The History of Radionics, Galen T. Hieronymus

Galen T. Hieronymus was an electrical engineer, he was also a genius who designed his own radionic instruments which he added his own improvements to.  He was the only person to be awarded U.S. patent for a radionics instrument for “The Detection and Emanantions From Materials And Measurments Of The Volumes Thereof” . One of Galen T. Hieronymus greatest accomplishments, in my opinion, was he was not only able to keep radionics alive but to advance it in a time and place that was very hostile to alternative healing methods, especially radionics which was the United States in the mid-twentieth century. After the conviction of Ruth Drown, Galen T. Hieronymus had his work cut out for him.

Galen T. Hieronymus

Galen T. Hieronymus was born on November 21st. 1895. He served with the U.S. Army in World War 1 as a radio operator, he then worked as an engineer for the Kansas City Power and Light Co.  Galen had an interest in subtle energy and electronics which led him to radionics.

An interesting experiment that Hieronymus conducted in the 1930’s was when he proved that the energy from sunlight could be conducted on electrical wires. He had some plants in his basement that he kept totally in the dark, to one of the plants he attached wires that were attached to a metal plate which he placed outdoors in the sunlight. The plant attached to the outdoor plate grew tall green and healthy, the other plants were sickly, lacked color and growth even though the both plants received the same amount of water and were planted in the same soil.

Galen got into the business of fixing and building radionic instruments for doctors. In the late 1930’s Galen acquired a number of “Pathoclast” instruments from J.W. Wigglesworth, which he repaired and assembled.  Galen’s wife Louise developed “heart trouble”, she read the instructions on how to operate one of the Pathoclasts that Galen was working on and “cured” her heart problems, she went on to become a very good radionics operator.

The Patholast

Galen started a company called the Advanced Sciences R&D Corporation Inc. in the 1970’s where he designed and manufactured radionic instruments that he sold commercially. He also put together a book that consisted of thousands of rates which he titled The Eloptic Directory and another book titled The Story of Eloptic Energy, and The Cosmiculture Manual, about radionics as it pertains to agriculture.  Some of Galen’s books along with other books on radionics can be downloaded from the KRT Technologies website at this link

image001 black box
One of Galen T. Hieronymus Radionic Instruments
Hieronymus Plant Experiment


diagram of Hieronymus patent

Most radionic instruments built-in the United States today are of the Hieronymus design. He replaced the resistors that were connected to the tuning dials with capacitors, which he believed was much more accurate.  Galen T. Hieronymus passed away in 1988 in his nineties. I believe one reason Mr. Hieronymus was able to avoid prosecution by the F.D.A. ( Food and Drug Administration) who were on a “witch hunt” and prosecuted people like Ruth Drown, Royal Ramond Rife, Willhelm Reich at about the same time Galen T. Hieronymus became well-known for his radionic pursuits was that he used his knowledge of radionics to solve problems for big business . In one example 3M was having problems with a tape they were making, it just wouldn’t “stick”. Hieronymus was able to analyze the tape using radionics and found that there were trace elements of solvent that were mixed in with the adhesive on the tape, which kept it from sticking. This information solved the problem for 3M. I also remember reading at one time the F.D.A. sent an inspector to observe Mr. Hieronymus in his laboratory for a week, at the end of the week Hieronymus had the F.D.A. inspector converted into a believer of radionics.  Galen T. Hieronymus also was an ardent proponent of the use of radionics in agriculture, he wrote The Cosmiculture Manual to explain radionic use in agriculture.  He knew radionics could be a big help to farmers, especially after he used his radionic instrument to kill corn worms. He selected three ears of corn, that the corn worms were busily eating. He isolated the ears of corn so that there was no way for the worms to escape, he then broadcast to the worms for three days with his radionic instrument. After three days all but one was mush, after another day of broadcasting, that one was mush also.  In another very interesting experiment that Galen performed, he used his radionic instrument to track the Apollo 11 astronauts on their flight to the moon. The astronauts were tracked before and after lift-off and periodically on their way to the moon. When the spacecraft went behind the moon all conventional communication with was lost, no one on Earth knew how the astronauts were doing , even if they were still alive or not…except for Galen T. Hieronymus and the few people gathered around him, they knew the astronauts were alive and although their vitality readings decreased due to what Hieronymus detected as a “Lethal Radiation Belt On The Moon “the fact that they were still alive was  confirmed to the world by conventional means when the spacecraft re-emerged from behind the moon. Galen T. Hieronymus was a man who contributed so much to radionics.



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  1. Was Galen’s wife Louise a autodidact in radionics? This is interesting. I see that most people in radionics was “laymen” and good autodidacts.


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