Ashing is a radionic procedure where you take something that is undesirable, such as a weed in your garden, or an insect that is eating your garden,you burn it until there is nothing left but the ashes , then putting a bit of ash in a test tube and broadcasting the energy from that to the area you are having the problem with.  I have even heard of people using this method of getting rid of rats, by catching and buring a rat to ashes, then broadcasting the  energy fromthe ash, to the area having the rat problem. I haven’t tried it but I have heard it will work. If you really want to solve a rodent problem, go to a local zoo, and get some straw or hay that the lions have been urinating on, and braodcast that.

Next, you put the ashes into the witness well of your instrument ( preferably in a test tube or small envelope) along with a photograph of your garden or field. Set the dials on one bank of your radionic  instrument to 0 (zero) on the Left-Hand Dial (L.H.D.), and 100.on the Right-Hand Dial

Dowse for an appropriate broadcast time, ( it will probably be a considerable length of time)turn your instrument on and broadcast to the field or garden. I have never tried this method personally yet but plan on using it next Summer, but thought that I would include it on my blog. As Raymon Grace is fond of saying “If you do nothing nothing will happen, If you do something, something will probably happen.


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