Radionics and the Aura

Radionics is pure vibrational energy medicine. There is a statement that says “Energy precedes matter” which means before you see something in the physical, it will be present in an energy state. Because of this truth, radionics has a very big advantage over conventional medicine. “Modern” mainstream medical procedures and equipment can only detect an illness or condition once it has manifested in the physical body, radionics can detect illnesses and conditions in the energy state before they become physical. This is the huge advantage of radionics, once something has manifested into the physical it usually causes the subject pain, discomfort,  as well as other symptoms, at this stage some conditions can also cause death. It is also much more difficult to eliminate an unfavorable condition in the physical, most can be eliminated especially with radionics , but will take much longer than if it is dealt with while still in the energy stage. In fact, most people don’t even realize they have an illness while it is in the energy stage, they don’t notice it until it becomes physical.


This fact is also true in agriculture, for example a farmer can test certain fertilizer combinations along with certain seeds and soils to see which combination will give him or her the best crops instead of the conventional way , where the farmer tries certain fertilizers,seeds, etc, but doesn’t find out for many weeks later when the crop has grown if he made a good choice or not, by that time it’s usually too late to make many changes and a lot of money has usually been spent, which is why many farmers are using radionics. Whether in agriculture, human or animal health you are measuring the energy fields of the person, plant , seed, animal, fertilizer, etc. because everything in this world is composed of molecules which are composed of atoms which are composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons…which is energy, everything has an energy field around it, which can be measured with a radionic instrument.


In the early years of radionics, most radionic practitioners were only concerned with the physical body, probably because they weren’t aware of the aura, but people such as David Tansley brought the teachings of ancient Eastern religions into radionics.

The aura is divided into five layers or “shells”. The first or lowest layer is the “Physical Body” this is the body we deal with every day. The next layer is the “Etheric Body” the layer closest to the physical body and has to do along with other things the emotions.

Next, we have the “Astral Body”, then the “Mental Body “and the “Casual Body” then the “Spiritual Body” and the “Divine Body”. It is said that as a person develops spiritually they will move up the “Auric ladder”. I won’t go into a lot of detail on these different auric bodies or levels if you want to study this subject, which is quite fascinating books such as those written by David Tansley and 21st. Century Radionics by Nick Franks explains this subject in much detail.

In radionic work, the astral body that you’ll be working the most with is the Etheric body, although if you have the time and the inclination you can delve into each layer.

A couple of the first things you want to find out after finding out the subject’s General Vitality is “Aura Distortion” and “Aura Coordination”. Aura Distortion should read zero on the intensity dial, and Aura coordination should read the same as General Vitality.

Also, check for a hole in the aura. Holes or tears can occur in the aura after a person has become very angry or after a severe accident. If you find an intensity for holes or tears in the aura ( which should be zero) you can “seal” them.

Another very interesting thing you can do with a two-bank radionic instrument is to run an analysis sheet ( an analysis sheet is available in the free downloadable book “Radionic How-To Manual available here. on yourself or your subject, record all the intensities, next run the same analysis sheet again this time with the rate for the Etheric Body on one bank, and the analysis sheet rates on the other bank.  Then compare both sheets. In this way you can discover conditions that the subject may not be aware of in the physical body, but might be present in the etheric body, and as mentioned above energy precedes matter, and it’s much easier to eliminate an unwanted condition while it’s still in the energy stage than it is to eliminate it once it has manifested to the physical stage.   If you find a condition in the Etheric Body, and not in the Physical Body balance it the same way as you would if it was in the Physical Body. The same is true if you find an organ is low in the Etheric Body, balance the same way as if was in the physical. You can also use the above procedure on each astral body if you have the time and inclination, personally I usually only check the physical and then the etheric bodies.

General Vitality   9-49

Physical Body      68-49

Etheric Body        49-57

Astral Body          25-47

Mental                  48-27

Casual                  17.5-58

Aura Distortion  43-28

Aura Coordination 37-22

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