Clarity of Intent in Radionics and Dowsing

Clarity of intent or focus is critical to radionics as well as dowsing. Clarity of intent or focus is having your mind “tuned in” to what you are trying to do, or the question you are asking. If you are confused, stressed out, worried or preoccupied with something else the results you get are going to be just as confused, ambiguous, or totally wrong.


When either dowsing or using a radionic instrument, keep your questions short and to the point, for example if you were having pain in your right foot instead of asking something like “ I have a pain in my right foot, and I don’t know what is causing it, and I want to know what is causing it” That question is too long and not to the point. The question should be stated something like this ” What is the major problem with my right foot“. Of course you would be turning the dials of your radionic instrument until you get a stick while asking this question. Then once you have found the rate for the major problem you could continue and ask ” How many problems are there with my right foot” while turning the intensity dial, if your answer is 2, you could then ask “What is the second problem with my right foot“. You could then continue and ask ” What is the cause of the major problem with my right foot” and so on.

As you can see these questions are direct and to the point. Another very important quality in radionics and dowsing is the ability to focus on one thing at time, for example if you are dowsing to get an answer to a particular question  you want to be able to concentrate and focus on that question as much as possible without a bunch of unrelated thoughts crowding your mind for attention, an example of this would be if you dog wasn’t feeling well, and you dowsed the question using your radionic instrument ” What is the major problem with my dog” While you are doing this you should be focused on the question you are asking, I know this is sometimes difficult, because when you try to concentrate on one thing a bunch of unrelated thoughts come rushing into your mind. In the above example, you could be trying to concentrate on your dog and some random thought such as ” what will I have for dinner” or “I think it’s about time I got my oil changed in my car” which has nothing to do with your dog’s state of health.  It is helpful when it is difficult for you to concentrate on a question to write it on a piece of paper and put that in the witness well along with the witness while dowsing for the answer, don’t forget to remove it before you begin broadcasting, or you could end up broadcasting to yourself, and your dog both.


This is how the human mind works when it is undisciplined, it just keeps jumping around from one thing to another like a monkey in a cage. The downside is that it is difficult to get good consistent answers when using radionics. The upside is that the more you use radionics the more focused your mind will become because in using radionics you are training your mind to focus on one thing at a time.  Another excellent way to learn to concentrate and focus is to learn meditation, meditation will help you not only in radionics but in all areas of your life, it will help you to be calmer and to focus on a thought without having a bunch of thoughts clamoring for attention. I practice meditation daily and can highly recommend it. For those that have no experience with meditation, there is an excellent website that teaches meditation and they do an excellent job, here is the link.


Also here are a couple of free books on meditation available at HERE


Review of Radionic Books and Videos

When I first became interested in radionics, I wanted to learn as much as I could about this fascinating subject, so I read as many books and watched as many videos on radionics that I could get my hands on. Below is a list of the books that I’ve read and the videos that I’ve watched along with a brief description of them and my review.

                          Radionics, Reality and Man  by George L.Kuepper

rad real man

This book covers a wide range of topics about radionics. It is written in everyday language so that it is easy for the beginning radionic student to understand, but it covers many aspects of radionics that it would be of interest to the experienced radionics practitioner. Some of the topics covered are.

  • Supersonics
  • A brief history of radionics
  • The fundamentals of radionics
  • Paradigms and radionics
  • A radionic universe
  • The subtle constitution of nature
  • Learning radionics
  • Basics of analysis
  • Dowsing
  • Rate scanning
  • Radionic broadcasting
  • Potentizing
  • Specific applications
  • Results and expectations
  • Radionics in farming and gardening
  • Accessing radionics

I have no hesitation in recommending this book. It not only explains why and how radionics works, it explains how to most effectively use radionics in a way that is easy to understand. When I was learning radionics ( I’m still learning, radionics is one of those things you can always learn more about) Radioncs, Reality and Man was extremely helpful, in fact, I still refer back to it on occasion. Available here Mid-South radionics

                                  Radionics How-To Manual  By Don Mattioda


This is another excellent book for the student of radionics or the seasoned pro. In Don Mattioda’s many years of working with radionics ( at one time he worked with Galen T. Hieronymus), as well as experimenting on his own,   Don learned a lot of valuable information on radionics  which he put in a book. I have read Don’s book twice and each time found some helpful information that I didn’t notice the first time I read it. This book is pack with excellent information and it’s FREE, you can download HERE.

