The History of Radionics , and Radionics Today

Since it’s beginning approximately 100 years ago, the road that radionics has had to travel has often times been a rough one, but thankfully it has had people like Dr. Albert Abrams, Ruth Drown, The De La Warrs, Galen T. Hieronymus, as well as others to help it along the way, many times at a very high personal cost.

Conventional Newtonian science, as well as a medical system based on a belief that the human being is nothing more than a mechanistic physical being composed of cells and chemical reactions have not to this day, accepted radionics as being a legitimate healing science, even though there are countless cases of people being “cured” by the use of radionics, many times when conventional medicine said there was “no cure”.

Radionics is one branch of Energy Medicine that uses the “energy field”  or aura that surrounds everything in the universe, as well as the “sea” of energy that everything exists in (sometimes called prana, infinite intelligence, ether, etc.) to analyze and manipulate or alter these energies in the case of an energy imbalance, or blockage such as a  disease condition.

Conventional science doesn’t believe what they can’t measure or explain, so if they can’t measure or explain something they say it doesn’t exist, or they call it a “hoax” or “quackery”.  Add to this the pharmaceutical companies who use agencies such as the F.D.A or the A.M.A. to try to squash anything that has the potential of cutting into their billions of dollars a year profits, which is why radionics has had such a difficult time.

We are now into the twenty-first century. Radionics is still alive and well, although used in the United States mostly for agriculture, radionics is used in England and in some other parts of the world as an alternative to allopathic medicine.

I believe the future of radionics will be much better than the past. As science slowly begins to realize that maybe there is more to the universe than what their “Newtonian” teachings have led them to believe. People in general,  are becoming more and more dissatisfied with conventional medicine and some of their harsh chemical treatments with the associated side-effects,  As well people are becoming more knowledgeable as to what else is available to them thanks in no small part to the internet. I believe gradually radionics as well as other forms of non-conventional methods of dealing with health issues will make it into the mainstream. The vested interests can only hide the truth from the people for so long, but the truth cannot be destroyed.



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