General Vitality (9-49) What Does it Really Mean

If you’ve read any radionic books, took a radionic course, read anything on the internet about how to do radionics,  looked at a radionic analysis sheet you have no doubt came across the General Vitality rate of 9-49, but what does it really mean.

Well first and foremost General Vitality or G.V for short, is a benchmark, to which everything else is measured. It doesn’t matter if you are analyzing your dog, yourself, your crop in the field, your rose-bush, your drinking water, you start off by checking G.V.

Take yourself for example if you get an intensity of 425 for your GV is that good or is that bad, it’s neither, but everything else that we analyze that is good should equal General Vitality (plus or minus 50). The more you work on something or someone balancing out undesirable conditions, and bringing up the desirable things the higher the G.V should go.  Take an analysis sheet and analyze yourself, or whatever it is you would like to analyze, there are analysis sheets for many different things.

In a perfect world, everything on the analysis sheet that is good would equal G.V, and everything that is undesirable would equal zero. But we don’t live in a perfect world so some things that should be up to G.V may not be, and some of the bad stuff may be higher than it should be.

We’ll say that after doing an analysis on yourself you find that your stomach 77-84 is only reading 350 intensity, but congestion 40-100 is up to 245 intensity. You want to get the stomach intensity up to G.V at 425, and the condition to zero, so you balance the stomach until it’s as close to G.V as you can get it. But remember don’t overbalance an organ, dowse for balancing time, usually, it’s only a few minutes. Congestion, on the other hand, is something that’s undesirable, you can balance out the congestion all night if you want.

when you raise the intensity of the stomach and lower the intensity of the congestion your G.V will automatically go up.

But what is General Vitality? It is the overall condition of the entire system, that includes the physical, the mental, spiritual, the chakras, the Auric bodies. An analogy would be to think of an engine in a car if all the components of the engine are working perfectly together. The fuel pump is delivering just the right amount of fuel, the spark plugs are firing in perfect order, the engine is receiving the proper amount of air to vaporize the fuel, the cooling system is keeping the engine at optimum temperature. You would have a very well running engine, or to express it another way the General Vitality of that engine would be very high.


But what if just one part of that engine wasn’t working as it should, maybe one of the spark plugs wouldn’t fire, or the cooling system wasn’t working right and the engine overheated…it would bring the entire G.V. of the engine down.

It is the same with anything, get the good stuff up to G.V and eliminate as much of the bad stuff as possible and the G.V will go up.  When I first started in radionics my G.V was around 375, today it’s about 1200, and with time and patience, I probably will be able to get it up to 2000 or better.


As an added bonus, the higher your G.V  the more it takes to bring you down or make you sick, people with a low G.V usually get sick a lot, they catch colds or the flu, or have many other ailments, but the higher your G.V the more difficult it is for these undesirable things to get to you. It’s like you have on a suit of armor, and the higher your G.V the stronger your armor. I hope this helps to let you understand what General Vitality is a bit better.

The H’Oponopono

What is the H’Oponopono you might ask? Short answer its a traditional Hawaiian prayer. Why is it important in radionics…because the energy from it is very good and very powerful.





                           I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I thank you.

   The   H’Oponopono isn’t complicated, it doesn’t require any study to learn, but the H’Oponopono can be used as a powerful reagent in radionic work. Perhaps because it is so pure and true is why it is power-full.

So how do I use the H’Oponopono you may be asking. Simple.  You can write the H’Oponopono on a piece of paper, and put it in the witness well of your instrument along with the witness of your subject. Whatever the General Vitality of the subject was before it should be higher now, also if the subject has an undesirable condition the intensity of that should have dropped.

You can also potentize the H’Oponopono into a substrate, such as a quartz crystal, jewelry, a Black Onyx bracelet that are made for potentizing energy into and then wearing (just type “black onyx energy bracelet” into google) or potentize a test tube full of sand or graphite with the H’Oponopono. You can also use a test tube of water that a few drops of brandy have been added to hold the energy ( water alone usually doesn’t hold energy very well)

The actual rates for the H’Oponopono are




If you have a radionic instrument with three banks, put one of the above rates on each bank, and you’re good to go. If you have a two bank instrument, put the two first-rates on each bank, potentize them into your potenization. Next, put the remaining rate on one of the banks and potentize that rate into your potenizaion. With a single bank instrument, you’ll have to do one rate at a time.