                                        21st. Century Radionics by Nick Franks

21 rad

This is a very well researched book that probes the depths of radionics. Mr. Franks gives a very detailed account of how radionics works, and the many different applications of radionics. Mr. Franks practices radionics professionally and has done extensive research into the subject.  While this is an excellent book, it may be a bit too technical for the novice radionics student, although even the novice can learn much about radionics from it, and could use it as a reference book. This book is not “How-To” book, as are the two books mentioned above.

                      Radionics in Agriculture by Arden Andersen Ph.D. D.O


This is not just a book, but a set of videos on DVD and a  book. Dr. Andersen video taped on of his radionic teaching seminars and these DVD’s are the end result. This video collection is well worth the money it costs. Although it is called “Radionics in Agriculture it is about much more than using radionics for agricultural purposes. Dr.Andersen shows you how to do radionics, which when learned can be used on yourself, family, pets, houseplants, etc. the list is endless.  Dr. Andersen gives step by step instruction in a wide variety of topics dealing with radionics. He not only tells you how to do things but shows you, and explains how and why things work. The DVD set consists of 11 DVD’s  and a book that explains what is taught in the course, This would be a definite asset to anyone interested in radionics. I have only seen it for sale on one website, which is “Acres U.S.A.” here is the link to that website:


                        Plants, Soils, Earth Energy& Radionics by George L. Kuepper


Here is the second of the two books the George L. Kuepper has written on radionics. It is written in the same easy to understand style as Radionics, Reality and Man, but as the title suggests is much more focused on agriculture. Even if your not involved in agriculture the book can be a valuable addition to the library of anyone who is interested in radionics.  Mr. Kuepper covers such wide and varying topics as Earth Energies, Concepts and Descriptions. Map Dowsing, Making Photographic Witnesses,  Radionic House Cleaning,  as well as many chapters having to do with plants, soils, fertilizers that could be useful to someone with a small backyard garden or a few houseplants.  This is packed with knowledge on radionics. Available here Mid-South Radionics


                                      The Secret Art by Duncan Laurie

secret art

While this is not a step by step instruction book, Duncan Laurie gives extensive coverage to the history of radionics, and the people who played a large part in radionics through the past 100 or so years. Mr. Laurie also writes about modern uses of radionics, as well as computerized radionic instruments. A good book for anyone that wants to know how radionics got its start and how it progressed to where it is today.


                     Vibrations by Virginia MacIvor and Sandra LaForest


This is a really interesting book about a Dr. MacNaughton, who was a very unconventional M.D. Dr. MacNaughton combined the use of radionics in his practice, along with a light therapy system known as Spectro-Chrome. Dr. MacNaughton had many amazing successes by combining these two healing sciences that conventional medicine had turned their backs on. A very interesting read for the radionics student or anyone interested in alternative medicine.


                                   Report on Radionics by Edward W. Russell


A very good summary on radionics. Mr. Russell gets right into the heart of the matter, he not only gives the reader an extensive overview of the history of radionics, but explains in everyday language how radionics works.  Mr. Russell also explains why radionics hasn’t been accepted by mainstream medicine without being too negative. If I was going to give someone who wanted to know what radionics was all about a book on the subject this is the book I would give them. Although not an instructional book, it covers all of the bases.


                                Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber M.D.

vibe med


While this book doesn’t deal exclusively with radionics, it’s a comprehensive guide to the many forms of vibrational medicine including radionics. Very well written, it would be a good book for anyone interested in radionics or any non-conventional medical treatments.


                          My Search For Radionic Truths by R. Murray Denning


Murray Denning suffered from a so-called “incurable” disease for 25 years, at age 45 he was cured by a “Healer”. Mr. Denning became a radionics practitioner himself, which led him to the discovery of a whole spectrum of non-conventional healing. This is his very interesting story.


                            K.R.T. Radionics Book 3-Radionics Rates Alpha

Microsoft Word - Book-3-00-title-pages-2012-10-05-v1.doc

This book is the result of 35 years of study and research. In it, you will find 13,800 rates for two dial Hieronymus type radionic instruments.  This book has rates for just about anything you can think of, and best of all it’s free. You can download it HERE


A Fun Short Course in Beginning Radionics by “Pennsalvania Pete” Radatti


This book is only 22 pages long, but Pete has managed to pack it with a wealth of information aimed especially at the beginning radionics student, and best of all it’s a free download available HERE


                                Radionics: Science or Magic by David V. Tansley


This is a very informative book on radionics. David Tansley gives a comprehensive overview of what radionics is, how it works, how it began and its progress to the present day ( or the present day when he wrote it which was 1982). David Tansley is famous in his writings on radionics for exploring the Aura and Chakras and how they affect the health of an individual.  This is an interesting read for anyone who wants to learn the science behind the science.

