Stacking of Reagents

Reagents come in very handy for the radionic practitioner, they cut down on the length of balancing time, raise the General Vitality of the subject, and lower the intensity of the problem the subject has. A reagent can be almost anything that can fit into the witness well of your instrument ( there are extra-large witness well for sale), and lowers the problem, while raising G.V.


In order for reagents to be most effective they may have to be added to the witness well in a particular order. It’s like baking cookies, you don’t just throw all of the ingredients in a bowl at once and mix them up, and expect to have good cookies, there is a definite order in which the ingredients need to be placed in the bowl, the same holds true for radionics.

To find out the correct stacking order, place the witness for your subject in the instrument’s well, now make sure all of the reagents that you want to try are beside your instrument. ( I personally place them on the left side of the instrument). Now touch each reagent with a finger of your left hand, at the same time rub the “stick plate” of your instrument, while mentally or verbally asking “Is this the ideal first reagent”, when you get a stick, stop and set that reagent aside, that is your first reagent. Now repeat the above process, this time ask”Is this the ideal second reagent”. You can repeat the above process  for the “ideal third and  forth reagent and so on”.

No you can take the reagents that you selected and evaluate them. Put the first one selected in the well with the witness, it should increase G.V. , while lowering the condition, and decrease balancing time, the second reagent should further raise G.V. and lower the condition, and further reduce balancing time.


Correct State of Mind for Radionics

To get the most out of anything in life, you must have the right “mindset”, this is even truer in radionics, because in radionics you are focusing your mind on your intention. If you are stressed out, worried, angry, intoxicated or thinking about a million different things, you won’t be able to get optimum results with radionics.


So what is the correct state of mind to have when practicing radionics? You should have as calm and relaxed mindset as possible, a mindset that allows you to focus on what you want to achieve, and nothing else. For example if you are using your radionic instrument to find the best tomato seeds to plant in your garden, you need to be thinking about “what are the best seeds to use with the soil in my garden”, and not thinking about taking your car in to have it repaired later in the  day, or what you need to buy at the grocery store, or the movie you seen last night. Also try to find times of the day when you won’t be disturbed by other people in the household, phones or door bells ringing, and that you have enough time to do what you want to do, so you don’t try to rush through things.

So how can you achieve the proper state of mind to get the most out of radionics? One way is to close your eyes and try this breathing exercise to get you into an Alpha state.

1 Breath in for a count of 5

2 Hold for a count of 10

3 Breath out for a count of 8

4 Repeat 3 times

It also helps some people to get into the right mindset by preparing to do radionic work by:

1 Washing your hands with warm water and mild soap then dry.

2If you have a “neutralizing” switch on your instrument, press it for 20 seconds to neutralize any stray energies.

3 Wipe your witness well out with distilled water and a Kleenex.

4 Clean your rub plate with a mild soap such as Ivory, on a damp cloth, then rinse with distilled water with another clean cloth.

5 Get all of your witnesses, rate books, reagents, etc. that you will be using with your instrument.

6 Write your intention on a piece of paper.

Also playing some relaxing music in the background at a low volume, helps some people relax and focus. In my experience, instrumental music such as classical music, or nature sounds works best. I find the words to a song distracting when doing radionic work, but experiment and see what works best for you.

You may find it difficult to “focus” you mind for any more than a few seconds at a time when first starting to use a radionic instrument, this is normal for most people. You will find the longer you practice radionics the more focused your mind will become, and the easier it will be to stay “tuned-in” to what you are trying to accomplish, this ability to focus your mind will also carry over to other parts of your life. Also learning meditation a great way to achieve relaxation and mindfulness. Here are two excellent books in PDF. format on how to meditate. You will need Adobe Acrobat or a similar free PDF. program to open these ebooks. Available here

How To Meditate


How To Meditate-page-001


Radioncs is primarily a right brain activity, and getting the left critical, analytical part of the brain out-of-the-way is what relaxation techniques are all about. You will find the more you can rely on the right brain, the more effective you will become in radionics, because your left brain will try to “but in” and come up with an answer to a question that you are dowsing for in radionics, the problem with that is the left brain more than likely doesn’t know the answer, and the left brain can influence the results that you get with your radionic instrument.




Hieronymus Monitors Astronauts In Orbit Around Moon

During the Apollo 8 flight in December 1968, T. Galen Hieronymus using his radionic instrument, and photos of the three astronauts,  was able to track and monitor all the physiological functions of the three astronauts in their space craft as they orbited the moon.


This Hieronymus experiment was an adventure into uncharted territory. In the words of T. Galen Hieronymus about the experiment:

“Little did we realize when we started the project of monitoring the flight of Apollo 8, by using Eloptic energy signals, that we would be able to follow the astronauts to the side of the moon, then, with in a few seconds would lose the signals.

