Vintage Radionic Equipment

Radionics is about 100 years old, give or take a few years, it’s been that long sine Dr,. Albert Abrams discovered it. Below are photos of some vintage radionic equipment.            Probably the two most important modifications to radionics equipment over the past 100 years is the addition of the “stick plate” by Dr. Ruth Drown, and Dr. Hieronymus using capacitors instead of resistors for the radionic instrument dials.


This photo is of the “Autoclast” built in 1947 by the E.R.A. Electric Company in  New York City.


                                 This is an early  T. Galen Hieronymus Radionic instrument. 

old radionic 2

        Below is a Hieronymus radionic Instrument built and sold in the 1980’s




 An Early Picture of T. Galen Hieronymus


The Radionics Lab of Hieronymus


  A Hieronymus Radionic Instrument built in 1949



Another Instrument Built By Hieronymus Probably in the 1940’s


 This is an Analaptic Instrument built by Hieronymus in the 1980’s


Another early Radionics Instrument



This is another Hieronymus Instrument

and this

                            This is a 3 prism Radionic Instrument  built by Hieronymus

for sure

 Another Vintage Hieronymus Instrument


          This Hieronymus Instrument I believe is a Replicator to duplicate potencies

this 2

                                               A 3 Bank Hieronymus Instrument

this for sure

Another Hieronymus Instrument


A Hieronymus Invention He Called The “Electric Bio-Meter”


                 A Hieronymus 3-Bank Instrument in Mint Condition. Vintage 1949

3 bank

                                         A Radionics Instrument with a lot of dials



                        Below is a “Magnetic Toner” not sure how that worked

Magnetic Toner

This is an early radionics instrument that used resistors instead of capacitors. Not                                            sure who manufactured it.


                                          This is an instrument of Dr. Albert Abrams



                                                     This is a DeLawarr Instrument


                               This is a computerized radionics instrument, the  SE-5


                                                       Another Vintage Instrument


                                                          A Kelly Radionic Instrument


   This is an ad for a Rogers Radionic Instrument, probably from the 1980’s


                                                   A Rogers Instrument



              Below are a few photos of radionic instruments built I believe by Heritage                                                              Radionics, not sure of the year


                                     This one looks like a 1970’s CB Radio


                                   Notice the television “rabbit ears” on this instrument





This instrument was built by J.Gallimore Radionics, not sure of the year.5


                                    Very early radionics instrument called “The Pathoclast”


If you bought a Hieronymus radionic Instrument in the 1980’s this is what you                                                                      would  receive1980'3

                                                      I have no idea about this one

quackct1sm (3)

Apparently, this next radionic instrument was built by a Dr. Wigglesworth, I have                                                                   no other info on it



                                                 Another photo of the Pathoclast


                                               Various versions of the Pathoclast


Pathoclast IX-C outside

PathoclastIX-P Hieronymus type2





pathoclast to use

Below is the Mattioda Briefcase Instrument, built and sold by Don Mattioda, in the                                                           1980’s and 1990’s

mattioda machine

                                       This one is one of Dr. Abrams Instruments



                                                 A George DeLawar Instrument


                                This is a radionic instrument used by Dr. Ruth Drown


                              The Hemodimagnometer by Calbro magnowave Radionics

( This is one I’ve never heard of untill a couple of days ago)

calbro radionics machine-page-001







40 thoughts on “Vintage Radionic Equipment

    1. Hi I found a couple of ebooks full of base 10 rates, not by Ruth Drown, I thought I had an ebook of rates by Ruth drwon, but it must have been a DeLawarr book I was thinking of.
      If you would like these rate books just send me you email address and I will email them to you.

      My email is


  1. I had the Gallimore instrument that used a GSR meter as pictured. Much easier than a stick plate. Wish someone was making them today


      1. Referring to the above instrument picture, the second item fom the bottom was a plexiglass rod wrapped with copper wire. This was plugged into GSR meter and held in right hand. Your left hand manipulated the dials. When you got a reaction on the meter ( needle move) you went to next dial. The item above the plexiglass rod was a folded copper plate that was plugged into the output of the gsr meter. I assume (was not really trained on inst and was given minimal info by owner) was either held by the witness or a witness was placed on (quite a log wire 6 feet or more.
        I don’t know what the bottom item in picture is, that did not come with my inst and was not explained in the Gallimore iinst. instructions. In the far upper left was a plug for ground.
        Above the gsr meter was a dial for color treatment .
        The two witness cups were wound with copper wire. If I remember correctly the top bank was used for location, either set or to be discovered.
        Treatment dials began with 2nd to 4th row. (all very fuzzy now as this was yrs ago and stupid me I did not think to make a copy of instruction which were mimeograph on about three pages There was a separate list of rates which was duplicated in Gallimores book that was available from Health Research back then in the 80s and was advertised in last Psychotronic newsletter. There was a comparison with the DeLaWarr rates and the Gallimore rates seem to be different (I still have that book along with another Gallimore book).
        I was a neo-Reichian body therapist back then and thoght I could use inst to treat anxiety/and or depression. I also had previous experience with the GSR meter used as a lie detector during my dianetic/scientology days in 6os


    1. Rojochispas, what became of the Gallimore instrument you had that used a GSR meter instead of a stick plate? I am trying to find one of those.
      John H. Reed email:
      Board Member: United States Psychotronics Association (USPA)
      Vice President: Library, Archives, and Museum
      Editor: USPA Journal and Newsletter


  2. Thanks rojochispas for the information on the Gallimore instrument. Honestly before you described it, I knew nothing of the Gallimore instrument, or Gallimore’s work.