You  can use the H’Oponopono once it is potentized as reagent or you can carry it with you ( If you carry it carry it on your left side, energy goes in on your left side and out on your right side, and the energy from the H’Oponopono is an energy that you want going in)

Give it a try, just use it on a piece of paper and see if it doesn’t raise your General Vitality.

I can’t take credit for discovering the H’Oponopono. It was given to me by a master of radionics by the name of Marty Lucas in Iowa. Marty has a website devoted to radionics, with some very useful information as well as radionic equipment, here is a link to his website.

Books About Radionics

Below are some e-books on radionics that I have collected over the years. Some are interesting not only because of their historical significance but also because of their practical information that can be used today.  They are in PDF format so require a program such as Adobe Acrobat to open them, which is a free download. I hope you will find these books as entertaining and informative as I have.

This book is the “Cosmiculture Manual” that T. Galen Hieronymus included with the radionic instruments he sold. It is basically about using radionics for farming.



This book is on dowsing instruction by Walt Woods



This next book is another book T. Galen Hieronymus included with his instruments.




This is an interesting book on radionics by “Pennsylvania Pete” Radatti



An interesting book on radionics by Ruggero Moretto



Another radionics manual



This book is about Dr. Wilhelm Reich, although not directly about radionics, it is no less interesting.



This is a paper on Eloptic Energy by T. Galen Hieronymus



This book is titled “The Black Box”



This book is for those who would like to experiment with using specific frequencies with radionics



This next book is one of my favorites, written by Donald Mattioda  in  my opinion, it is one of the best instruction manuals on radionics ever written.




This next e-book is T. Galen Hieronymus’s famous Eloptic Directory, it contains thousands of rates.

1-table-of-contents (1)1-table-of-contents (1)-page-001










This book is titled “The Story of Eloptic Energy” it was written by T. Galen Hieronymus, it is an auto-biography of his life, as well as practical information on radionics.















All of these books are available as free downloads. I hope you find them as informative as I have.

Radionics and Spectro-Chrome

While radionics is a stand-alone science, which can achieve amazing results without the help of anything else. The use of reagents often do speed up balancing time and allow the achievement of the desired results much quicker. There are many types of reagents, herbs, essential oils, intentions, different frequencies, vitamins, etc.  and one that is often overlooked…light.

There is evidence that the ancient Greeks and Egyptians used colored light therapy to relieve certain conditions and illnesses.  The Greeks even named a city Heliopolis, which means “city of light” where people would go to be exposed to filtered sunlight. Dr. Edwin Babbitt wrote his book titled “Principles of Light and Color” where he wrote about using different colored lights to heal various illnesses and conditions.

In the early part of the twentieth century Dinshah Ghadiali, perfected light therapy treatment into a system he called Spectro-Chrome. He built and sold Spectro-Chrome projectors, which consisted of colored glass slides which could be used to produce twelve different colors which when directed on various areas of the body cured and or relieved illness. These projectors are very difficult to find today in good condition.

                                                    Spectro-Chrome Projectorspectro

Dinshah Ghadiali, as well as many others including medical doctors, had much success with Spectro-Chrome, in fact it worked too well, which is why the F.D.A. tried to put Mr. Ghadiali and his Spectro-Chrome “out of business”. The F.D.A. almost succeeded. After a court case which Mr.Ghadiali didn’t win, he was forbidden to sell any of his Spectro-Chrome equipment, that court order persists to this day.

After Mr. Ghadiali’s death his sons in particular Darius Dinshah continued on with his father’s legacy. Darius wrote a book titled “Let There Be Light” in which he describes how to build your own Spectro-Chrome projector complete with color slides ( for very little money) and everything you need to know to use it. Let There Be Light can be purchased on or from these vendors:

 Kelly Research Technologies

   The Dinshah Health Society


In 1979 Virginia MacIvor and Sandra LaForest wrote a book titled “Vibrations” which is about a Dr.McNaughton whos used a combination of radionics and Spectro-Chome light therapy to cure many of his patients. The book can still be found used on places such as and is very interesting reading for anyone involved in alternate healing.