We were astounded when a short time later, the signals were again as strong as they were during the flight. At that time we were surprised at the turn of events. Now we are confident that we know the answer, as to why the signals stopped abruptly when the capsule went into darkness ( Moon Shade), yet Radio signals continued strong.

The high frequency radio signals follow the “line of sight law”. Our Eloptic signals do not follow this law. Eloptic signals follow the curvature of the Earth and work the same regardless of darkness or daylight. The Earth’s magnetic field, gravity, the atmosphere and so forth, all or some of these influences may be the reason. Eloptic signals came through strong when the capsule was on the far side of the moon, but in darkness (Moon Shade).

This paper will attempt to give some salient features of the operation of these Eloptic energy signals, and their utilization in obtaining the data we used and analyzed in order to show how the Astronauts were physiologically affected by their trip, to and around the moon.

Our reasons for the project were:

1 To determine whether Eloptic signals would be shielded by the metal of the capsule.

2 To find to what distance away from the Planet Earth, we could track the astronauts.

3 To measure the effect og the high “G” stress on the astronauts.

4 To measure any undesirable effects that radiation might have on them.

5 To measure the effects of living in a weightless environment (zero gravity), for an extended period , away from the Earth’s magnetic field, atmosphere, gravity, and so forth.

6 To learn as much as possible from the data we hoped to obtain.

Enough data was obtained to keep someone busy for a long time analyzing it. The effect of “G”stress in our charts is quite evident. Over 1600 tests were made, and recorded. Much information was obtained that will not be included in this paper , but may be included in a follow-up report.

Much credit goes to my wife, Louise, who operated the analyzer during the experiment. Without the help of Rolf Schaffranke and some of his associates, the project could not have been started. To all of them my heart-felt thanks.


T.G. Hieronymus

December 30, 1968 ”

The above letter was written by T. Galen Hieronymus, on December 30, 1968. What he called “Eloptic energy” was his term for the unseen but power-full energy we use in radionic work, some call it “Chi” , “Ether” “Life-Force”, etc.

These next paragraphs continue on with the above experiment, again the report below is in Dr. Hieronymus words:

“I have chosen to look at it (the experiment) from the viewpoint of the layman, rather than a medical doctor. The complexities of the TV coverage of the flight of Apollo 8 makes the man in the street an expert on almost every phase of the flight. I have talked to several people and will follow their suggestions as to what will be covered in the analysis. The old saying that “one picture is worth a thousand words”, is quite valid, so I am going farther and using colors so comparisons can be easily made.

For obvious reasons no names are mentioned in this paper. The three astronauts have been given letters for designation. We started by typing the salient data from the test sheets and then, the suggestion was made we use photo-copies of the original test data sheets instead of the typed sheets.

3 bank

Dr. Hieronymus likely used this instrument of his own design, or one similar to track   the astronauts

A quantive measurement was made of the functional activity of approximately thirty different tissues or organs of the body and certain other activities of the body of each astronaut, starting two days before lift-off, and then at times we believed to be important. The  “two days before” tests were made in order to obtain what we thought were “normal” conditions of the men. The first really significant tests were made approximately two hours before lift-off when we found that Eloptic signals would “come through” the metal shell of the capsule.

The Vitality  value shown at the top of all lists of body locations, indicates the overall quantitive indication of well-being. The other values shown opposite an organ indicates the degree of functional activity of that organ at that particular moment. At the head of the columns on figures 1, 2 and 3 is shown the time we started the tests shown in that particular column. In most cases the time the tests of that column were finished are also shown. It took from eight to twelve minutes to run tests  on each man. For example we started the moment of lift-off and didn’t  finish the three men untill twenty-two minutes later. We ran tests on all three men when it seemed important, and due to the time element involved, and the amount of work entailed, we followed astronaut “B” throughout the flight, and only ran tests on the other two men as conditions indicated the need to do so.

Looking at figure “4”, we note that astronaut “A” was under almost as much strain an hour before lift off as he was fifteen minutes after lift off. Note that he has leveled off seven hours later. It should be noted that if a person could be absolutely perfectly healthy , all of the values of functional activity would be the same. In other words his values would be a straight line across the graph. This condition is rarely found except in the case of a very young baby or an athlete.

As might be expected people react differently to different stimulus. The reactions of  astronaut A, and of astronaut C, are quite similar, while astronaut B reacted differently in many respects. These three figures show the men as they reacted to the high “G” stress, and as they recovered from the effects.

