Radionic Machines

                                  A Mattioda Brief Case Instrument  

(This is a Left-Handed model as stick plate is on the Left.)

mattioda instrument (2)If you are going to be a Radionics practitioner you are going to need a good machine ( I prefer the word instrument, so that’s the word I’ll be using). Over the past hundred or so years since radionics has been discovered many types of radionics instruments have been invented.  To simplify things,  I will divide radionic instruments into three categories.

One type of instrument, the type I’m most familiar with, is the Hieronymus type instrument, there are also the ‘English” instruments such as the DeLawarr instruments, (Copen Instruments) and then the electronic instruments such as the SE-5.

The Hieronymus type instruments are based on a design by Galen T. Hieronymus, one of the fathers of radionics, they usually have one bank consisting of two dials, or two banks consisting of two dials each. The Hieronymus instruments have a “rub plate” or “stick plate” on which you rub your hand while turning a dial until you get a reaction or your hand seems to “stick” to the plate. The “English” instruments usually do not have a “stick plate”, but instead,  use a pendulum to get a reaction, also the English instruments have many more dials than the Hieronymus instruments, normally nine or more, but that doesn’t make them better, just different. The Se-5 instruments are totally  electronic but still have a stick plate, in the SE-5 you type the rates in using the keyboard instead of turning dials. The Mattioda briefcase style instruments are also very good, but since they are no longer manufactured, the only place you’ll find one is used in such places as eBay or Kijiji.  They all have a well or place to put the “witness”  (which is a specimen of whatever it is you’re analyzing). Some instruments have a potentizing well, which is used to make potentization, which comes in very handy because instead of tying up your instrument balancing a subject, you can give them a potentization.  To use a Hieronymus type instrument for example, say your subject has a cold, you put the witness ( photograph, nail clippings, blood spot, hair, saliva, etc.)  for the subject in the well, next you set the dial on your instrument for cold which is (03-100) 03-on the left-hand dial and -100 on the right-hand dial ( 100 is the whole body), next you would turn the intensity dial while rubbing the stick plate, when you get a stick that is the intensity of the cold in the subject, you could balance on that rate if you wanted to.   The rates are not interchangeable from English to Hieronymus instruments, for  example, the Hieronymus rate for the Lymphatic system is (02.50-17.00) and the rate for the Lymphatic system on the English instruments is (5327), but apparently you can use both types of rates in the SE-5, and KRT Radionics have done an excellent job of converting the DeLawarr rates over to Hieronymus type rates. A book of thousands of rates can be downloaded free from the KRT website by clicking on this link

I can’t say which system is “better”, they all get results.  In radionics,  there is a saying that goes ” it’s not the machine, but the operator that gets the results” which is true, that having been said I would suggest that if you are  going to study radionics seriously to get yourself a good quality instrument, and avoid the “home-made” instruments available on places such as eBay, not that these won’t work, they probably do, but an instrument such as the Kelly, Rogers, Copen and the Se-5 have been proven to work and  are part of  systems with rate books that contain thousands of rates for everything imaginable, and I believe your results will be more consistent.  You may even find a good used instrument like the types mentioned above on places such as eBay for less money than a new one.

Here are some links to where you can purchase good quality radionic instruments, I am not affiliated with these companies in any way.


Rogers Radionic Instrument


Copen Instrument


Kelly Instrument







11 thoughts on “Radionic Machines

  1. Hi, Thanks for your info. I have two of the Mattioda instruments and in the process of learning their operation. Any other info on them would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi Dennis, sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but I’ve been busy and haven’t been spending anytime on my blog site.

      Your question was on how to use the Mattioda radionic machines. Basically you put the witness in the witness well, use teh dials on the top and/or bottom banks for your rates. The intensity dial gives you the intensity of what you are analysing.
      They have a built in neaultrilizer button, you hold down the neautrilizer button while the machine is on for about 20 seconds to neautrilize the machine. The potency part of the machine is for making potencies, which are like homeopathic remidies, which I describe in my blog

      If you really want to learn how to use your machines, Acres USA sells an excellent radionics video course by Dr. Arden Andersen, in which he uses the Mattioda radionic instruments and explains in much detail how to use them. Here Is a link.


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  3. I am needing a power source for a Mattioda instrument. Have you any clue what voltage should be used. Thanks in advance.


    1. I have a Mattioda instrument also. I bought mine used and it didn’t have a power cord with it. I used a 9-volt power adapter ( the type that you can get at any store that sells electronics) Just make sure the plug on the adapter will fit your instrument.


  4. Hello, I was looking for a machine that has provision for Base 10, Base 44 and Base 336. Can you suggest some. Been trying to identify but not able to find any so far. Thank you.


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