To use Spectro-Chrome with radionics you have three options. One way is you can build a projector as described in “Let There Be Light” and shine the colored light indicated in the book for the particular condition into the witness well of your radionics instrument along with the witness, and brodcast to the subject . The subjects G.V should go up, and the intensity of the condition should go down. Another method is to write all of the Spectro-Chrome clors on a sheet of paper, and while slowly moving your index finger down the sheet, dowse for “What color does the subject need most” or “What color will lower the intensity of this condition” and go with the color where you get a “stick”.

Another option is to purchase a Color Reagent Set from Kelly Research Technologies, which contains all of the Spectro-Chrome colors in test tubes as well as many other colors in the form of colored beads.

Still another option is to use the rates for the Spectro-Chrome colors, which are:

Spectro-Chrome Blue 81.00-65.00

Spectro-Chrome Green 89.00-61.50

Spectro-Chrome Red 47.50-91.50

Spectro-Chrome Yellow 29.00-49.00

Spectro-Chrome Orange 39.00-41.50

Spectro-Chrome Purple 91.00-50.00

Spectro-Chrome Scarlet 63.00-63.00

Spectro-Chrome Turqouise 22.00-45.00

Spectro-Chrome Lemon 89.50-81.75

Spectro-Chrome  Violet 34.20-74.50

Spectro-Chrome Magenta  51.00-51.00

Spectro-Chrome Indigo 95.00-35.00

If you have a radionic instrument with two banks you can put the rate for a color on one bank, and the condition on the other bank, dowse for brodcast time and brodcast to the subject, and or potentize the rate for a color into a potenization.

I have used the Spectro-Chrome system alone for about four years with very good results, I am looking forward to experimenting with Spectro-Chrome and radionics together. One thing that I like about Radionics is that you have a lot of options to experiment with .


The Importance of Grounding a Radionic Instrument

Something that’s very important that many books on radionics fail to mention, or they only devote a short paragraph to is grounding your radionic instrument. It is important to ground your radionic instrument for two reasons.

1 Grounding your instrument will cut down on broadcast times, also grounding is essential if you are using your instruments to balance crops, trees, plants etc.

   2 There is evidence that if your instrument isn’t grounded, and you use it to do a lot of radionic balancing on other people, animals, etc. the conditions that are affecting them could be broadcast back to you, and cause you health problems. I have no proof of this, but some of the worlds most prominent radionic experts died at a fairly young age among them David Tansley, Peter Moscow,  Pat Schmidt, you would think with their extensive knowledge of radionics they could have prolonged their lives into old age. Maybe the problem was that they didn’t ground their instruments.  I figure for the time it takes, and the cost of a grounding rod and a piece of wire and a few jacks it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  If you have a Hieronymus type instrument grounding the instrument is easy. On these instruments, there is usually a place to plug-in a ground wire. All you have to do is to drive a metal rod into the ground ( I used a copper pipe).The longer the rod the better, but 3 or 4 feet should be long enough.  Attach the ground wire to the rod (this can be ordinary copper wire, insulated or bare, size or gauge doesn’t matter). Now install a Banana Plug ( available at any electronics supply store) on the end of the wire and plug the Banana Plug into your radionics instrument ( Most radionics instruments that are meant to be grounded have a jack for a Banana Plug. Plug the Banana Plug into the “input side” of the instrument) and you’re good to go. Some people recommend giving the wire a counter-clockwise twist to eliminate any natural polarity of the wire. You can do this with an electric drill set on reverse. You can ground as many instruments as you want using the same ground rod.


250301                                                                               Banana Plugs

  The above instructions are fine if you live in your own home, or are renting and your landlord doesn’t mind if you construct the above set-up.  Some people choose to ground their instruments to water pipes, gas lines or electrical grounds. Water pipes and gas lines are better than electrical grounds ( electrical grounds contain a lot of electrical noise and information). None of the above is as good as a dedicated ground rod for your instrument. An exception would be if you have a private well, you could use the well pipes as a  ground providing they are metal, they would be almost as good as the ground rod.

  If you are not sure if something will make a good ground dowse the question with your radionic instrument, if Yes use it, if No, find a better ground.