In the FORWARD, I mentioned that the Eloptic signals shut down very suddenly as the capsule approached the side of the moon.  This happened as the capsule went into darkness, as  the Moon was between the Sun and the capsule. It was at this moment our signals stopped, yet Radio signals continued strong. As soon as the capsule emerged from the darkness to the light of the Sun our signals were strong again. We charted this phenomena for four orbits of the Moon and were able to tell within a minute when signals would either stop or resume.”

As Dr. Hieronymus stated in the above report, the distance from the Earth to the Moon, was no hinderance for “Eloptic Signals” to be picked up, but “Eloptic signals shut down” “as the capsule went into darkness, as  the Moon was between the Sun and the capsule” which is interesting, and “As soon as the capsule emerged from the darkness to the light of the Sun our signals were strong again”. Below are the analysis sheets that Dr. Hieronymus used for the experiment on the three astronauts.

one 1

two 2

three 3



Radionic Photography

Somewhere around  the mid twentieth century, a couple very  interesting cameras were invented, cameras that combined radionics with photography. In fact these cameras were so ahead of their time, so revolutionary, so game changing that if main stream conventional science, or should I say scientism, because science had adopted the same hard-line dogmatic approach as traditional religion, basically , if you don’t believe what we belive then you are wrong.

Sorry for rambling, but it science could have stuck  its head out of the “box” they were so comfortable living in, these camera could have revolutionized science , medicine, and the way we look at the world and the universe, but of course that didn’t happen, and most people today would not even be aware that the cameras ever existed, unless they search for books, and internet articles not read by the masses.

ruth dfrown

                                                                      Dr. Ruth Drown

Dr. Ruth Drown in the U.S.A.and George and Marjorie De La Warr in England, both invented radionic cameras. First Dr.Ruth Drown, who is considered the first to have invented this kind of camera. Dr. Drown first discovered this amazing technique, by connecting an unexposed photographic plate to a radionic instrument using a wire. When the photographic plate was developed, the organ that the radionic instrument was tuned to would appear on the film, without the use of any sort of light while the photo was being taken. How cool is that.

Dr. Drown conducted experiments using her new-found radionic photography. In one experiment she connected a patient directly to the radionic instrument, and put the rate for a specific organ on the instruments tuning dials, when she did this the outside of the organ would be photographed. If she used a blood spot as a witness the inside of the organ would be revealed.

Dr. Drown, used this camera for diagnosing medical conditions, many times her photographs showed the same condition in a patient as was found later by conventional medical x-rays, she even received a patent for her Drown Camera in Britain in 1939.

The Drown camera of course wasn’t a purely a mechanical piece of equipment as a traditional camera. The Drown camera required the use of some sort of psychic ability on Dr. Drowns part to make the camera work. After Dr. Drowns persecution by the F.D.A. in which began in 1951, and resulted in her being imprisoned. Dr. drown was never again able to take photographs with the Drown camera, after her release from prison, and within a few months she died. A tragic ending to story of a genius, way ahead of her time, persecuted by the “establishment” whose greed and ignorance prevailed.

Delawar (4)

                                                                     George DeLaWarr

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, similar photographic experiments were being carried out by George and Marjorie DeLaWarr. In 1958 George DeLaWarr received a patent for a camera that operated similar to the one Dr. Drown invented, but looked totally different, and also like the Drown camera it could not work without the intent of the operator, or someone in close proximity with physic abilities. The DeLaWarr’s called it the” Mark 1 ” camera.

The DeLaWarrs took over 12,000 pictures with this camera. They were able to photograph the growing fetus in a pregnant woman with only a spot of the pregnant woman’s blood. On one occasion, they photographed the contents of the stomach of a sick cow, with only a drop of the cows blood. They found two objects in the cow’s stomach that should have not been there, a stone and a piece of steel, when the veterinarian operated on the cow, these items were found in the cows stomach.

On another occasion a spot of blood from a patient was used, and a large tumor was photographed on her brain, after her death, an autopsy reveled the tumor in the exact location on her brain that the photograph indicated. DelaWarr continued to modify and improve his camera. One exceptional experiment he conducted was to photograph past events.


                                                                DeLaWarr Camera

                                      Photographs Taken With The DeLaWarr Camera

in 1950 DeLaWarr, was able to take a photograph of his wedding day in 1929, using a blood spot of himself and his wife along with the intent ‘My Wedding Day 1929″ although the photo was faint, it showed two dark human like shapes.

The radionic cameras invented by the DeLaWarrs and Dr. Drown are  in some ways similar to the camera invented by Semyon Kirlian in 1939.  Kirlian discovered that if an object was placed on a photographic plate, and a strong electrical field was applied, the resulting photo showed the object, along with an aura surrounding the object. Kirlian experimented with taking photographs of leaves, each photo showed the leaf and it’s aura. He then tried the same experiment, this time he cut a piece out of the leaf, but the resulting photos showed the leaf as being whole as if the leaf was never cut.

