The History of Radionics, Don Mattioda

Don Mattioda was very passionate about radionics, and devoted many years of his life to studying and experimenting with radionics and using it to help others.




Don built and sold commercially the famous  “Mattioda Briefcase Radionic Instrument” in the 1980’s and 1990’s. These items were very practical, as they contained a two-bank radionics instrument plus a potentizer, neutralizing button, jacks for plugging in an external antenna and an external ground were provided, best of all you could close the cover on the instrument and carry it around like an everyday businessman’s briefcase. Unfortunately, these instruments are no longer available new, but every once in a while a used one is for sale on sites such as eBay.

Don also wrote a book titled the Radionics How-To Manual, which in my opinion is one of the best books that I’ve read for people wanting to learn about  radionics , even the advanced rafdionic practitioner will be able to find pearls of wisdom in Don’s book. Don’s clear to the point style of writing makes this book easy to follow for someone new to radionics. Don covers a wide range of subjects in the book . The book Radionics How To Manual can be downloaded free of charge at the KRT website at this link

I was never fortunate enough to have met Don in person but did speak to him on the phone a few months before he died. I remember he was still very enthusiastic and excited about radionics and was working on a new radionic project at the time.

Don Mattioda, an exceptional human being who devoted much to radionics.

Don’s Briefcase Instrument
This is the same instrument as above closed and Don’s Radionics How To Manual

You can read more about Don at this link

Click to access krr-8-4-mattioda.pdf





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