  But what if you live in an apartment building and the landlord says NO to you setting up a ground rod and wire, or you move your radionic instrument around often to different locations, where grounding to a permanent grounding rod wouldn’t be practical or have a radionic instrument that doesn’t provide for grounding such as the SE-5 computerized radionics instrument. There is another option.

  Another option is the “Virtual Ground” invented by Scott Ertl, he can be contacted here :Scott Ertl, 7775 U.S. Highway 10, Marshfield, Wis. 54449 (ph 715 387-1687; ertlacresgmx I have never used this but have heard good reports about it from other radionic operators.

  Some people put a tensor ring around the instrument, such as this one.


Other people place a crystal on the stick pad

The acid test is before you start balancing anyone or anything besides yourself dowse the question ” Is this radionic broadcast effecting me in any way” you answer should always be “No”

  If you plan on doing radionic work on anyone or anything but yourself, for your own sake ( not to mention it will cut down on broadcast times) please ground your instrument.

Taking a Radionics Course

A lot can be said for teaching yourself any subject especially radionics. Once I discovered radionics, and got it to work for me, I read every book on the subject that I could get my hands on, I also read everything on every website that dealt with radionics, and I learned a lot that way. There is nothing wrong with learning that way, many very good radionic practitioners learn in this way.


If you are really interested in radionics, I would recommend taking a radionics course. When I finally took a radionics course I learned a lot that I previously didn’t know, and learned how to do many of the things I already knew how to do better.

Most courses are set up to run from 1 to 5 days, depending on the content of the course, for example, you can take a basic introductory course that will be 1 or 2 days. You can also take intermediate and advanced courses, or combine all of the above into a 4 or 5-day course.

Many times the people putting on the course will get a significant discount on hotel rooms for those attending the course.

I took my course through Kelly Research Technologies,  who offer radionic courses in Canada and the U.S.A. and I can very highly recommend them. The instructors are really knowledgeable radionic experts. They deliver the course in `a relaxed and humorous manner and share their vast array of knowledge with the participants of the course.

I am in no way affiliated with  Kelly Research Technologies, but really enjoyed taking a course with them. Another benefit of taking a radionics course is that you meet a lot of people who are into radionics that you can talk with and share ideas with, and who knows you might even make a new friend, and there is always a lot of radionic equipment and books for sale.

As I said above Radionic courses are offered in the U.S.A. and Canada through Kelly Research Technologies.  as well as Marty Lucas in Iowa. The  Kelly Research Technologies website also lists other people giving radionics and dowsing classes in North America.

For those in other parts of the world, The Radionic Association in the UK offers courses. If you want to know if there are any radionic training courses in your country just “google” “radionic courses” include the name of your country.

If you are serious about radionics, I strongly encourage you to take a radionics course. What you will learn and the other people you will meet is well worth the cost of the course.

Photographs as a Radionic Witness

The traditional radionic witness was a blood spot from the subject being analyzed, I believe Dr. Albert Abrams,  the father of radioncs used nothing but blood spots in his work

One hundred years later, the blood spot is still an excellent witness, but the photograph is much more convenient, more easily obtained, easily stored  lasts much longer, some people say indefinitely, but I like to update my photos about once per year, whereas blood spots do become rancid after being exposed to the air after a relatively short period of time

  Dr. Galen Hieronymus made an interesting experiment during the  NASA Apollo Program.  Using photos of the astronauts aboard the spacecraft , Dr. Hieronymus was able to analyze the astronauts with his radionic instrument while they were on the far side of the moon, and determine that they were OK when every other earth-based form of communication between Earth and the spacecraft was impossible.

Since people using radionics discovered photos made excellent witnesses the go-to photo was that taken by a Polaroid Instamatic camera, because the emulsion in the film contained minute particles of quartz crystals, and what do quartz crystal do…they store energy. Polaroid discontinued manufacturing these cameras in 2008, but Fuji now builds the Instax camera that is very similar to the old Polaroid Cameras. They cost less than $100, and although the film is a bit pricey, they make excellent cameras for radionic work.