                                                               Semyon Kirlian



                                                Photograph Taken With Kirlian Camera


                                   Another Photo Taken Using Kirlian Photography

I have not heard if anyone is experimenting with radionic photography in the present day, but it would certainly be a very interesting field of study to rediscover.

Cold-Scanning and Set-Scanning a Rate


While there are many books that contain thousands of rates for just about everything, there are times when you may want to scan for you own rates, this is where both set-scanning and cold-scanning come in very handy.

For example if you know the location of a condition or problem you want to balance, but don’t know what the problem is, or vice-versa, if you know what the problem is, but don’t know the location, set scanning can prove to be very helpful.

An example of the above statement would be if you had a sore throat, but didn’t know what was making your throat sore. In set-scanning you would find the rate for throat in a rate book. If you are working with single dial rates, the rate for the throat is -37. You would put -37 on the right hand dial of your radionic instrument ( the right hand dial always is the location dial, the left hand dial used for the condition), next you would  slowly turn the left hand dial of your instrument, while rubbing the “stick plate”, and mentally or vocally saying something such as ” I am seeking the number one, major condition, with my throat”. ( Some people find it helpful to write the intention down on a piece of paper, and put it in the witness well). When you get a “stick” stop, record the number on the dial. You can now scan for other conditions effecting your throat, and write them down as well.

The first rate you got is the major condition causing your sore throat, it may or may not match up with any of the rates in rate books, but that doesn’t matter. You can “fine-tune” this rate to make it more effective. You don’t have to put a name on it it’s nice to have a “label” or name for it, but you don’t need one. You would now dowse to see if it’s advisable to balance this condition in this location at this time, then dowse for balancing times, and turn your instrument on for the time you doused for.

You would use the same procedure mentioned above if you knew what the condition was, but not the location.

Cold-scanning is used when you know neither the condition or location of a problem, but know that there is a problem. For example, you have a cat, but for the past couple days your cat hasn’t been felling well, you can cold scan to find the problem, and location of the problem.

For example you could dowse the question”Whats wrong with my cat” or “What rate does my cat need the most now”,  while slowly turning first the left hand dial and then the right hand dial while rubbing the stick plate, as in set scanning stop when you get a stick and write down the numbers.

Another option for cold scanning is to slowly turn the left hand dial of your instrument, and rubbing the stick plate, while dowsing for the question”What is the major, number one condition with my cat”, record the number when you get a stick, now go to your right hand dial, and dowse the question” What is the major number one location for the condition on the left hand dial for my cat”.  You can also dowse for other conditions, in that location, or other conditions in other locations if you wish, or just balance on the first rate you got.

What has been written so far is for set and cold scanning using single dial rates, you can also use two dial rates. Following the above example of a sore throat,  one of the two dial rates for the throat is 6-15, put that rate on the top bank of your instrument, and dowse using the bottom bank, with the intent of finding out what  the major problem is with the location on the top bank. First turn the left hand dial, then the right hand dial, while rubbing the stick plate, and mentally or verbally saying something such as “What is the major, number one problem, , in the location on the top bank” , as before stop when you get a stick, and record your rate.

Set and cold-scanning are very useful tools in doing radionic work, when the condition or location or both is not known. Some people do not trust the rates they come up with themselves, and would rather use rates from a rate book, which is fine, you will develop more confidence in your abilities the more you practice.


What is a Radionic Rate

There are books available with thousands of rates for almost everything,  but  what are radionic rates?  Where did they originate?  Why are some only single numbers,( such as -70 for the heart) while others are double numbers, ( 24-4 is the rate for calcium) and still others are a combination of two and sometimes three two-dial rates together ( 87.20-59.50 and 52.75-43.40 is the rate for The Spirit of Love). Also  why are the Base 10 Rates popular in the U.K, ( 25911 is the rate for Iron)  different from the rates used on Hieronymus type instruments such as the Kelly instruments ( 49-27 is the rate for Iron on a Hieronymus type instrument).  There are books available with thousands of rates for almost everything. There are rates for various parts of the physical body, rates for different minerals and vitamins, rates for different conditions and pathogens, etc. You name it and there’s probably a rate for it

