S.A.D. Depression and Radionics

I am writing this in January, with its sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice, and short days with more darkness than daylight. This is also the time of year many people in the Northern Latitudes suffer from depression, the “Winter Blahs” and S.A. D. ( Seasonal Affective Disorder).   S.A.D. and Winter depression are caused by factors such as low vitamin D levels in the body from decreased exposure to the sun, our Circadian rhythm being out of sync due to reduced levels of sunlight,  low levels of sunlight also causes low levels of Melatonin and Serotonin levels in the body, which is also contributes to depression, add to this the fact that people spend a lot of time indoors, and get the feeling of being “cooped-up”.


I have been one of the people who have suffered from S.A.D in the Winter  for years. I have tried using a S.A.D. light, as well as mood enhancing supplements such as St.John’s Wort with only limited success. What has worked best of all for me is Radionics.


I first check my General Vitality (9-49) then check White Light (12-22), Aura Distortion (43-28) Aura Coordination (37-22), next Melatonin levels (60-47) and Seratonin levels at (65-76)  and also at (55-76.6) also check the hypothalamus gland (18-42). Everything should be close to General Vitality, except for Aura Distortion, which should be at zero. Once you have checked all of the above balance what needs to be balanced, check for balancing time especially for the Hypothalmus gland, and melatonin  levels. Also check your Vitamin D levels using (25-32) which should be close to General Vitality.

Once you have everything balanced you can use the rate 38-51 which is a rate for S.A.D. and check its intensity level then check 60-29 , 53-85, 48-51, 10-52 which are all rates for depression, use the one with the highest intensity reading.

Broadcast the rate for S.A.D. as well as one of the Depression rates, it helps to fine-tune the rates before you broadcast them. You can also broadcast the rate (33-33.50) for Unconditional Love,  “I Deserve To Be Happy” (97-27.50), “Ultimate Joy” (70.21-64.25 and 23.75-49.48).  Another excellent rate is  a three bank rate called “The Ho’Oponopono” which when translated into English means ” I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you” the rates are ( 51.75-97) (14-12.25) (82.75-39) Check for balancing times, appropriateness, in phase or out of phase ( if your instrument has that option).

You can also add various reagents to the witness well to enhance the broadcast, such as colors, religious items such as a cross, medal of a saint etc. pictures of various sacred geometry, pictures of the moon, planets, some people even use a miniature sized copy of The New Testament with good results. “Tibetan Miraculous Spring Water” is a very good reagent You can use whatever lowers the intensity of S.A.D. and Depression while at the same time raising your General Vitality.

Re-check these rates often, I check them on a daily basis in Winter, because depression has a way of sneaking up on you. What also works very well is spending as much time as possible outdoors preferably in nature on bright sunny days, taking a high quality vitamin D supplement.

Hope this information will help those with S.A.D. and Depression, it has helped me. I sometimes use the Shotgun Approach, and broadcast 5 or 6 rates all at the same time for depression, I find that works better than just broadcasting  one or two rates.


9 thoughts on “S.A.D. Depression and Radionics

  1. I am so happy to have come across your web site. The information you present is easy to understand and extremely useful – not to mention esoteric! I mean, it’s not like there is an overwhelming amount of information about Radionics out there. So thank you! Your blogs have led me to some very fine web sites because of your meticulous inclusion of links.

    Btw, I am on my way you Home Depot today to pick up a slab of granite and a 6 ft grounding rod because of your blog on “Boosting the Power of your Radionic Instrument”.

    Have you, or anyone, thought up an experiment that would give feedback that shows how effective adding items like tensor rings, grounding, Cory Coils, and etc are? I often muscle test the effectiveness of treating something like tap water, for example, to make it not only biocompatible, but actually needed by a body. Right now I can change tap water in a glass in about 1.5 minutes to get to that point. I have tested it at intervals and the response gets gradually stronger as time passes. So, this may be the experiment I am looking for — he says talking himself into it.

    One last thought. Given that you have now accumulated a fairly large amount of information, it would be most helpful to all to have an index or table of contents. Perhaps you do and I have not seen it yet…


    1. Thanks John for the kind words. I am glad that you find my blog informative and useful, I write it to mostly introduce and help people with radionics.
      The best way that I know of getting feedback on how effective adding things like tensor rings, granite slabs, Cory Coils etc. is to set up your instrument to balance something ( in other words treat something) dowse for the balancing time, then add something like a slab of granite under your instrument, or ground your instrument, or add a tensor ring, etc. and then dowse for broadcast time, usually when you add some of the items mentioned above your broadcast time should become less, and the more items you add the less time you need to broadcast to get the same results.

      thanks for your suggestion about adding an index I will look into that .


      1. Thank you for your explanation of dowsing for the broadcast time. Me not thinking of that just shows that I am not yet thinking in terms of using the instrument. It’s obvious now.


    1. Most generous. Thank you. My next steps are stick practice, stick practice, and stick practice. I like Pete’s idea of doing it on a flimsy table with a wine glass full of liquid. I’ll be trying that later today if I can make the time.


  2. Please explain the rates for The Ho’Oponopono: ( 51-75-97) (14-12.25) (82.75-39) . Is the first rate 51-75.97? Do appreciate.


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