In this digital age, another question arises. Is a digital photograph as good as one taken by an Instax camera?  The short answer is no, but they can be used. Most people have a digital camera, and once a photo is taken and printed out so that you have a physical photograph they can be used as a radionic witness. If you are using an old-style film camera, these photos make excellent witnesses, as long as the negative and photo are used together, without the negative, the photo isn’t good as a radionic witness.

Kelly Research Technologies did a study to find out if digital photographs are as good as Instax photographs. They compared a photo taken of a tree with an Instax camera, one taken with a  5.0 Megapixel digital camera, a piece of tree bark, and a photo of the tree taken with one of the old Polaroid Instamatic cameras.

The results of the above-mentioned experiment were, The Fuji Instax 200 produced the highest General Vitality of the tree at 735. The Polaroid camera was next at 730 and surprisingly the lowest score was when a sample of the actual bark of the tree was used it was 728. The thing that made the biggest difference was the kind of paper used to print the photo.  The same photo used above printed on plain paper had a General Vitality of 685, but the photo printed on 8.0 digital photo paper gave the tree a G.V of 731.

I personally use a Fuji Instax camera, but if you have a good digital camera, and print your photos on high-quality photo paper they according to the above study can make excellent witnesses.   If you choose to use an old-school film camera (not a good idea unless you develop your own photos. If other people develop them they will most likely contaminate them) Make sure the negative is with the actual photo. As with any photograph taken for radionic work, it must be taken properly.

*Do not handle the photos, unless they are of you. A clothespin makes a good tool for picking them up or a piece of Kleenex.

*  Store them in individual envelopes, with the name of the subject written on the front of the envelope.

* Try to take a photo of the subject against a neutral background, away from electrical appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, etc.

* Never have another person or animal in the photo except for your subject.

* Try to get as much of your subject in the photo as possible.

* I take photos with the sun at my back. Some people say it doesn’t matter if the sun is in front or behind you, but old school radionics said to have the sun at your back, so that’s what I do.

* As with anything you are using as a witness, use your radionic instrument to dowse” Is this a suitable witness for the subject?” If you get a “Yes” use it, if a “No” don’t use it.

The photo below is not good for radionic work, two people in it.


This photo would work well


This one not good, there would  be a lot of electrical interference


In this one, the person is too far away, with background too cluttered


Signal/Frequency Generators and Radionics

A signal or frequency generator is an electronic device or software that will generate a specific signal or frequency, most are adjustable to cover a wide range of frequencies, while others only produce one frequency, usually  7.83 Hz. or what is better known as the Schumann Resonance or Earth frequency.  You may ask, what use would one of these be in radionics.  There is evidence that specific frequencies affect living organisms in various ways.

Royal Raymond Rife spent much of his lifetime discovering how specific frequencies affect different things, he was primarily interested in how frequencies effected disease.


While there is very little written about how frequency generators can be used with radionics, I believe it gives radionic practitioners a new tool to use and opens up an exciting new area of research.

In radionics a frequency generator is used the same as a reagent. The device is connected to the radionic instrument and a specific signal or frequency is generated, then General Vitality (9-49) is checked, if the frequency raises General Vitality it is good for the subject, on the other hand, if it lowers General Vitality it is not good. On the flip side, if you were broadcasting a specific frequency to knock out a disease, and it lowered the General Vitality of the disease while raising the General Vitality of the subject it would be good to use.

Kelly Research Technologies is the only company that  I know of that makes a radionic instrument with a jack that allows you to connect a signal/frequency generator, they also sell frequency/signal generators,  In the KRT Radionics Book 3: Radionic Rates – Alpha (available HERE)  many of the thousands of rates in the book, also have specific frequencies that can be used to balance a condition  You can also download a frequency generator app onto your computer or smart phone free of charge. If you do download a frequency generator app, you will need to rig up a cord with a standard headphone jack on one end to plug into your computer or smartphone, and a BNC connector on the other end to connect to your radionics instrument (If your radionics instrument is so equipped). To make one just cut the end that goes into your ear off a cheap set of earphones, and connect BNC connector, available at any electronics supply store. If you buy a Kelly Signal Generator they also sell the connecting cord.


Kelly Signal Generator


BNC Connector



Regular headphone or earphone jack



I haven’t experimented with frequency generators, but plan to give them a try in the near future. I believe they could open up a whole new avenue of possibilities.