I will try to answer the above questions, as best I can . First, Where did all of the rates that we see in rate books come from. Many rates were discovered by  Dr. Albert Abrams, the father of radionics, in his extensive research and experimentation. Dr. Abrams used a  medical system known as percussion, in which the middle finger of the right hand taps the middle finger of the left hand that is held against the patient’s stomach and the doctor listened for different kinds of sounds, a certain sound ( usually a dull thud) in a certain place on the patient’s abdomen indicated the presence of some type of disease. Percussion was well-known to the medical profession of the day. Dr. Abrams built the first radionic instrument, which consisted of a box with three dials that were connected to resistors. The box was wired to the patient, Dr. Abrams would percuss the patient’s abdomen, while an assistant pointed a wire at a cancer specimen, and rotated the dials of the “Black Box” when Dr. Abrams heard the dull thud sound in the patient’s abdomen, the position of the dials would be recorded. For example at 50 the thud while percussing for cancer would be heard, that’s 50 ohms, ( an “ohm” is an electrical measurement of resistance in a circuit, the higher the ohm reading the more resistance resistance is measured in ohms.)  So 50 became the rate for cancer, and so it was for many other diseases, a different rate for each disease.

                                                  Dr Abrams and his radionic instrument

Dr. Ruth Drown who was one of Dr.Abrams students developed a series of rates, Dr. Drown was also the one who invented the “stick plate” which she used instead of using  a volunteer or patient as Dr. Abrams did, when she got a “stick” she would record the numbers on the dials, which became rates.

 Dr Drown and her radionic instrument

George and Marjorie De La Warr went on to discover thousands of rates, many of De La Warrs rates were transposed to be used on the Hieronymus type radionic instruments by I believe Peter Kelly. . Dr T. Galen Hieronymus designed a radionic instrument that used capacitors instead of resistors that had been used in all radionic instruments up untill that time. Dr. Hieronymus discovered that capacitors were much more accurate than resistors. Along with Dr. Hieronymus’s newly designed radionic instrument came a new form of rate, no longer did he use the “Base 10” type of rates (such as  25911 ,the rate for Iron) used by pervious radionic researchers, who used instruments with nine , twelve or more dials connected to resistors . Dr Hieronymus built instruments that consisted of a bank with two dials in each bank, some of his instruments had one bank, some two, others three. The rates Dr. Hieronymus developed and used were  either single dial rates such as -70 for the heart, or two-dial rates such as 24-4 for calcium. The reason Dr. Hieronymus used single-dial rates was that many of the instruments that he designed and sold had only one bank of two dials, and with a single dial rate, you could put the rate for a condition on the left hand dial, and the rate for the location on the right hand dial, such as strep in the throat, which would be 60- for strep on the left hand dial and -37  for throat on the right  hand dial. Sometimes you’ll come across a rate written this way . The”Ho’Oponopono (51.75-97) (14-12.25) (82.75-39)”, this means its a three-dial rate, designed for instruments that have three two dial banks, or sometimes you’ll come across a rate such as this one for “Diseases, Strep 26.15-66   59-54” this is a two bank rate, using all four dials. You may be wondering why do they have a single dial rate, a two dial rate, and a two bank rate for the same thing, such as Strep, the single dial rate is 60-, the two dial rate is 30-70, and the two bank rate is 26.15-66   59-54. I like to think of it like this, imagine that a single dial rate is your first name, a two dial rate is your first and last names, a two bank rate is your first and last names, plus your address, which gives you more information, and those hyphens that you see between a two dial rate , or to the right of a left hand rate or to the left of a right hand rate, just tells you on what dial they belong, think of the dash or hyphen (-) as being the middle of the bank on your radionic instrument if the rate is like this -37 the rate goes on the right dial, if its like this 60-, it goes on the left dial, and  a rate like  this ( 30-70) has one number on each dial.

I hope the above paragraphs explain how and where rates originated, why some have one number, others two numbers, and others such as the Base 10 rates, more than two numbers. Now the next question is “What is a rate?” I will attempt to answer that question next.

In using a radionic instrument, you the operator ,  along with your instrument are tuning in, focusing the mind, or resonating with that which you are analyzing or balancing. Everything in the universe emits energy, actually if you get right down to it everything is energy.  Really sensitive individuals can sense, and in some cases manipulate these energies without the use of an external device, such as a radionic instrument, for the rest of us we need to use something to focus or mind, our intent ,a rate or rates and a radionics instrument works perfectly for that.

Radionics  works  similar to a tuning fork. If you have a two tuning forks both on the Key of “A”, and you strike one, it will vibrate and produce a tone in the Key of A, the other one will also vibrate and produce a tone in the Key of A. Another example of this resonance is the famous opera singer from the early twentieth century Enrico Caruso. Mr Caruso was able to raise the tone or pitch of  his voice so that it would resonate perfectly with a wine galss, and hold that pitch untill it generated enough vibrations in the wine glass to shatter it.

