Potentizing With A Radionics Machine

When you make a potenization using a radionic machine or instrument you are transferring an energy pattern from a rate or substance into a substrate, usually water which can be used in place of radionic broadcasting or can be used in place of the actual substance.

For example, if you were having a problem with insomnia, you could find the rate for insomnia which is 53-91 and potentize that rate into a test tube of water, then take a few drops of the potentization before bed instead of broadcasting the rate to yourself using the radionic machine. One example where potentizations can be valuable is in the treatment of animals, you can put the potentization into their drinking water instead of trying to get them to take a pill or medicine, which can sometimes be difficult.

Potentization is very similar to Homeopathy discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. In Homeopathy a substance usually a plant is diluted in water over and over again and violently shaken a process called succussion so that not one molecule of the original substance remains in the homeopathic remedy only the energy pattern of the substance is left. In many cases the more diluted the homeopathic remedy the more potent it is, which is completely opposite to what conventional medicine believes, but they work in the physical realm, not the energetic realm.

The thing that makes radionic potentization superior to homeopathic remedies is with radionics you can make a potentization for a particular person, plant or animal.

There are a few rules that should be followed when potentizing.

  • Never potentize a biologically active system, for example, people, animals, living plants.
  • Most non-living substances can be potentized.
  • To “hold” and energy pattern in water, place a couple drops of brandy in the water before making the potentization.
  • Make sure that everything that is being used for the potentization is clean. Any contaminants, fingerprints, etc will be transferred to the potentization.
  • The best containers to use for making a potentization are Pyrex or Kimax glassware.
  • When taking a potentization, place the specified amount of drops under the tongue.
  • You can use other substrates to potentize into besides water such as vitamin tablets, lactose tablets, pet food, gems and crystals, many substrates can even be potentized with their own energy to increase their energy, farmers have used this technique for seeds and fertilizer.
  • The substrate being used should be checked for contaminants prior to using it for the potentization using the rates (49.25-49.25) and (48.75-48.75) which are the rates for chemical and metal poisons respectively. If it is found that these readings exceed 50 on the intensity dial, the poisons should be balanced out of the substrate. If they cannot be balanced out do not use the substrate.
  • Some radionic potentizers have a switch that gives you a choice of potentizing “out of phase” or “in phase”. If you are potentizing “out of phase” you are taking energy out of something or creating an “energetic opposite”, and if you are potentizing “in phase” you are putting energy into something or creating an “energetic copy”. Always dowse to find out if you should use “in phase” or “out of phase” for a particular potentization.
  • Use distilled water for making potentizations.


Some radionic instruments have a potentizer “built-in” others have one that is separate and can be attached with wires, and as mentioned above some have the capability to potentize “in phase or “out of phase”. Some of the basic radionic instruments have no potentizer at all, but these can still be used for making Base Level Potencies as described below.

Base Level Potencies can be made with all radionic instruments that have a “stick plate”, but are especially suited to instruments that do not have a potentizer. When you make a Base Level Potency you are taking the energy from a substrate and putting that energy back into the substrate to make the substrate more potent, some farmers use this method to enhance the potency of seeds for example before planting them.

mattioda instrument

To make a Base Level Potency

  • Complete preparatory procedures
  • Place the substrate ( in this case I’ll use seeds as an example) in a test tube in the instruments well. Check the General Vitality of the substrate (9-49)
  • Place a test tube of distilled water on the stick plate
  • Set the dials on the rate bank to 0-100
  • Turn the instrument on for approximately 20 seconds (or you can dowse for a time), it usually won’t be any more than a few seconds or minutes.
  • You have now transferred the energy from the seeds to the water, now what you’ll want to do is transfer the energy back to the seeds from the water, making the seeds more potent.
  • Take the seeds out of the well, put the distilled water in the well and put the seeds on the stick plate. Turn the instrument on for about 20 seconds, then turn it off.
  • You have now increased the energy of the seeds. Check the General Vitality again (9-49) it should be higher than the first time. You can repeat this process again, and again to really increase the energy of the seeds. Dowse for how many times the process should be repeated for maximum results. I have experimented using this process with bean seeds planted in flower pots. The seeds in one pot were energized the seeds in the other pot were not energized, everything thing else was the same, same soil, same watering, the same amount of sunlight. At the end of about five weeks, the energized seeds grew to about four times the height of the unenergized seeds.

