Marty Lucas

Marty Lucus is one of the leading radionic teachers, consultants, and researchers in the United States today. As well as offering his own radionic classes, (that I might add are very informative as well as fun, I know because I have taken one) Marty is invited to speak at various radionic and energy workshops such as Great Radionic Expo, the United States Psychotronic Association and the American Society of Dowsers.


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Marty also has a live radionics call-in show on Monday nights, at 8 pm Central Time, you can call in and talk about what you are doing in radionics or just listen. You will need to calculate the difference in your time zone and Central Time of the state of Iowa While the discussion is basically about radionics, there isn’t anything “carved in stone” that it has to be, many callers discuss issues dealing with subtle energy, the world events, etc. For anyone whos interested in radionics or subtle energy and how it affects everything in the world, tune in to Marty’s show. Call 1-712-775-7035 access code 647410#. If you live outside the United States you will have to use SKYPE to call.


Marty also sells radionic equipment and supplies such as the “Cory Coil” which is a high-powered antenna that you can connect to most radionic instruments to send out a more powerful radionic broadcast and cut down on balancing times.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Marty also has his own website that is very interesting and educational to anyone involved in radionics, especially the “Rate of the Week” page, where Marty offers a ton of information on radionics, a lot of which isn’t available anyplace else. Also on Marty’s website is a list of the upcoming radionics classes that he offers.

Here is a link to Marty’s website, it’s well worth a look.




5 thoughts on “Marty Lucas

  1. Yesterday while extracting honey, Gregg Braden decided he was going to have me listen to his audio, “The lost mode of prayer”. This has been in my collection for several years and when I set up my playlist to play this came on instead. Hands covered with honey, so be it, it’s time to listen.
    In the chapter it began on (I don’t know which) Gregg spoke about a man attending one of his conferences conferences being angry and questioning; if the Tibetan were so apt at peace why was their homeland taken away from them and they were scattered all around the earth? The answer is riveting.

    I was working on finding the specific chapter and realized it would be beneficial to not take it out of context.


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