In radionics, we may not be trying to break wine glasses, but we are using our instruments, along with our intent, and our subconscious mind to resonate with whatever it is that we are focused on, we are picking up the vibrations emanating from the witness we have in the well of our instrument, and/or we are picking up the resonance of an unwanted condition, or we are picking up the resonance of an organ or gland. In the case of a plant we may be picking up the resonance of the trunk, leaves, roots, etc.. If it’s soil we are analyzing we may be picking up each of the nutrients in that soil, and finding out which nutrients it’s lacking. With radionics we are tapping into what Dr. Hieronymus called “Eloptic Energy” or Subtle Energy.

The vibrations emanating from what we are focused on can be expressed as numbers,as in the case of radionics, which are rates. So the number or the rate represents something, it helps us focus on our intention, in the scenario below, to cure a sick cat. When you are analyzing your sick  cat, and find that if you put 40- on the left and dial of your instrument and -62 on the right hand dial, and get a stick, and intensity reading, your cat has “congestion in the colon” or constipation. The numbers 40- represented conjestion and the number -60 the colon. When doing your analysis of your cat you were able to resonate, with your radionic instrument to the conjestion in the cat’s colon, and get a “stick”, as well as an intensity reading.

The super cool thing about radionics is not just that we can find out that the cat has constipation, but we can manipulate this “Eloptic Energy”  with our radionics instrument,  send the energy back to the cat, reversed at 180 degress ( which most radionic instruments do automatically) and the cat should be relieved of the constipation in a relatively short time.

You don’t even have to use rates published in rate books, you can “cold-scan” for rates yourself.  If you have a plant that’s not doing so well, you can cold-scan with the intent of finding out whats wrong with your plant and your mind focused on a question such as “What is the major number one problem with my plant” as you turn one of the dials on your instrument, and rub the rub plate. As soon as you get a stick, stop, and do the same with the other dial, as soon as you get a stick stop, and you will have a two dial rate of what is wrong with your palnt. this is basically how most rates were discovered.

Rates  don’t always have to be expressed as numbers, they can also be expressed as geometric symbols, which is what Malcolm Rae did with his radionic instruments. Although I have never used a Rae instrument, from what I have read his symbols printed on a card worked very well also.

                                            Malcolm Rae and one of his radionic cards

In the above chapters, I hope  I have given you a clear understanding of what a rate is, how it is used, and how and why  it was invented.

Interviews with Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus

T. Galen Hieronymus was one of the most respected and prominent people in the field of radionics in the twentieth century. A few of his many accomplishments that come to mind are: He substituted capacitors for resistors in radionic instruments. He found capacitors much more accurate, his design is still being used today in instruments such as the Kelly instruments. He used radionics to monitor the health of the NASA Apollo astronauts, while their spacecraft was behind the moon and all forms of conventional communication with earth were lost. He proved that plants could be grown in complete darkness, with only a metal plate outside in the sunlight and a wire running to the plant that was in total darkness.


So let’s give a listen to some of these audio files to see what “The Master” has to say about radionics. There are also interviews with others. Most of these interviews were made in the 1970’s and 1980’s  on audio tape then digitalized, so the sound quality isn’t the greatest, but I decided to use them for their historical significance, as well as practical radionics advice.

This first interview is from August 07, 1973 where Hieronymus talks about using his radionic instruments and gives some details on how they are built. The interview is in three parts.

This next audio file is where Sarah and Galen Hireronymus describe how radionics is used in agriculture.

Dr, Hieronymus and his wife Sarah discuss various aspects of radionics from 1984

This interview with Dr. Hieronymus is from December 30, 1975

This next interview is a telephone interview in which Dr. Hierionymus talks about how he builds his instruments. It was made on August 13 1973

This next audio file is of Robert Beck speaking on Brain Entranement

This next one is an audio file where Dr. Hieronymus describes how to use his radionic instrument. Apparently this file was originally supposed to have a part A and part B, sorry I don’t have part B, but there’s a lot of useful information on part A.

I hope that you will find these audio tapes interesting and informative, I do apologize for the sound quality of some of them, and missing parts of some interviews. There is still some good advice to be had  from Dr. Hieronymus himself

Boosting the Power of your Radionic Instrument

You may ask, why would I want or need to boost the power of my radionic instrument? Two reasons, it cuts down on broadcast times, and you see the results of what you are trying to achieve sooner, which lets you move on to something else.

