Stacking of Reagents

Reagents come in very handy for the radionic practitioner, they cut down on the length of balancing time, raise the General Vitality of the subject, and lower the intensity of the problem the subject has. A reagent can be almost anything that can fit into the witness well of your instrument ( there are extra-large witness well for sale), and lowers the problem, while raising G.V.


In order for reagents to be most effective they may have to be added to the witness well in a particular order. It’s like baking cookies, you don’t just throw all of the ingredients in a bowl at once and mix them up, and expect to have good cookies, there is a definite order in which the ingredients need to be placed in the bowl, the same holds true for radionics.

To find out the correct stacking order, place the witness for your subject in the instrument’s well, now make sure all of the reagents that you want to try are beside your instrument. ( I personally place them on the left side of the instrument). Now touch each reagent with a finger of your left hand, at the same time rub the “stick plate” of your instrument, while mentally or verbally asking “Is this the ideal first reagent”, when you get a stick, stop and set that reagent aside, that is your first reagent. Now repeat the above process, this time ask”Is this the ideal second reagent”. You can repeat the above process  for the “ideal third and  forth reagent and so on”.

No you can take the reagents that you selected and evaluate them. Put the first one selected in the well with the witness, it should increase G.V. , while lowering the condition, and decrease balancing time, the second reagent should further raise G.V. and lower the condition, and further reduce balancing time.


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