Radionic Analysis Sheets & How To Use Them

If you get serious about Radionics, and you use a two-dial radionics instrument, you are probably going to want to use analysis sheets. Analysis sheets are made a variety of different purposes, there are analysis sheets to analyze plants, people, animals, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, the chakras, etc. By using analysis sheets you can detect much valuable information not available by other methods.

Let’s start with the basic Radionics Analysis sheet, this is the sheet used by most radionic practitioners. It is divided into two sections one is the Positive Fields the other is the Negative Fields. When using the positive field sheet ideally all results should equal General Vitality (plus or minus 50 points). When using the negative field chart all results should equal zero. Of course in most cases, because this isn’t a perfect world, your results won’t be as cut and dried, and ideal as mentioned above.




                                                WHAT DO THE RESULTS MEAN

If you look at the positive field analysis sheet  you will see the first thing on it isGeneral Vitality, you would put a witness( hair clipping, blood sample, a Q-Tip with saliva, a good photo of the subject, etc.) in the witness well of your radionic instrument ( just don’t touch it yourself, unless you are analyzing yourself then it doesn’t matter) for the subject you want to analyze. Check the subject’s General Vitality, write it in the space provided, this is your “benchmark” or the number you will compare all other numbers too. When you are analyzing something on the sheet, and you get a “stick” STOP and write down the number that is on the intensity dial, don’t check and recheck, and recheck the same thing over and over, go with the first number you get a stick on. If you recheck and then recheck again you may get a slightly different number each time and won’t know which one is the right one, so go with the first one you get, by doing this you are also teaching your mind to focus on what you are doing.

Alkalinity and Acidity should equal G.V. +or- 50 points and should equal each other.

Sodium and Chlorine should equal each other and G.V.

White Light is a measure of Auric strength, it should also equal G.V. A person with a low      White Light reading usually has severe emotional/mental issues.

Carcinoma is a measure of the energies and toxic fields associated with cancer, and of course, should read zero.

Psora is a form of miasm a  hidden cause behind many illnesses.

Algae frequently precedes cancer

Radioactive Fallout detect a wide range of harmful radiation

The organs and chakras should equal G.V. +or-50 points.

After completing an analysis sheet, study it. Is there anything on the Positive Field Sheet that is more than 50 numbers less than General Vitality. ( For example, if your G.V. is        560, and the Lungs are only 340 there is a problem in the lungs) When you find an organ, gland, chakra on the positive field sheet compared to G.V. you can balance it to see if it will come up to G.V.  A word of caution, when balancing an organ, gland or chakra, first find out the length of time the organ etc. should be balanced, it usually won’t be very long maybe only a couple of minutes or less, then dowse the question” Is it safe and advisable to balance the subject’s lungs at this time” if “Yes” proceed. If “No” don’t do it. When you balance an organ, gland etc. you put stress on it, and you don’t want to stress it too much.

As mentioned above, everything on the Negative Field sheet should read zero, but most times there will some things that won’t. You can balance these conditions out of your subject, for example if the subject has a high reading of Lead in their body you can balance the lead out of the subject, just set the radionic instrument for Lead ( 80-100) and dowse ” Is it safe and advisable to treat the Lead out of the subject at this time” if “Yes” proceed. If “No” don’t do it. The time period isn’t as critical when balancing out a condition or substance that’s not supposed to be in the body in the first place as when balancing an organ or gland,  but it’s still a good idea to dowse for a balancing time. When balancing a condition or toxic substance out of a subject I frequently turn the radionic instrument on and leave it running all day or night whichever the case may be. Before balancing or treating out a negative condition or substance, make sure everything on the Positive field sheet is up to par or at least the organs of elimination such as the Kidneys, Bladder, Colon, Lungs, Skin, Liver. These organs have to process and eliminate all of the toxins and poisons in the body, so they should be in good working order.

These analysis sheets can be used for humans, pets, and livestock.

Download Analysis Sheets Here: IMG_20160624_0004 and IMG_20160624_0002

There are also Analysis Sheets for many applications  in the book “Radionics Book 2: Applied Radionics” available as a free download HERE

 New Analysis sheet



The Symbolic Radionics Machine

There has been evidence that the schematics of a radionic machine drawn or printed on paper or cardboard will work as well as a real radionics machine with resistors, wires, capacitors, diodes, etc.
In letters written between Dr. Galen T. Hieronymus and John W. Campbell, Editor of Smith & Streets Astounding Science Fiction Magazine and Analog Magazine both published in the 1950’s, Mr. Campbell stated that he had constructed a radionic machine built entirely of paper with the schematics drawn with India ink, and according to Mr. Cambell “The machine worked beautifully and the consistency of performance is excellent”. Mr. Hieronymus wasn’t so optimistic that a symbolic radionic machine would work so well. At any rate, I have included a schematic diagram of a radionic machine, along with instructions on how to make it. I have only experimented very briefly with this type of machine so I cannot vouch for how well it works, some say the operator has much to do with it’s accuracy and effectiveness, as with any radionic machine, the intent of the operator is everything. It is for experimental purposes only.


Download The Symbolic Radionics Machine here :symbolic radionic machine without dial to go pdf

Download the dial here :DIAL FOR SYMBOLIC MACHINE


symbolic radionic machineand dial to go


Print out the symbolic radionics machine and the dial

Have the machine and the knob laminated.

Once laminated glue radionics machine to a sheet of plywood or plexiglass

Glue rubber “feet” under the machine to keep it from slipping.

Make a small hole in dial and machine and fasten dial with a small nut, bolt, and washers. (Leave it loose enough to turn)

Now you are finished.

To Use, Wave a magnet over the surface to clear any residual unwanted energies.

Some people place a quartz crystal over the “battery” to give the machine more power, but it will work without the crystal.

Place a “witness” (photo, hair clipping, blood spot, leaf etc.) on Witness Plate.

Now slowly turn the dial while rubbing the Rub Plate, and concentrating on your intention.

You can also use the dial to give you “YES” or “NO” answers by mentally designating the numbers from 0-500 to mean YES, and the numbers from 500- 1000  to mean NO.

Once you get a “stick”  leave the machine on that setting and the machine will continuously broadcast your intention.