Radionic Photography

Somewhere around  the mid twentieth century, a couple very  interesting cameras were invented, cameras that combined radionics with photography. In fact these cameras were so ahead of their time, so revolutionary, so game changing that if main stream conventional science, or should I say scientism, because science had adopted the same hard-line dogmatic approach as traditional religion, basically , if you don’t believe what we belive then you are wrong.

Sorry for rambling, but it science could have stuck  its head out of the “box” they were so comfortable living in, these camera could have revolutionized science , medicine, and the way we look at the world and the universe, but of course that didn’t happen, and most people today would not even be aware that the cameras ever existed, unless they search for books, and internet articles not read by the masses.

ruth dfrown

                                                                      Dr. Ruth Drown

Dr. Ruth Drown in the U.S.A.and George and Marjorie De La Warr in England, both invented radionic cameras. First Dr.Ruth Drown, who is considered the first to have invented this kind of camera. Dr. Drown first discovered this amazing technique, by connecting an unexposed photographic plate to a radionic instrument using a wire. When the photographic plate was developed, the organ that the radionic instrument was tuned to would appear on the film, without the use of any sort of light while the photo was being taken. How cool is that.

Dr. Drown conducted experiments using her new-found radionic photography. In one experiment she connected a patient directly to the radionic instrument, and put the rate for a specific organ on the instruments tuning dials, when she did this the outside of the organ would be photographed. If she used a blood spot as a witness the inside of the organ would be revealed.

Dr. Drown, used this camera for diagnosing medical conditions, many times her photographs showed the same condition in a patient as was found later by conventional medical x-rays, she even received a patent for her Drown Camera in Britain in 1939.

The Drown camera of course wasn’t a purely a mechanical piece of equipment as a traditional camera. The Drown camera required the use of some sort of psychic ability on Dr. Drowns part to make the camera work. After Dr. Drowns persecution by the F.D.A. in which began in 1951, and resulted in her being imprisoned. Dr. drown was never again able to take photographs with the Drown camera, after her release from prison, and within a few months she died. A tragic ending to story of a genius, way ahead of her time, persecuted by the “establishment” whose greed and ignorance prevailed.

Delawar (4)

                                                                     George DeLaWarr

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, similar photographic experiments were being carried out by George and Marjorie DeLaWarr. In 1958 George DeLaWarr received a patent for a camera that operated similar to the one Dr. Drown invented, but looked totally different, and also like the Drown camera it could not work without the intent of the operator, or someone in close proximity with physic abilities. The DeLaWarr’s called it the” Mark 1 ” camera.

The DeLaWarrs took over 12,000 pictures with this camera. They were able to photograph the growing fetus in a pregnant woman with only a spot of the pregnant woman’s blood. On one occasion, they photographed the contents of the stomach of a sick cow, with only a drop of the cows blood. They found two objects in the cow’s stomach that should have not been there, a stone and a piece of steel, when the veterinarian operated on the cow, these items were found in the cows stomach.

On another occasion a spot of blood from a patient was used, and a large tumor was photographed on her brain, after her death, an autopsy reveled the tumor in the exact location on her brain that the photograph indicated. DelaWarr continued to modify and improve his camera. One exceptional experiment he conducted was to photograph past events.


                                                                DeLaWarr Camera

                                      Photographs Taken With The DeLaWarr Camera

in 1950 DeLaWarr, was able to take a photograph of his wedding day in 1929, using a blood spot of himself and his wife along with the intent ‘My Wedding Day 1929″ although the photo was faint, it showed two dark human like shapes.

The radionic cameras invented by the DeLaWarrs and Dr. Drown are  in some ways similar to the camera invented by Semyon Kirlian in 1939.  Kirlian discovered that if an object was placed on a photographic plate, and a strong electrical field was applied, the resulting photo showed the object, along with an aura surrounding the object. Kirlian experimented with taking photographs of leaves, each photo showed the leaf and it’s aura. He then tried the same experiment, this time he cut a piece out of the leaf, but the resulting photos showed the leaf as being whole as if the leaf was never cut.

                                                               Semyon Kirlian



                                                Photograph Taken With Kirlian Camera


                                   Another Photo Taken Using Kirlian Photography

I have not heard if anyone is experimenting with radionic photography in the present day, but it would certainly be a very interesting field of study to rediscover.

4 thoughts on “Radionic Photography

  1. This is a fascinating and very informative website! You’ve obviously done your homework. If I was going to build a radionic machine for the purpose of things like locating objects or people, or maybe for Time Photography, do you think you could give me some pointers if I send any and all results your way? Cheers!


  2. Hi, Oz thanks for your encourging words. you mentioned about building a radionic instrument. I think I could help withn that, Not sure how elaborate you want to be. I built a very basic radionics instrument a few years ago from some instructions I found on the internet, plus about 20 dollars in electronic parts. It was basic, in fact to basic for any serious radionic work.

    I do have diagrams and instuctions to build a Hieronymus type radionic instrument, along with a list of where to buy parts for it as well as a video showing how to assemble it. If your interested I could email you that information.

    I think the Hieronymus instrument could be use for locating objects or people. As far as Time Photography, I’m not sure how to build an instrument cabable of that.


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