Can You Predict The Future With A Radionics Instrument ?

When most people think of predicting the future, they think of a Gypsy lady gazing into a crystal ball or turning tarot cards, while the client waits impatiently to find out if their going to become rich or meet the person of their dreams. I don’t know if a radionics instrument can predict the future the way Gypsy lady with the crystal ball can, but it can reveal hidden  health issues and conditions, as well as detecting health problems while they are still in the energetic stage, long before there are any physical symptoms, or long before modern medical science can detect anything with their CT Scans, MRI, blood tests, biopsies,  endoscopy etc. The old saying goes” “Energy Precedes Matter”.

fortune teller

When someone is tested with one of the above mentioned medical procedures, they are looking for something (such as cancer) that has already manifested into something physical. One of the many areas that radionics far surpasses medical science is that you can find out if there are any undesirable conditions within your body, while they are still energy, or just beginning to become physical, which is also the best and easiest time to balance them out of your body. You can still balance a condition out of your body when it has become physical and is causing problems, but it’s going to take longer, it’s much easier to eliminate something while it is still in the energy stage.




The easiest way that I’ve found to find out if there are any undesirable conditions present in the body is to use an analysis sheet. The first part of the sheet covers the organs and glands, which should be up to General Vitality. The second part of the sheet covers the conditions , they all should read zero. What if your doing an analysis sheet on yourself and find a reading of 120 for Algae (82-100) or Cancer at 75 (3.50-11). Now is the time to balance out any conditions. Balance them out using the rates on the analysis sheet. Dowse for balancing time. Check each day to see if the intensity of the condition is dropping. You can also add some reagents to the radionics instrument to help balance out the condition quicker. Keep broadcasting the rates and reagents until the intensity of the condition reads zero.

To be most effective, you should run an analysis sheet on yourself , on a regular basis. Once or twice a month should be sufficient to detect anything abnormal, although it certainly wouldn’t hurt to run an analysis sheet more often, say once a week.

Most analysis sheets are similar, but the best one I’ve found is the one published by KRT Radionics. Even though the Kelly Analysis Sheets below are titled “Animal Analysis” they can be used for Humans also.

Kelly Analysis Sheet

Kelly Anlysis Sheet-page-0Kelly Anlysis Sheet-page-1

5 thoughts on “Can You Predict The Future With A Radionics Instrument ?

  1. A few days ago I analysed my own energy field with my radionics device and the result was a list of homeopathic remedies. The first two entries was China and China arsenicum. Guess why they came out. I drank a Gin Tonic a few hours before the analysis. You can even tell what drink you had with radionics.


  2. The reason that chlorophyll is on the analysis sheet is “Chlorophyll is almost red blood, so it is important that you eat enough green vegetables for the chlorophyll to be converted into blood” This is a quote from Peter Radatti’s book “A Fun Course In Beginning radionics.”


  3. Thanks for the explanation, but I’m at a loss. That doesn’t sound very scientific…moreover blood and bone marrow are already in the list. I see that also hieronymus had it on his analysis sheet when he was tracking the Apollo astronauts… makes me wonder.


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