Radionic and Pendulum Dowsing

Tpendulum_sketchhere are various reasons why someone interested in radionics would want to learn to use a pendulum. Some radionics instruments especially those used in Europe, don’t have a stick pad and are made to be used with a pendulum. Some people even though they have a radionics instrument with a stick pad, may experience difficulty getting a “stick”, and may be able to use a pendulum with out any problem.  Others just prefer using a pendulum.

Some people will try to convince you that you need a pendulum made of a special kind of wood, or a special rare crystal, or an expensive metal. This is not true,  while it may be nice to own a fancy pendulum, all you really need is a piece of string with a nut tied on the end of it.

People have used pendulums for a variety of reasons other than radionics. They have used pendulums to find underground water or minerals such as gold and silver. Noxious earth vortices and Ley lines. Pendulum dowsing has been used with maps to find lost and missing persons.

Once you have your pendulum you will have to “train” it.  You can do this by mentally “asking it” which direction means “No”, it will begin to swing in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation or in a back and forth motion, remember this motion means NO.  Now ask it which direction means “Yes”, it will swing differently than it did for “No”. You can test it by asking it a question that you know should get you a yes answer. For example ” Is my name John Smith” if your name is John Smith, you should get a yes reaction. If you asked is my name Billy Brown, you should get a no reaction if your name isn’t Billy Brown.

In radionics,  most of your questions will require either a “Yes” or “No” response such as,

  • Is this a suitable witness for the subject.
  • Is it appropriate for me to broadcast these rates/ reagents to the subject?
  • Is the subjects a headache caused by a food allergy? An environmental condition? A virus? etc.
  • Will radionic treatment alleviate this problem?

You can also use your pendulum to find out intensities, and rates.

For example, if you are using a Hieronymus type instrument and you want to find the General Vitality (9-49) of a subject, you would put 09 on the Right-Hand dial and 49 on the Left Hand Dial, then you would turn the intensity dial slowly as you mentally ask the question ” What is the peak intensity of this rate in the subject” when you got a reaction from your pendulum that would be the intensity. You can do this for any rate.

If a subject has a sore throat you could put the rate for ” throat” on the Right-Hand Dial (Remember Left Hand Dial is Condition, Right-hand dial is Location)  which is -37, and scan the Left hand Dial for the condition, when you get a reaction from your pendulum STOP and write the number down, it may be 60- which would be Strep in the Throat.

As you can see a pendulum can be a useful tool in a variety of situations, but remember it’s only a tool the answers are coming from your mind connecting with the Infinite power of the Universe.


Here is an interesting and informative instruction book on dowsing that you can download


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