To make a regular homeopathic potency

  • Complete preparatory procedures.
  • Put the subjects witness (photo, blood spot, hair clipping, etc.) in the well of the instrument.
  • Check for appropriateness. Put the dials on one of the banks at 100-0, while turning the intensity knob and asking “is this appropriate” 0-500 is yes 500-1000 is no. You can also check to see if the witness you have is an appropriate one for the subject. Use the same procedure as above for checking appropriateness, while asking “is this a suitable witness for the subject”.
  • Check the General Vitality of the subject (9-49) Write down the number.
  • Now put the rate that you want to make the potentization for on one bank. If you are putting more than one rate into the potentization, put that on the other bank if you have one. You usually can potentize 5 or 6 rates or substrates into one potentization, but it’s best to dowse while asking”how many potentizations can I put into this liquid, vitamin, etc.
  • Now put a test tube of distilled water to which a couple drops of brandy has been added into the potentization well.
  • If your potentizer is equipped with a in-phase and out of phase selector switch, dowse to find out if the potentization should be made in phase or out of phase. Mentally ask “should this potentization be made in phase” 0-500 is yes, 500-1000 is no. Now ask “should this potentiation be made out of phase.” 0-500 means yes, 500- 1000, means no.
  • You now have your witness in the well, your test tube of water and brandy in the potentizer well, the rate or rates you want to potentize into the water on the banks of the instrument. While slowly turning the knob on the potentizer and rubbing the stick plate mentally ask “What is the ideal rate of potentization, correlated to this individual for this potentization”. Stop when you get a stick.
  • Now find the potentizing time using the instruments intensity dial and rubbing plate. ( Dowse asking  “Should the potenization time be in seconds?” If the answer was NO , dowse the same question but this time ask “How many minutes should I potentize this rate into this liquid for this subject”) You can mentally change the intensity dial to measure anything you want in this case we are measuring seconds and minutes. When doing potentizations rarely do you need to potentize for more than a few seconds or a minute or two at a time.
  • Take the photo out of the well. Turn instrument on,  potentize for the required time, turn the instrument off.
  • Put the photo back into the radionic instruments well. Check to see if there is another potentization rate you can use with the dial on the potentizer, also, check for potentizing time as described above.
  • Take the photo out of the well, turn the radionic instrument and potentizer back on for the required time.
  • Now you have your potentization. When the potentization is put into the radionic instrument well along with the subjects witness it should raise the subjects General Vitality. If the potentization was made to treat a specific condition such as depression for example. If the rate for depression is put on the instruments bank (60-29) the intensity of depression in the subject should drop when the potentization is put in the well with the subjects witness. If the intensity of the condition does not drop or goes up or the subjects General Vitality doesn’t go up but goes down, don’t use the potentization. There is something that you did wrong, start over.
  • If the potentization is good, now it’s time to determine the dosage. Do This By mentally asking “How many drops of this potentization should the subject take per dose” While at the same time turning the intensity dial and rubbing the stick plate, stop when you get a stick. ( The intensity dial now mentally reads from 1 to 10). Say you got a stick at 3, that means you take 3 drops per dose. Now using the above procedure dowse for “how many doses per day” Say you got 2. Now ask  “for how many days” Say the answer is 5. That means that you take 3 drops per dose, 2 times a day for 5 days.
  • At the end of 5 days check the intensity of the condition as well as the General vitality again, the condition’s intensity ( in this case depression) should be lower and the subjects G.V. higher.

This is basically how radionic potentization works. I used the above example of using a potency to get rid of a negative condition such as depression, but potentizing can also be used for adding positive energy to a subject. For example adding Plant Light Force (43-43.50 ) To a plant.

Wikipedia’s definition of Samuel Hahnemann Homeopathy:

Following up the pioneering work of the Viennese physician Anton von Störck, Hahnemann tested substances for the effects they produced on a healthy individual, presupposing (as von Störck had claimed) that they may heal the same ills that they caused. His researches led him to agree with von Störck that the toxic effects of ingested substances are often broadly parallel to certain disease states,[15] and his exploration of historical cases of poisoning in the medical literature further implied a more generalised medicinal “law of similars”.[16] He later devised methods of diluting the drugs he was testing in order to mitigate their toxic effects. He claimed that these dilutions, when prepared according to his technique of “potentization” using dilution and succussion (vigorous shaking), were still effective in alleviating the same symptoms in the sick. His more systematic experiments with dose reduction really commenced around 1800-01 when, on the basis of his “law of similars,” he had begun using Ipecacuanha for the treatment of coughs and Belladonna for scarlet fever.

