Getting a “stick”on a radionic machine

Some people when beginning to use radionic equipment equipped with a “stick” plate, have a problem getting a reaction or stick. Other people get a reaction right from the start, others ( a small percentage) can never seem to get a stick or any reaction.

First of all, I will explain what a stick is. When using a radionic instrument you have to ask a lot of questions mentally, for example, “What is the rate for the subject’s major problem” or ” Is it appropriate to broadcast this rate to the subject” or any questions that you may need to have answers to. The only way to determine what the answers are by some type of reaction, in this case getting a stick on the stick plate. Some radionic practitioners use a pendulum instead of a stick plate, some radionic instruments do not have a stick plate and are meant to be used with a pendulum. The small percentage of people who never can learn to use a stick plate can sometimes use to use a pendulum instead.

A “stick” is like the stick plate has suddenly become”sticky” when you have the answer, and your hand “sticks” to the stick or reaction plate, another way to describe a stick is like your hand is made of metal and the stick plate becomes magnetized when you have the answer to your question.

Getting a stick when using a radionics instrument is similar to finding water underground using dowsing rods or a forked stick. What you are doing is communicating with the Universal Sub-Conscious mind, there is nothing weird or spooky about this, it isn’t witchcraft of occult. Everyone has contacted Universal mind at one time or another. You think of a person, and within a few minutes the person calls you, or you get an intuition to take a different road than you usually take, and find out later that the road was blocked at that time because of an accident, or maybe you get a “hunch” to buy a lottery ticket, and you win money. You didn’t know these things intellectually, but you tapped into the Universal mind which has the answers to every question. This is how you get answers when using a radionic instrument.


The “stick” plate is the black square item in the above photo of this Kelly Personel Instrument

When you are using a radionic instruments stick plate, rub the plate in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion, which ever way is most comfortable,  with your finger tips touching the stick plate. Just don’t rub the stick side to side because it is much more difficult to get a stick, because you stop twice, so it’s much more difficult to recognize a stick.

If you are having a bit of difficulty getting a stick try rubbing your hand together. Some people with sweaty hands put a bit of cornstarch on their finger tips. Some people find if they pass a quartz crystal across their hands they will be able to get a stick easier. If you have difficulty in getting a stick the first few times using a radionics instrument..PRACTICE…PRACTICE…PRACTICE. If you only spend 10 or 15 minutes a day practicing you will “get it”.

Another “tip”, once you are able to get a stick and you are asking a question mentally or you are scanning for an intensity of a rate, when you get the stick write the answer down and move on, don’t go back and ask the same question again, and again because you think that the first time or second time you got the “wrong answer”. You want to train the mind to quickly zero in on the correct answer. Another bonus of using radionics is that the more you use radionics the better your mind will be able to focus, not just for radionics, but in every area of life.

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