Internet Sites About Radionics

Over the years I’ve been surfing the internet searching for good websites about radionics, I’ve collected a few good ones. What surprised me was there aren’t very many good radionics sites, offering helpful information.  There are sites about Psionic information, which have very little to do with health. Then there are the sites that only have an interest in selling you some kind of radionics or psionic machine, such as the Karl Weltz sites Anyway here are a few  I found that are pretty good.

radionics pic

The first one is the Radionic and Dowsing Institue of Canada. They offer Radionics training, as well as  an explanation of what radionics is.

This next site offers a good explanation of what radionics is, and how it works.

The next site is one of my favorites. Kelly Research Tecnologies offer radionic instruments  for sale, radionic accessories, radionic books ( some free) news about training events, and info on radionics.

The Journal of Borderland Research offers a very good explanation on radionics.

The Radionic Association In England offers Radionic Certification Courses.

The next website is that of Duncan Laurie’s the author of the excellent book titles “Radionics, The Secret Art”

This next site offers information on using radionics for cancer

The next site is another of my favorites. In it Marty Lucas offers a ton of radionic advice, as well as info on radionic classes he teaches, and radionic accessories.

The next site offers a good article on the history of radionics.

A very  good essay on radionics, by Dr. Arden Andersen

Another very good site with a lot of radionic information.

This next site, while not pure orthodox radionics, offers a system that is based on frequencies as discovered by Royal Raymond Rife, they also have radionic instruments that can be used with their frequency generators.

This next one is the SE-5 website. They sell an “electronic” radionics instrument, which some say works quite well.

I would highly recommend this website by George Kuepper. Here George has excellent radionics information, and he has a couple good radionic books, as well as the Rogers radionics instruments for sale.

Another site with some good radionic information

This next site is a Google book site, here you can read the book “Vibrational Medicine” a very good book for understanding all types of energy healing, including radionics.

The next site is by Joseph Max, a very knowlegable radionics practitioner, he also builds some really cool radionic instruments.

Berkana Labs offers much information on not only radionics, but also dowsing, orgone etc.

This site has many very interesting articles on radionics

The USPA or U.S. Psychotronics Association has a very informative webite, with an archive of newsletters, as well  holds a USPA conference once a year.

Last but certainly not least we have a few excellent Facebook groups that are all about radionics. These are good places to share radionic info, as well as ask questions. You have to join these Facebook groups, to view their content.

Well thats it, these are the best sites that I’ve found dealing with radionics. If there are any other good radionic sites out there that I haven’t mentioned, it’s because I don’t know about them yet.




2 thoughts on “Internet Sites About Radionics

  1. Thanks for this info! I am new to radionics and I am trying to learn how to use for healing and weather.


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