by the establishment for trying to help humanity.  I learned about this awesome power that is all around and in us which many refer to as God. I learned that everything can’t be pigeon-holed by the establishment. I learned to “think outside of the box”.  I devoured this new found knowledge, like a man dying of thirst in the desert would drink water, and I still am, my thirst hasn’t been quenched yet, and I don’t think it ever will.

Beware, if you jump down that “rabbit hole” as I did, it is very very deep, and once you get down there a ways, you won’t want to come back out. You can’t unknow what you know Once you learn the real truth, you can’t ever go back to your previous way of thinking, the way the masses think.

Scalar Waves

If you study radionics, you will come upon the term “scalar waves” or scalar energy. What are these scalar waves, and what do they have to do with radionics.  the quick answer to “What have they to do with radionics”  is  “everything”, but what are they and how do they work. In the next few paragraphs, I will try to explain scalar waves.


Ever since the dawn of mankind, in all civilizations, there have been certain individuals that had ‘the gift’ and were able to “heal” by various methods, such as prayer, laying on of hands etc. These people were said to have the “power”. This so-called “gift” or “power” is what would be called scalar energy today, scalar energy exists everywhere, scalar energy is life itself. The “gifted people” were able to focus and direct this scalar energy to do a specific job. Nikola Telsa knew about scalar energy, he performed many experiments using scalar energy.  Albert Einstein said “Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.”  In radionics I believe we are “matching the frequency of the reality we want”, as Albert Einstein said. Modern science is beginning to understand scalar energy through the study of quantum physics, but much of “modern science” is still stuck in the Newtonian model of the universe, which doesn’t include scalar energy.  Unlike other forms of energy, scalar energy does not lose its potency over time or distance, which is why in radionics you can balance someone’s energies even though they may be on the other side of the world, using a photograph, blood spot, fingernail, a lock of hair that was taken from the subject many months or years before ( the exception is blood which turns rancid). The reason many people don’t believe that scalar energy exists is that if you only use your five physical senses you wouldn’t know scalar energy was all around you and in you. Scalar energy can’t be measured, weighted with conventional instruments. Think of yourself as a fish and scalar energy as the ocean.

Our DNA is an antenna that receives and broadcasts scalar energy. Our brain is not a huge warehouse that stores everything that we know, it is the “interface” that connects us to what some refer to as ‘Infinite Intelligence”, where we are able to access the information we otherwise would have no way of knowing about. We are also able to send information the same way. We can connect energetically with every other living thing in a sea of conscious energy called scalar energy.  Every cell in our bodies is affected by scalar energy, and so is water, our bodies are about 70% water, so saying that scalar energy is “life”, I don’t think is an exaggeration.

Scalar energy is sometimes referred to as “subtle energy”, but there is nothing “subtle” in the amount of energetic power possessed by scalar energy, we can’t even compare it to anything that we know of on earth or our solar system, that’s how powerful it is. It has been said ” there is more energy in one cubic centimeter of space than we can comprehend.  Even though scalar energy cannot be seen, almost everyone has had experiences with it, for example, you think of a person you have not seen for a long period of time, and within a few minutes that person calls you on the phone, or you get a sudden “feeling in your gut” about something, and it turns out to be true, even though you had no way of knowing about it.

In radionics as with all energy medicine, we interact with scalar energy. In radionics we can measure this scalar energy, one way is with a rate, the rate 2-76, for example, is the rate for the heart, another example would be if you were dowsing to determine which fertilizers, soils, nutrients would be for some tomato seeds that you want to plant. You have no way of knowing the answer with your conscious mind, but when you put a favorable nutrient, soil, fertilizer in the radionics instrument with the seed the General Vitality of the seeds will increase, likewise if you put something that’s detrimental to the seeds the General Vitality will drop. You may have never planted tomatoes before, and have no idea what to use to make the tomatoes grow well, but the information received through scalar energy knows.

I won’t go into long scientific explanations of scalar energy, and how it works, because frankly, I wouldn’t understand it myself.