Energizing Seeds

As I write this, it’s  the second week of February and it’s snowing outside . At this time of year I usually start thinking about  what vegetables I want to plant in my garden in the Spring,  and about ordering seeds.


I once listened to an interview of T. Galen Hieronymus, where he was explaining how to “energize seeds” It sounded like a pretty easy process so I thought I would give it a try. I took two flower pots, filled both with the same kind of earth, and planted the same kind of bean seeds in each one. They both received exactly the same amount of sunlight, water, I didn’t use any kind of plant food on either one. The only difference the seeds in on pot where energized, and the seeds in the other pot weren’t.

The energized seeds sprouted before the seeds in the other pot. After a few weeks the bean plants growing from the energized seeds were quite a bit taller, and fuller than the plants from the un-energized seeds. I wish that I had of taken photos of the both plants  so that I could post on this blog to show the difference, but I did this about five years ago, and wasn’t even thinking about writing a blog back then.

The process that I used, that T. Galen  Hieronymus explained is relatively simple. Many of the radionic instruments that Hieronymus used to sell didn’t have potentizer wells, as many radionic instruments have today. Hieronymus taught this technique to be used with those instruments.


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A Popular Hieronymus Instrument



The energizing processes is as follows. Take the seeds that you want to energize, and put them in a test tube or glass jar. Get another test tube or jar, and fill it with water ( I use distilled water). Now place the test tube or bottle with the seeds in the well of your radionic instrument. Put the test tube or jar of water on your stick plate (rub plate). Dowse for the time to turn the amp of your instrument on to energize the seeds ( usually the time is less than a minute. Thirty seconds is a good lenght of time  ).  Turn the instrument on for the required time, then turn the instrument off.

You have just transferred the energy from the seeds into the water. Now what you want to do is transfer the energy in the water back to the seeds, which makes the energy in the seeds more potent. So take the  test tube or jar of seeds out of the instruments well, and place them or the rub plate, now take the energized water from the rub plate, and place it in the well of the instrument, dowse for a time to turn your instrument on. Turn your instrument on for the required time, after that turn your instrument off.

You can repeat the above procedure more than once. You can dowse how many times to repeat the process, I usually do it three or four times.

You have Increased the potency and energy of the seeds. You can prove this for yourself by checking the General Vitality of the seeds before you energized them, and checking them now after you have energized them. It should have increased. I haven’t tried to energize flower seeds, but see no reason why it wouldn’t work just as well.

Now all that is left to do is to plant the seeds. Happy Gardening