To boost the power of a radionic instrument you have various options. The first and most important option is to plug your instrument in and turn on the “AMP” switch, because a radionics instrument will “broadcast” without any electrical power, but the balancing time will be much longer. Another way to increase the power of your instrument is to ground it, not only will this make your instrument more powerful, but it also protects you. In the words of Radionics expert Marty Lucas “If the instrument is not grounded properly, that means the phase conjugate wave will dissipate into the information field of the operator”. If the instrument is properly grounded then it dissipates into the earth.”  Also T. Galen Hieronymus said that soil and the crops planted in the soil can only be balanced to the depth of the ground rod, so if you ground rod is three feet into the ground, you can treat/balance the soil to a depth of three feet, if your grounding rod is four feet you can balance to a depth of four feet and so on.

All that I have done is ground my radionic instruments, and have noticed an improvement in broadcast times. I have not tried any of the suggestions mentioned below, but leaders in the field of radionics ( Marty Lucas, Ed Kelly, Scott Ertl) use some or all of these methods so they must be good.

A few low-cost ways of boosting the power of your radionic instrument are:

Setting your radionic instrument on top of a flat sheet of granite. I know people who do this and they say it boosts the broadcast power of their instrument. You can usually pick up scrap pieces of granite at building supply stores quite inexpensively.

Another way that is claimed to increase the power of you radionics instrument is to lay three mirrors, (mirror side up) under your instrument. As I mentioned above I have never tried this, but you can buy three cheap mirrors and give it a try, let me know how it works.

Some people put a quartz crystal on the rub or stick plate to give the broadcast more “resonance”. If doing this make sure you “clean” the crystals periodically, by putting them in running water, burying them in the ground for a few days or what I do is put them in the well of my instrument and “neutralize” the energy in them

A Tensor Ring placed around a radionic instrument is said to increase its power. Here is a link to a YouTube video where Marty Lucas and Brian Besco talk about using tensor rings.

Still another way to increase the broadcasting power of a radionic instrument is to use Kelly Research Tecnologies ” Perfect Spiral Phase Array Antenna” which is reported to boost the energy emanating from your radionics instrument from 200 to 1000 times. You can read about the antenna here.


Marty Lucas of sells what he calls a “Cory Coil” here is what Marty says about it “the Cory Coil acts as a powerful antenna for radionic work and can cut balancing times by half.” Here is a link to Marty’s website.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Some people place a quartz crystal on the stick plate of their instrument and say that cuts down on broadcasting time, also I have heard that others rub a bit of holy water on the stick plate to cut down on the broadcast time.


As I stated at the beginning of this article, I personally have not tried most of these methods of increasing the energy being broadcast from a radionics instrument, other than using the instrument with electrical power and grounding it.  You can get very good results with a good radionic instrument by just grounding it and turning on the AMP switch, but it’s fun and interesting to try to boost the power of your radionic instrument.  Some of the methods of increasing the power of a radionic instrument are low-cost others are more expensive.  I am sure that in the future I will try some or all of the methods mentioned above.

Vintage Radionic Equipment

Radionics is about 100 years old, give or take a few years, it’s been that long sine Dr,. Albert Abrams discovered it. Below are photos of some vintage radionic equipment.            Probably the two most important modifications to radionics equipment over the past 100 years is the addition of the “stick plate” by Dr. Ruth Drown, and Dr. Hieronymus using capacitors instead of resistors for the radionic instrument dials.


This photo is of the “Autoclast” built in 1947 by the E.R.A. Electric Company in  New York City.


                                 This is an early  T. Galen Hieronymus Radionic instrument. 

old radionic 2

        Below is a Hieronymus radionic Instrument built and sold in the 1980’s




 An Early Picture of T. Galen Hieronymus


The Radionics Lab of Hieronymus


  A Hieronymus Radionic Instrument built in 1949



Another Instrument Built By Hieronymus Probably in the 1940’s


 This is an Analaptic Instrument built by Hieronymus in the 1980’s


Another early Radionics Instrument



This is another Hieronymus Instrument

and this

                            This is a 3 prism Radionic Instrument  built by Hieronymus

for sure

 Another Vintage Hieronymus Instrument


          This Hieronymus Instrument I believe is a Replicator to duplicate potencies

this 2

                                               A 3 Bank Hieronymus Instrument

this for sure

Another Hieronymus Instrument


A Hieronymus Invention He Called The “Electric Bio-Meter”


                 A Hieronymus 3-Bank Instrument in Mint Condition. Vintage 1949

3 bank

                                         A Radionics Instrument with a lot of dials



                        Below is a “Magnetic Toner” not sure how that worked

Magnetic Toner

This is an early radionics instrument that used resistors instead of capacitors. Not                                            sure who manufactured it.


