Radionic Procedures

It is important to develop good radionic work habits right from the start, they will make your work easier and much more productive.  Here are the things that I do.

Marcel Vogel

  • Ideally,  you should be in the right frame of mind when operating a radionic instrument. If you are tired, angry, worried, tense it can and probably will affect the outcome of your work. I find breathing exercises will help me relax. Breath in for a count of 6, hold your breath for a count of 6, and exhale for a count of 6, do this 3 or 4 times.
  • Wash your hands with mild soap and water, and fully dry.
  • It is a good idea to clean your radionic instrument each time you prepare to use it.  Clean the well out with distilled water and a kleenex or a soft cloth ( the kind made to clean eyeglasses are excellent. Never put any kind of cleaning chemical in the well, or on any part of your instrument. You can clean the stick plate with a mild liquid soap such as Ivory, you only need one drop, rinse with plain water.
  • Get everything together that you’ll need such as analysis sheets, reagents, witnesses, a pen or pencil, Kleenex, clothes pin to pick up photo, rate books etc.
  • If you are working in a cool room it’s a good idea to have a small gooseneck desk lamp that you can turn on a let the heat from the bulb warm up your stick plate. Most people get better sticks with a warm stick plate than a cold one. There was a radionic instrument made years ago that had a small light bulb under the stick plate that you could turn on to warm the plate, it was a good idea.
  • If your instrument has a  neutralizing button or switch,   it’s a good idea to neutralize your instrument of any stray energies from the last time it was used. flick the switch on for about 20 seconds.  If it doesn’t have a neutralizing switch you can use a magnet to do the same thing. pass the magnet all around the instrument and stick plate, also in the well.  Make sure you don’t have any reagents, potentizations or witnesses handy to the magnet or they will be neutralized too.
  • Place your witness in the well, using care not to touch the witness yourself, don’t even get your fingers on the test tubes the witnesses are in unless of course, it’s a witness to you, then it doesn’t matter. It’s a good idea to have test tubes to put your witnesses in. You can store photos in envelopes, I find the glassine envelopes good to use.
  • Make sure your radionic instrument is located in an area away from electromagnetic radiation such as electric motors, computers, refrigerators, TV, etc. Also, try to pick a time of day when you won’t be disturbed by other people in the house, phones ringing, people knocking at the door. radionic is all about intent and concentration, the better you can focus on what you’re trying to do the better the results.
  • Now that you have everything set up and your witness in the well, you are ready to start to work. Set the dial on one of your instruments banks to 100-0 which is the rate you should use when asking a question. Dowse asking the question mentally ” Is this an appropriate witness for the subject”. You can use the intensity knob on your instrument as a dowsing tool, mentally assign the numbers from 0-500 to mean “YES” and the numbers 500-1000 to mean “NO”. Think of the question while rubbing the stick plate while slowly turning the intensity dial, where you get a stick is your answer.  If your instrument doesn’t have a stick plate a pendulum will work just as well. Also,  dowse for “appropriateness” (Set dial on one one bank of instrument to 100-0, this is the rate for appropriateness) before you begin an analysis or treatment, the same as you did with the witness, if you get a “NO” for appropriateness, I would advise you not to proceed, of course, its your instrument you can do what you want, but if you get a NO there usually is a very  good reason for it.
  • When starting out using a radionic instrument it’s a good idea to practice on analysis sheets to get a “feel” for using the instrument.
  • Using a radionic instrument is like learning anything new if you’ve ever learned to skate, play a musical instrument, ride a bike, etc. you were probably unsure of yourself when you first started, but the more you practiced the better and more confident you became, radionics is like that.


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