    I did a google search on Gallimore , and found out a dew things about him such as Gallimore founded the United States Psychotronics Association , and that he also wrote a few books which can be purchased on Amazon. I think it would be quite difficult to obtain a Gallimore instrument today, although I certainly would like to use one.

    Thanks again for your info.


    1. I still hive two Gallimore books I purchased from Health Research in the 70s. Gallimore describes other instruments and has a rate book in one book for this GSR inst. I dont see why someone could not build a similar instrument, to me it seems a simple concept (although Ive used GSR meters in psych setting previously and am aware of their usefulness and how they work) if you can do a pendulum you can do a gsr meter – my 2 cents.


      1. The electronics inside most radionic instruments are quite simple. If you know how to read a schematics diagram and do basic electronic work, a radionic instrument wouldn’t be difficult to build.


    1. The Mattioda Briefcase Radionic Instruments are pretty scarce these days. You might be able to find one on eBay, or someplace like that. I have two of those instruments, one I bought from Mr.Mattioda himself, the other I bought from his daughter after Don Mattioda passed away. Ed Kelly of Kelly Radionic Technologies said he was thinking of building and selling a Briefcase type instrument similar to the Mattioda instrument, but doesn’t have one for sale as of yet. I would go to every radionic forum I could find and post that you are looking for one, someone might know where there might be one that you can buy.


      1. Thank you for your answer! You’ve been really helpful. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, but then I decided to wait no more and placed an order for Kelly Personal Instrument. I will wait for Kelly’s to finish their briefcase version and will order it when the time comes.

        Keep up with the lovely publications/articles.
        Thanks again!


      2. I saw it, Carl, but indeed he is asking too much. Even if he lowers the price, I’m pretty sure it will be insignificantly. Thanks anyway! You kept your promise to let me know if you see anything and for this you have my deepest gratitude and respect!


      3. Yeah I agree, I contacted him and told him he probabaly wouldn’t get much more than about $1500 for the instrument he is trying to sell, he said he had no idea what they were worth. I will let you know if I see another one for sale that is priced more reasonable.


  3. Thanks Tsonny Naydenov, The Kelly Personal Instrument is a very well made instrument, and I’m sur will serve your needs very well, i have one and have been using it for 4 years. I know you are looking for a briefcase instrument, and if I see a Mattioda instrument for sale I will let you know, hopefully you won’t have to wait too long for Ed Kelly to start building and selling his version of a briefcase instrument.


  4. I have a rather large collection of radionic equipment, as well as a instructional and rates books for all of them. I also have additional books on the philosophy of and usage of most of the equipment. It is time to move this laboratory on to a passionate practitioner of the arts. I have numerous pictures of all, and am willing to share them, but don’t know how to proceed. Any ideas? I don’t want to give it all away, but I’d like it to go as a package, and I want to see it all get into good hands. Ideas and inquiries are welcome. James Woods


    1. Hi James, I may be interested in your instruments and books, could you send me a few pictures of what you have. Send them to my email at I belong to a few radionic groups on Facebook, people regularly sell radionic equipment there, I can send you the links in case you want to join these groups. actually they have a specific group just for selling this kind of equipment. Then there is eBay, I have sold and bought radionic instruments there , it’s pretty secure and safe, I once bought a radionic instrument there, and it arrived broken, because the seller didn’t package it well enough, eBay refunded 100% of the purchase price to me. There are always people looking for used radionic instruments, because there aren’t many manufacturers of quality radionic equipment in the world today. I had an email last week from a gentleman asking if I knew where he could purchase a used radionic instrument. I also have friends who are well known radionic practitioners and teachers and know many other people in the radionic field who would want to purchase your equipment. I also attend radionic workshops, where I meet people looking for instruments.

      All the best


    1. I just checked out your ebay ad and it says that bidding has ended for those items. I think you were asking too much for the items. Yes they are original Hieronymus instruments, but as a pair they might be worth $2500.


  5. I have a Mattioda briefcase style radionics machine and a no name, wooden case style unit as well as download of Mattioda Manual, A Drown Radio Vision booklet by Borderland about the Drown Radio Therapy Methods 1951 which includes rates. Also a Radionics manual of rates/settings collected from as far back as the 30’s. I’m not sure whether I’ll sell these but I am looking for help with obtaining a power supply for the Mattioda and the wire probes that are missing. I know it’s a 12 V power supply but not sure of the amps (if that applies even). Any insights are appreciated


    1. Hi Melanie, I also have a Mattioda briefcase instrument, but not with the original power supply, what I have that works well, is a power supply thats adjustable from 3 volt to 12 volt, it also comes with a variety of different size plug adapters. wouldn’t worry too much about the amps


    2. I take it there is no plate or decal with electrical specifications of any kind on the instrument. I would think a 9 to 12 volt transformer of 500 milliamps or so would be fine.I would email Ed Kelly at Kelly Research Technologies and ask him. He might be able to help with the wire probes too, i don’t know. Sounds like you have some neat stuff.


      1. Thx for the tips! I have found my multi voltage power source with the different size plugs so I just need the proper test probe wires. I’ll inquire at Kelly’s thx thx. I inherited these two units and hope to learn how to use them properly. 🙂


  6. I have some radionics machines from my mother. One is from the 50’s. I need to figure what I have, as I don’t want to just throw them in the trash. Anyone buy these? I have pictures.


    1. There are always people looking for radionic machines. There is a Facebook group called Aetheric Marketplace, where people who are into Radionics, buy and sell radionic equipment. I would be interested in seeing what you have.


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