                      The Story of Eloptic Energy by Galen T. Hieronymus


This is a book written by the master himself describing what he believed caused radionics to work, it also is an auto-biography of Galen T. Hieronymus’s life, and offers tips for the radionics practitioner.


Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part IX

Part V

Part VI

Part VII


Part X

Part XI

Part XII


                     Eloptic  Medical Directory  by Galen T. Hieronymus

This is the “Bible” of radionics, it contains thousands of rates both two dial and single dial rates listed alphabetically and by rate numbers, it also has suggestions by Galen Hieronymus on the treatment of various illnesses.

1.Table of Contents


Sec. B (Alphabetical List)







Sec. B (Alphabetical List)


                           Cosmiculture Manual by Galen T. Hieronymus




This is another very informative book written by Galen T. Hieronnymus  on the agricultural uses of radionics. It covers a wide range of subjects having to do with agricultural radionics.


                                 KRT Radionics Book 2: Applied Radionics

Microsoft Word - 00-title-pages-2012-02-13.doc

Take control of your energetic destiny with this hands-on manual featuring step-by-step instructions for safe and successful use of all KRT radionic analyzers and potentizers, as well as advanced strategies, techniques and topics.

Much of the information in this book may be directly applicable to other two-dial analyzers, including Hieronymus, Rogers, Mattioda and Lightning devices.

                           KRT Radionics Book 2: Applied Radionics AVailable HERE


This list of books and videos is by no means a list of all the information available on the subject of radionics, it is just a list of books that I have read and videos that I have watched. I will periodically update this list when I have the time and opportunity to read other books and watch other videos.

I hope you enjoy these books and videos, most if not all are available from either: 

KRT Radionics

Acres U.S.A.

Mid-South Radionics


Radionics and the Aura

Radionics is pure vibrational energy medicine. There is a statement that says “Energy precedes matter” which means before you see something in the physical, it will be present in an energy state. Because of this truth, radionics has a very big advantage over conventional medicine. “Modern” mainstream medical procedures and equipment can only detect an illness or condition once it has manifested in the physical body, radionics can detect illnesses and conditions in the energy state before they become physical. This is the huge advantage of radionics, once something has manifested into the physical it usually causes the subject pain, discomfort,  as well as other symptoms, at this stage some conditions can also cause death. It is also much more difficult to eliminate an unfavorable condition in the physical, most can be eliminated especially with radionics , but will take much longer than if it is dealt with while still in the energy stage. In fact, most people don’t even realize they have an illness while it is in the energy stage, they don’t notice it until it becomes physical.


This fact is also true in agriculture, for example a farmer can test certain fertilizer combinations along with certain seeds and soils to see which combination will give him or her the best crops instead of the conventional way , where the farmer tries certain fertilizers,seeds, etc, but doesn’t find out for many weeks later when the crop has grown if he made a good choice or not, by that time it’s usually too late to make many changes and a lot of money has usually been spent, which is why many farmers are using radionics. Whether in agriculture, human or animal health you are measuring the energy fields of the person, plant , seed, animal, fertilizer, etc. because everything in this world is composed of molecules which are composed of atoms which are composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons…which is energy, everything has an energy field around it, which can be measured with a radionic instrument.


In the early years of radionics, most radionic practitioners were only concerned with the physical body, probably because they weren’t aware of the aura, but people such as David Tansley brought the teachings of ancient Eastern religions into radionics.

The aura is divided into five layers or “shells”. The first or lowest layer is the “Physical Body” this is the body we deal with every day. The next layer is the “Etheric Body” the layer closest to the physical body and has to do along with other things the emotions.

Next, we have the “Astral Body”, then the “Mental Body “and the “Casual Body” then the “Spiritual Body” and the “Divine Body”. It is said that as a person develops spiritually they will move up the “Auric ladder”. I won’t go into a lot of detail on these different auric bodies or levels if you want to study this subject, which is quite fascinating books such as those written by David Tansley and 21st. Century Radionics by Nick Franks explains this subject in much detail.

In radionic work, the astral body that you’ll be working the most with is the Etheric body, although if you have the time and the inclination you can delve into each layer.

A couple of the first things you want to find out after finding out the subject’s General Vitality is “Aura Distortion” and “Aura Coordination”. Aura Distortion should read zero on the intensity dial, and Aura coordination should read the same as General Vitality.

Also, check for a hole in the aura. Holes or tears can occur in the aura after a person has become very angry or after a severe accident. If you find an intensity for holes or tears in the aura ( which should be zero) you can “seal” them.