Below are a few downloadable e-books with many of the frequencies that Royal Raymond Rife used. To view them you need a PDF. file program installed on your computer such as Adobe Acrobat.







Crafting and Potenizing an Intention

One of the great things that you are able to do with radionics is to potentize.  Potentization is very similar to Homeopathy, what you are doing is potentizing the energy of something into a substrate. That substrate could be many things, a herb, pills, vitamins, radionic rates, fertilizers, water etc.


An intention is something that you want that you can put into words, that you can write out on paper, and if done properly,  it is very powerful and the  energy of this intention can be potentized into a substrate such as water, jewelry, sand, quartz crystals, etc and carried around with you  letting the energy do its work as long as you have the potenization with   you.

The first step is crafting an intention. The intention must be 100% positive for example if you are suffering from a backache, do not write something like” I no longer have a backache, my backache is cured” that is negative…instead write “I (your full name) am so happy and grateful that all the muscles in my body are supple, powerful and strong allowing me to do whatever I want, whenever I want. With zero harm to anyone, thy will be done.” You can craft your intention for whatever it is you want, but always keep it positive.

When you have your intention completed, you can test its effectiveness with your radionic instrument, simply put the paper with the intention  in the well of your instrument, and mentally or verbally ask “what is the peak intensity of this intention” or “what is the effectiveness of this intention” while turning the intensity dial on your instrument, and rubbing the stick plate until you get a “stick”. If your intensity is crafted properly you should get an intensity of around 100 or 1000 if you add a zero to the number you get which is customary in radionics. If you get less than 100 or 1000, take the intention out and read it maybe you only need to change one or two words to get a higher intensity and make it more powerful.


Once you have an intention you like that is also high in intensity you are ready to potentize it.  Put the intention in the well of your instrument.  Next Cold-Scan for a two dial rate on bank 1. Do this by reciting your intention either in your mind or out loud while turning the right-hand dial on bank one until you get a “stick”. Now do the same for the left-hand dial.   If you have a two bank instrument do the same thing for bank two.


Now that you have the rates for your intention, put a witness for yourself ( a photo is good)into the well of the instrument along with the paper your intention is written on. Put the substrate that you want to potentize your intention into in the well of your potentizer, I like using quartz crystals because they hold energy well and are easy to carry around, but water with a few drops of brandy added, graphite, sand, jewellery also works.  Now turn the dial on your potentizer, while rubbing your stick plate and mentally thinking or verbally saying” What is the ideal potentization rate for this intention correlated to this person for this potentization” stop turning the dial once you get a stick.  Now dowse for the time to potentize, verbally or mentally ask ” How many minutes should I potentize this intention into this potentization”, while rubbing the stick plate and turning the intensity dial of your instrument, when you get a “stick” take note of where the pointer of your intensity dial is, if it’s on 10 that is one minute, if on 20 two  minutes, on 30 three minutes and so on. Most of the time the potentization time will be under three minutes. Remove your witness form the witness well( Only have your witness in the well while dowsing for potenization rates, while actually potentizing the witness should be out of the well)  Now turn on your radionic instrument and potentizer and potentize for the required time.  After that check, if there is another potentization rate you can also use as you did before, you may find that there are three or four different potentization rates you can use for the same potentization.

Now that you have your potentization finished, check your General Vitality, by putting a witness of yourself into the instrument’s witness well, and 9-49 on bank #1. Now put the finished potentization into the well of your instrument, it should always raise your General Vitality, if it doesn’t don’t use it, start over. put it in the witness well of your instrument wear or carry it on the left side of your body, as left means energy in and right means energy out.

P.S.  If you have a potentizer with an “in phase” and “reverse phase” switch, before you  make your potentization, mentally or verbally ask should this potentization be made ‘in phase” or “out of phase” while flicking the phase switch back and forth and rubbing the stick plate, where you get the stick is where you should leave the switch to make the potenization. With a positive intention or affrimation it is usually advisable to potentize in phase.

There are radionic instruments sold specifically for potentizing, such as the Kelly Replicator available HERE, but a regular radionics instrument with a potenization well will work as good.