                                          This is an instrument of Dr. Albert Abrams



                                                     This is a DeLawarr Instrument


                               This is a computerized radionics instrument, the  SE-5


                                                       Another Vintage Instrument


                                                          A Kelly Radionic Instrument


   This is an ad for a Rogers Radionic Instrument, probably from the 1980’s


                                                   A Rogers Instrument



              Below are a few photos of radionic instruments built I believe by Heritage                                                              Radionics, not sure of the year


                                     This one looks like a 1970’s CB Radio


                                   Notice the television “rabbit ears” on this instrument





This instrument was built by J.Gallimore Radionics, not sure of the year.5


                                    Very early radionics instrument called “The Pathoclast”


If you bought a Hieronymus radionic Instrument in the 1980’s this is what you                                                                      would  receive1980'3

                                                      I have no idea about this one

quackct1sm (3)

Apparently, this next radionic instrument was built by a Dr. Wigglesworth, I have                                                                   no other info on it



                                                 Another photo of the Pathoclast


                                               Various versions of the Pathoclast


Pathoclast IX-C outside

PathoclastIX-P Hieronymus type2





pathoclast to use

Below is the Mattioda Briefcase Instrument, built and sold by Don Mattioda, in the                                                           1980’s and 1990’s

mattioda machine

                                       This one is one of Dr. Abrams Instruments



                                                 A George DeLawar Instrument


                                This is a radionic instrument used by Dr. Ruth Drown


                              The Hemodimagnometer by Calbro magnowave Radionics

( This is one I’ve never heard of untill a couple of days ago)

calbro radionics machine-page-001







The Chakras

If you look at most radionic analysis sheets designed for human or animal analysis, you will see seven chakras listed on them. What are these Chakras? What do they do? If they are low, can we balance them to bring up their intensities? How do they affect the body? I hope to answer these questions in this blog post.


As you can see from the illustration we have seven major chakras, some say we have over 300 minor chakras, but if we get the seven major ones working well, we should be O.K. Chakras are energy centers where energy flows both in and out of the body. In Hindu and Yogic traditions, the chakras are thought of as energy vortices between the physical and the universe of pure energy.


The word “Chakra” comes from the Sanskrit word “cakram” which means “wheel”. If any of the seven chakras are blocked or restricted, energy cannot flow in and out of the body as it should, can and does lead to physical and mental problems. People who spend much time meditating usually have chakras that operate very well, but the rest of us, especially if we haven’t done anything to balance the chakras ( such as radionics) probably have chakras that operate at degrees that are less than efficient.


In radionics we are working with subtle energy, we are trying to change or manipulate energy in such a way that it gives us a desirable outcome in the physical. If your cat has an undesirable condition you are trying to manipulate or change that energy to eliminate that undesirable condition, which is why the chakras should all be working up to par. How do you know if they are working as they should? If the chakras are equal to the General Vitality of the subject they are working well, if they are a lot lower than G.V. they will need to be raised to as close as they can be to General Vitality. Does that mean that is as high as the chakras will ever get in the subject, the answer is no, when you balance the subject enough to raise their G.V. the chakras can be raised at the same time Example if you start out with a G, V of 500, the Brow Chakra might be 480, which is acceptable, but in the future when you are able to raise G.V to 1000, the Brow chakra may be up to 1010.

dog and cat

  Animals also have chakras

Each of the seven chakras is associated with physical parts of the body. Often times in radionic work if you find a particular chakra low ( lower than G.V) you will find the physical parts of the body associated with that chakra not up to where they should be.

The first Chakra is the Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra is associated with consciousness, the pineal gland, the upper brain, the right eye.

The Brow Chakra known as the third eye chakra is associated with the autonomic nervous system, ears, nose, left eye, lower brain.

The Throat Chakra is associated with the respiratory system, vocal, and alimentary canal

Next, we have the Heart Chakra, which is associated with the heart, blood,  vagus nerve, blood circulation.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with the digestive and nervous systems.

The Sacral Chakra is associated with the reproductive system.

The Base Chakra is associated with the kidneys and spinal column

There are specific radionic sheets dedicated to balancing the seven chakras, a good one is in the ” How to Radionics” e-book which can be downloaded for free here. mattioda-manual , there is also an excellent general analysis sheet in this book. When using a basic radionic analysis sheet such as this one, make sure the seven chakras are up to General Vitality (or as close to G.V. as you can get them). If you find a chakra or chakras are low, dowse for balancing time. I find it very useful to mentally ask the question, is the balancing time going to be in seconds, minutes, hours, days. when you get a “stick” on the stick plate, now all you have to do is dowse for how many seconds, minutes etc.

As opposed to allopathic Medicine, we radionic workers aren’t dealing with the physical, but we are manipulating subtle energy to affect the physical ( Energy precedes Matter) which is why the portals for this energy or the Chakras need to be working properly.