The History Of Radionics Dr. Albert Abrams

Radionics was “discovered” in the early twentieth century by Dr. Albert Abrams, who is considered today as “the father of radionics”, but there is evidence that the Babylonians practiced a form of radionics in the thirteenth century. The picture below is the radionic machine that they used, looks like some sort of radionic machine.


Albert Abrams was born in San Fransisco in 1863. Abrams was a genius and received his medical diploma from the University of Heidelberg in Germany graduating with high honors.  Abrams studied physics under Hermann Von Helmholtz. Abrams returned to San Francisco to set up his medical practice.

At that time, before the invention of modern medical diagnostic equipment doctors used to use percussing  to find out what was wrong with a patient. Percussing was done by tapping different parts of the patient’s body while listening for differences in the sound or tone of the tapping.

While Abrams was percussing the stomach of a cancer patient, he noticed a strange-sounding “thud” in a certain location in the patient’s stomach, he also noticed the same response in the same area in other cancer patients. He then found similar sounding thuds in patients suffering from other diseases, but in other locations on the patient’s stomach. A problem developed when Abrams discovered the same “thud” in the same location for both cancer and syphilis.

As a solution to the problem,  he built a box with a variable resistance dial. When this box was used in an electrical circuit with patients suffering from various illness and diseases, Abrams  found that each disease or illness had its own frequency or resistance, for example when he tested for cancer he got a resistance reading of 50, but he got a resistance of 55 for a patient suffering from syphilis, and so on for all diseases.  Abrams discovered something else that was amazing if a healthy person held a vial with a cancer specimen in it up to their forehead, Abrahms heard the same dull sounding “thud” in the same location on the stomach as an actual patient with cancer.

Dr. Abrams invented the Oscilloclast,  which was the first radionic instrument ( not counting the one invented by the Babylonians ). Dr. Abrams also discovered that a single drop of blood from a patient would reveal as much information about the patient as if the patient was present in Dr. Abrams clinic, even though the patient could be in another city or another country and many times was.

The medical establishment at the time and would not accept what Abrams was doing as “possible”, they turned their backs on him and branded him a “quack”. Dr. Albert Abrams died in 1926.

Dr. Abrams was a man well ahead of his time. Today almost a hundred years since  Dr. Abrams death, he is still not given the credit and recognition that he rightfully deserves. In some circles, he is still called a “quack” and a “charlatan”. These same people say Dr. Abrams radionic machine was just a “scam” a “get rich quick scheme”, which is a lie. Dr. Abrams was a multi millionaire for most of his life, because of a very large inheritance, he didn’t  need money. The radionic work that he did, he did without any pay, he was well able to support himself and his work. When Dr. Abrams died he left enough money in his will to build a “Radionic Hospital”, that money went missing mysteriously after his death, and the hospital was never built.

                                                    Dr. Abrams Oscilloclast



                                                             Dr. Albert Abrams


11 thoughts on “The History Of Radionics Dr. Albert Abrams

  1. It is shameful we allow the authorities to behave in such a way and even today they are doing exactly as they want, making decisions for us which affect our lives negatively.

    In the early 1900’s there were many clinics which used monitored fasting to effect cures for serious diseases. Now it has to be poisonous drugs which are probably no better than the fasting cures were and they are a lot more expensive.


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