Interviews with Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus

T. Galen Hieronymus was one of the most respected and prominent people in the field of radionics in the twentieth century. A few of his many accomplishments that come to mind are: He substituted capacitors for resistors in radionic instruments. He found capacitors much more accurate, his design is still being used today in instruments such as the Kelly instruments. He used radionics to monitor the health of the NASA Apollo astronauts, while their spacecraft was behind the moon and all forms of conventional communication with earth were lost. He proved that plants could be grown in complete darkness, with only a metal plate outside in the sunlight and a wire running to the plant that was in total darkness.


So let’s give a listen to some of these audio files to see what “The Master” has to say about radionics. There are also interviews with others. Most of these interviews were made in the 1970’s and 1980’s  on audio tape then digitalized, so the sound quality isn’t the greatest, but I decided to use them for their historical significance, as well as practical radionics advice.

This first interview is from August 07, 1973 where Hieronymus talks about using his radionic instruments and gives some details on how they are built. The interview is in three parts.

This next audio file is where Sarah and Galen Hireronymus describe how radionics is used in agriculture.

Dr, Hieronymus and his wife Sarah discuss various aspects of radionics from 1984

This interview with Dr. Hieronymus is from December 30, 1975

This next interview is a telephone interview in which Dr. Hierionymus talks about how he builds his instruments. It was made on August 13 1973

This next audio file is of Robert Beck speaking on Brain Entranement

This next one is an audio file where Dr. Hieronymus describes how to use his radionic instrument. Apparently this file was originally supposed to have a part A and part B, sorry I don’t have part B, but there’s a lot of useful information on part A.

I hope that you will find these audio tapes interesting and informative, I do apologize for the sound quality of some of them, and missing parts of some interviews. There is still some good advice to be had  from Dr. Hieronymus himself

9 thoughts on “Interviews with Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus

  1. Hi
    can you please tell me the difference between kelly devices and Hieronymus kelly devices have the prism setup as Hieronymus devices??
    please answer

    thank you


    1. The KRT radionics instruments are based on the Hieronymus instruments. They do not build a instrument with the prism set up, but in some ways they are better than the basic Hieronymus instruments. I have two Kelly instruments and they are very well made, they are the best Hieronymus style instruments on the market today IMO


  2. Thank you for the information…can you please suggest me a kelly device which can be used for all types of agricultural works


    1. If you are going to use the machine for a lot of agricultural work, you could go with the Work Station

      Click to access workstation.pdf

      Kelly does have other models that are less expensive, they will work as well, just don’t have as many features, but If I was buying one for agricultural work would choose the Work Station.
      Here is a link to some of the other machines
      Hope this helps


  3. That’s a good question, I’m not sure if Galen Hieronymus had any children, I do know his wife carried on his Radionics company after Galen died for a few years. One reason that his kids( if he had any) may not have carried on with dad’s work, is that radionics is not really accepted by mainstream society, especially back in Galen’s day, and people who don’t understand radionics think your kind of weird if you tell them what your doing


  4. I think he had two children and four grandchildren. Funny how none of them never seemed to have any interest in their ancestor’s work.


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