Another very interesting thing you can do with a two-bank radionic instrument is to run an analysis sheet ( an analysis sheet is available in the free downloadable book “Radionic How-To Manual available here. on yourself or your subject, record all the intensities, next run the same analysis sheet again this time with the rate for the Etheric Body on one bank, and the analysis sheet rates on the other bank.  Then compare both sheets. In this way you can discover conditions that the subject may not be aware of in the physical body, but might be present in the etheric body, and as mentioned above energy precedes matter, and it’s much easier to eliminate an unwanted condition while it’s still in the energy stage than it is to eliminate it once it has manifested to the physical stage.   If you find a condition in the Etheric Body, and not in the Physical Body balance it the same way as you would if it was in the Physical Body. The same is true if you find an organ is low in the Etheric Body, balance the same way as if was in the physical. You can also use the above procedure on each astral body if you have the time and inclination, personally I usually only check the physical and then the etheric bodies.

General Vitality   9-49

Physical Body      68-49

Etheric Body        49-57

Astral Body          25-47

Mental                  48-27

Casual                  17.5-58

Aura Distortion  43-28

Aura Coordination 37-22

Reagents in Radionics

A reagent is a substance of some type, that when added to the well of a radionic instrument, along with the witness of the subject will help lower a condition, which is a negative manifestation or raise the intensity of something positive.


For example, if you checked the G.V. or General Vitality (9-49) of your houseplant and found that it was at 600 intensity. You could raise the G.V. of your houseplant, by adding something in the well of your instrument along with the witness of your house-plant ( piece of a leaf, photo, etc.) What could you add as a reagent, well just about anything, but not everything will raise the G.V. of the plant, some things will severely lower it, which would be detrimental to the plant.

Some of the things that should raise the G.V of the plant would be Agricultural Lime, Calcium ( plain chalk is calcium) something like “Miracle-Gro”, Molasses, compost, and many other things. If it raises the G.V of the Plant then it’s good for the plant. Broadcast the reagents that raise G.V to the plant by setting one bank on your instrument to 0-100, dowse for a broadcast time, flick the switch of the instrument on and broadcast the reagent or reagents to the plant for the specified time. At the end of the broadcast time, check the G.V of the plant again, it should be significantly higher now than it was initially. If you do this every day, ( be sure to check for appropriateness first) in a week or two you should start to notice that you plant is looking healthier, fresher, more alive.

The same procedure mentioned above for plants works on any subject, human, animal, anything, of course, the reagents that raise the G.V of the plant may or may not raise the G.V of a human, or vice-versa.

Reagents can also be used to help get rid of negative conditions . For example, if a person has a cold, you might use a vitamin pill as a reagent or pure bee’s honey. But whatever you use to make sure that it raises the persons General Vitality, and at the same time lowers the Intensity of the condition, in this case, a cold.  If you checked the person with the cold, and their G.V was 550, and the intensity of the cold (38-21) was 325. Then you checked again after putting the reagent in the well, and the person’s G.V. went up to 725, but the intensity of the cold dropped to 200, then you would know that reagent would be a good one to use. But if the reagent lowered the intensity of the cold, but also lowered the G.V. of the subject than it would not be good to use.

The thing with reagents is that almost anything can be used for a reagent as long as it’s not toxic. You can even go out to the woods and collect different varieties of plants and flowers ( many plants and flowers have medicinal properties). Always test the reagent to make sure it raises the subjects General Vitality and lowers the intensity of the condition. Find out if it’s appropriate to broadcast the reagent to the subject and then dowse for the length to time. You may have to broadcast a reagent to a subject more than once to see a significant improvement.

Keep you reagents capped in test tubes ( Pyrex or Kimex are the best) in a test tube rack.


Some Common Reagents

  • Alfalfa Tablets
  • AquaMarine
  • Asprin
  • Aureomycin
  • Epson Salts
  • Black Walnut Leaves
  • Black Walnut Hulls
  • Calcium and Magnesium
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Quartz Crystal
  • Dolomite Lime
  • Dehydrated Egg Yolk
  • Garlic
  • Gemstones
  • Ginseng
  • Herbs
  • Iron
  • Kelp
  • Lemon Juice
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Penicillin
  • Volcanic Ash
  • Yeast
  • Honey
  • Molasses

Many other things can be used as a reagent. Some people use religious items, holy water, different colors, essential oils, The H’Oponopono, music, different frequencies, actually in the Kelly Rate Book many of the rates also include frequencies that you can broadcast through certain radionic instruments. etc. The list is endless, as long as the reagent raises the General Vitality of what you want to rise, and or lowers the General Vitality of something negative that you don’t want, Then it is a reagent. There are some things that are neutral that neither raise or lower General Vitality, they are of no use in radionics.