Dr. Arden Andersen

I am adding a blog post now about Dr. Arden Andersen that I should have added to this blog long ago when I was writing “The History of Radionics, and Radioncs Today“, but I wasn’t familiar with Dr. Andersen’s work back then.


Dr. Arden Andersen has done a lot of work with Radionics in agriculture. He is a large proponent of organic farming.  He is an author who has written “Science in Agriculture”, “Real Medicine, Real Health” and “Anatomy of Life and Energy in Agriculture” and also “Food Plague” which is an excellent book that I have read, describing how modern farming, with its heavy use of chemicals and pesticides, is producing not only sick crops but sick livestock and sick humans, this book is a real “eye-opener” it’s available HERE

food plague

Dr. Andersen grew up on a farm in Michigan. He was introduced to radionics by Jerry Freidenstein and Dan Skow. Dr. Andersen tells an interesting story of how radionics helped Mr. Skow track down the reason a farmer’s cattle were dying.  These dairy cows were dropping dead. They did all the routine tests, such as blood tests, but couldn’t find the cause and the cows kept dying. They did find out the cows were dying of heart attacks, but what was causing the animals to have “heart attacks”.

They did a radionic evaluation and found that the cows had way too much salt in their systems. They checked the water the cows were drinking that was O.K.  They checked the cow’s kidneys and hearts using radionics, what they found was the kidneys were running an intensity of 2000 and the heart was running an intensity of 50. They found out the salt was coming from alfalfa hay that the cows were eating that had been grown in soil fertilized by potassium nitrate (potash) When they started giving the cows B vitamins and stopped feeding the cows, the “salty: alfalfa, the cows stopped dying.

If they didn’t use radionics would they have found the “salt problem”, maybe and maybe not, in any case, it would have taken them much longer to track down the problem without radionics, and many more cows would have died.

Since then Dr. Arden Andersen has become very knowledgeable in the use of radionics, especially in the area of agriculture, teaching classes to farmers on how to use radionics in their farming operations. I am not sure if Dr. Andersen still teaches the classes or not, but he videotaped one of the classes he was teaching in Austraila a few years ago, and it’s now available on 12 DVD’s, along with a book explaining the course. I have the DVD course, and if you want to learn about radionics in agriculture, or just learn radionics this DVD course is a good investment. It is available from Acres USA HERE


Dr. Andersen is well qualified in many areas other than radionics including

  • Physician, private practice, Crossroads Healing Arts, Goshen, Indiana; general family medicine, Nutrition and complementary therapies.
  • Professional Food Production Consultant/Author/Instructor—Teach and consult on biological crop production, food quality, nutrition and environmental safety and health.
  • Flight Surgeon, Lt. Col., 434th AMDS, Grissom ARB, Indiana

He also has a few videos on YouTube such as this one


Or This one


and this

8 thoughts on “Dr. Arden Andersen

  1. The two guys were Dan Skow and Jerry Freidenstein, not Fragenstein. Jerry was a colleague and friend of my father, Peter J. Kelly, and a key dealer for KRT equipment. Dad and Jerry taught many workshops together in the 80s, before his untimely passing.


      1. I am not sure where you can get the video now, ACRES USA, was the only place I knew of that sold it, you might try contacting them , to see if they can order the video for you, or give you an address where you can order it.


      2. Acres is the source, but the master copy became corrupted and the video is unavailable right now while they figure out how to restore the files or find some other solution. Keep checking back with them I guess.


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