Is There A Limit To What Is Possible With Radionics

Theoretically, there probably isn’t a limit. Realistically there probably is. When we use radionics we are using our higher-self, what some call the subconscious mind to tune into infinite intelligence, or what some call God. There is no limit to the ability of our higher-self when we connect with infinite intelligence. The limit is the limit we place on ourselves with our analytical or conscious mind.

Radionics is a relatively new science, being discovered by Dr. Abrams around 100 years ago. In the past century, radionics has been ridiculed, and in some countries outlawed by the establishment, so it hasn’t had the opportunity to grow, and advance as it should have had. It was and in many cases, today, still  “A Secret Art” as Duncan Laurie decided to call his excellent book on radionics.

secret art

It has been proven that radionics does not abide by physical laws, for example, distance does not limit what can be accomplished by radionics. Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus proved that when he monitored astronauts in a space capsule, with his radionic instruments even when they were not able to send conventional signals using NASA’s radio communication system.

The primary use of radionics in the past 100 years has been to analyze and balance illness and undesirable conditions out of animals and humans, and radionics has done that job exceptionally well. Many times after conventional medicine had given up on certain cases as being ‘hopeless”.

Can radionics be used as a “Wishing Machine” or a “Genie in a Lamp”?  In books and movies such as the Secret, the premise is that if you hold a thought of something that you desire in your mind long enough, you will generate enough energy to manifest whatever it is you desire.


When deliberately trying to manifest something as suggested in the book the Secret, our minds wander, we have doubts that what we desire will ever manifest, all of which weakens our energy. In radionics we focus our intention or thought using the radionic instrument. Once the instrument is “set” we turn it on and let it broadcast. It continues to broadcast that desire, thought, intention to the universe until we shut the instrument off.


Is it possible to write out an intention or affirmation put it in the well of the radionics instrument and broadcast to make the thing desired manifest into reality? Or we could use Affirmations that are already in the Kelly Rate Book along with the rates. For example

“I deserve to enjoy life” is  33.25-33.50 or                                                                                 “I picture abundance for myself and others” 40-30

I haven’t really experimented very much with using radionics to manifest what I    desire, but it would certainly be an interesting thing to try.

The books “The Secret Art” by Duncan Laurie and “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne can both be purchased at The Kelly Rate Book is available free at the KRT website at this link.


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