Tibetan Buddhist Miraculous Spring Water

Here is a rate that I found a few years ago in a radionics book titled ” A Fun Short Course In Beginning Radionics By Pennsylvania “Pete” Radatti”. It’s a rate for “Tibetan Buddhist Miraculous Spring Water” which I decided to make.



To my amazement, it raised the General Vitality of everything that I tried it with, and it lowered the intensities of every undesirable condition that I tried it with.

To make the “Tibetan Buddhist Miraculous Spring Water” you will need a radionic instrument with a “potentizing well”. Put some distilled water in a test tube or glass bottle. Next, add a few drops of brandy to the water ( the brandy helps to keep the energy from dissipating from the water). You probably can make it without the brandy, but it will lose its potency much more quickly.


mattioda instrument (2)
Instrument with potentizer


Next, put the rate 64.75-11.25 on one of your instruments banks. Place the test tube of water in the potentization well of your instrument. If your instrument has a selector switch which allows you to potentize “in phase or out of phase,” make sure it is set on “in phase”.

Turn the AMP switch for your instrument on. Turn the switch for your potentizer on., and let the rate potentize into the water for 3 hours, 1.5 minutes. This may seem like a long time, but that is what is mentioned in Pete’s book mentioned above.

Like I said previously this stuff works and works well, give it a try. It makes a great reagent.

The book ” A Fun Short Course In Beginning Radionics By Pennsylvania “Pete” Radatti” is available for download here:


15 thoughts on “Tibetan Buddhist Miraculous Spring Water

  1. This looks very interesting. I would like to add this rate to water as it travels through a short thin PVC pipe. To do that, I would place this rate into some crushed quartz that surrounds the pipe. I’m trying to work out the best way to do this: To create the reagent and then copy it directly into the quartz, or potentize the quartz directly with the rate? Being new at radionics, I don’t fully understand the hows and wherefores so to speak. However, it seems to me that making the reagent and then copying it is the way to go as once it is made I can use it again and again. Otherwise, each time I want to place these rates into quartz, I would have to let the process run for some amount of time — to be determined by rub plate and intensity dial. Do I have this right?


    1. I think both ways that you suggested would work well, as long as you knew how long to potentize the rate into the quartz, or make the reagent then potentize that into the quartz. I would dowse for the potentiazation times. You could try both ways, then put a bottle of the water that you got from the pipe, along with a witness from yourself and see which way raises your General Vitality and then go with that way.


      1. Excellent idea. Thanks. I was just reading your article on GV. Best understanding I’ve gotten yet. Thanks.


  2. Hi, Carl! I have just one question and I’m pretty sure what you’re going to answer, but just to be sure I will ask it anyway. If I’m using Kelly Personal Instrument, do I have to also use the external power to make this water?


    1. Radionic instruments can be used without any electrical power, power just speeds up the process. In making the Tibetan water without power you would have to dowse for a time as the times given are for instruments that are connected to an electrical supply, so without power it would take longer period of time.


      1. Karl, can you delete comments here? I would like you to remove all of my 3 comments here if that’s not a problem for you. Thanks!


  3. Hello! My instrument (self built hieronymus analyzer) has no selector switch to potentize “in phase”. Do you think I can use the rate by putting the water on the stick pad?


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