The Cause Behind The Cause

One of the most important skills in radionics is finding “the cause behind the cause  “, or in other words getting to the “bottom line” of what is the cause of a problem. If you or your subject were suffering from reoccurring headaches, for example, you could find a rate for a headache in a rate book such as the Kelly Rate Book available free HERE, balance out the headache, and in a short time hopefully  the headache will be gone, but unless you find the “cause behind the cause”,  the headaches will more than likely keep returning, especially if the subject has been suffering from chronic headache problems. The same holds true for any condition. Finding “the cause behind the cause” has been compared to “peeling an onion”


The first step is to identify the Major Condition in the subject. To use an example, we’ll say that your subject is having digestion problems. So you decide to first check the stomach. Look up the rate for the stomach in the rate directory, the rate for the stomach is 77-84.

Put 77-84 on the top bank of your radionic instrument ( this is best done with a two-bank radionic instrument, I suppose you could also do it with a single bank instrument by writing the rate 77-84 on a piece of paper and putting it in the well with a witness of your subject, then mentally dowsing for answers to what the problems with the stomach are.) As I was saying put the rate for the stomach  (77-84) on the top bank  Check the intensity of the rate for the stomach next to General Vitality (9-49), if there is a problem within the stomach it probably won’t have an intensity reading as high as G.V., it might be a lot lower. If the intensity is as high as G.V. that’s an indication that the problem could be in another part of the digestive system, check other parts of the digestive system using the above procedure. In this case, we’ll say the General Vitality of the stomach was 650 compared to 800 for G.V, so the stomach is strongly suspected of being the source of the problem.

Put the rate for the stomach ( 77-84) on bank 1.  Now you’ll have to do a bit of cold scanning. Mentally ask ” What is the number 1, major problem with the subject’s stomach” while slowly turning the left-hand dial on bank 2, then slowly turning the right-hand dial on bank 2, until you get a “stick”  for each, then stop, write the numbers down. Now check the intensity you got for the rate you just scanned. You may get more than one rate, go with the one with the highest intensity for now. You can use the intensity dial to dowse for “How many problems are there with the subject’s stomach” you can also use the same procedure to find out how many causes there are.

We will say you got a rate of 40-32, which is inflammation of the stomach. Leave that rate on bank 2, zero the dials on bank 1 ,next you would mentally ask “What is the major cause behind this problem” while slowly turning the dials on bank 1, suppose you got a rate of 92-85 which is ulcers, leave that rate on bank 1 , and use bank 2 to dowse the question” What is the cause behind the cause on bank  1″, say you get 24.5-32 which is excess acidity.

You can now dowse using the intensity dial for a yes/no answer while asking the question” Are there any more causes behind the rate on the bank?  If yescontinue using the above procedure until you have found all of the causes. If the answer was no, you have two choices, you can balance the condition in the subject using the rates you have found, your list could be as short as a couple of rates, or more than a dozen. If you want to be really thorough, and you have the time ( although it’s not really necessary) you can put each rate that you found on one bank of your radionic instrument one at a time, and dowse the question ” What is this causing”. As an example, the rate that you got of 24.5-32 excess acidity could be causing other problems in the body.

list for cause behind cause

Whenever you get a  rate you can dowse using the intensity dial of your instrument or a pendulum these questions.

  • Does this rate correspond to a living organism? YES/NOFirst cause
  • Does this rate correspond to a condition? Such as hypo/hyper tonicity? Degregation? Acidity?/Alkalinity? High/Low temperature? Electrical pollution?
  • Does this rate correspond to a chemical toxin? Agricultural? Food Additive? Atmospheric? Environmental?
  • Does this number correspond to a heavy metal? A food allergy?

The great thing about radionics is that you can really find the cause behind the cause behind the cause, behind the cause etc. depending on how extensive you want to be, and how much time you have. When cold-scanning you don’t need a name for the rate that you’ve found, it’s nice to put a name to the rate, but it’s not necessary.




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