How Does Radionics Work ?

I chose to title this blog in the form of a question “How Does Radionics Work” because most people would ask that question once they find out what is possible with radionics. I will try to answer that question to the best of my ability. Someone once said that”you don’t really understand something until you can explain it to someone else so they understand it”, so here it goes.

The first truth that you have to understand if you want to understand how radionics works is: “Everything is energy”.   It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about animal, vegetable or mineral, everything has an energy field around it, also called an Aura. Most people cannot see this energy field, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, in fact, it is the most powerful energy in the universe. Semyon ,Davidovich ,Kirlian  invented a way to photograph the aura. Because everything has this energy field, we live in a “sea of energy”. This energy has been called different names by different people through the years, such as ether, life force, subtle energy, prana, the spirit that moves through all things, Chi, as well as many other names. An analogy of this energy field is a wire with electricity passing through it, a magnetic field is created around the wire, this magnetic field can be detected and measured with special electrical meters. Another analogy is radio waves of frequencies. I don’t care where in the world you may be, the air is filled with radio waves of many frequencies or vibrations, you can’t see them, but if you had a radio, you could tune into them and listen to the music being played or whatever is being talked about, if you didn’t like what was on one station you could tune into another frequency or radio station.


The Auras


Kirlian photograph showing the aura or energy field around the hand

What someone who is able to  use a radionic instrument can do  is “tune in” to the frequencies or vibrations emanating from whatever the radionic practitioner wants to analyze ( in radionics these frequencies are called rates), and by doing this determine many things such as the health of a person or animal, the right type of fertilizer for a certain kind of ground and or seed, if there are any detrimental energies in a house, the location of a missing person or object and many other things, but not only can the radionic practitioner “tune in” to these subtle energies, but in the case of something that’s undesirable such as a disease alter the energies emanating from the disease, send the energy back to the disease, and eliminate the disease.

Conventional science has a problem with radionics because in their “Newtonian mechanistic and materialistic” view of the universe there is no way that radionics could work, and if they can’t explain how something works, or it’s “too far” outside their “pigeon holed” idea of the universe, they say it doesn’t work. But the important thing is that radionics works and works miraculously well at times despite the view points of “modern science”, although science is slowly starting to realize in quantum physics that maybe there is more to the universe than what we thought.

Everything is made up of molecules which are made up of atoms, which are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons, which is energy. Not only that but these subatomic particles vibrate at a different rates or frequencies of vibration.


The Atom


In using a radionics instrument to analyze your cat for example. You could use analysis sheet, which has a different rate for each organ in the cat’s body, as well as a rate for most common illnesses or conditions, and a rate for the cat’s General Vitality, which is sort of the sum or average of the cat’s health. A healthy cat would have a higher General Vitality than a sick cat. A healthy organ would have a higher intensity than one that is not healthy. Each disease also has its own rate. Getting back to the cat, if you found for example that you got an intensity reading for Congestion ( all negative conditions such as congestion should read zero intensity) You would then go on to find out where in the cat’s body the congestion exists, we’ll say you found out the congestion is in the cat’s colon that would probably mean your cat is constipated. While you were analyzing the cat, you were checking the emanations of energy from all the cat’s systems, in this case, you found congestion in the colon. Congestion is a condition and the colon is a location each having its own vibration,  frequency or rate.

To balance this condition out of the cat in the above paragraph, you would put the rate for congestion of the colon on your radionic machine and balance the condition out of the cat. When you begin broadcasting this rate to your cat by turning your radionic instrument on or not ( a radionic instrument will broadcast whether or not there is electricity going to it, the electricity just amplifies what you are broadcasting, making balancing times shorter) you are sending energy of the condition back to the condition, in this case, congestion, in the form of scalar waves  but “out of phase” which cancels out the energy radiating from the condition, and the condition is eliminated.


Top wave is the energy from the illness. Bottom wave is the same energy being broadcast back to itself out of phase canceling the energy of the illness.



I should explain a couple of terms I used in the above paragraph. Which are “out of phase” and “scalar waves”. Most radionic instruments are built to broadcast “out of phase” which means they automatically take the energy from a disease or condition and send it back to the disease rotated at  180 degrees in the form of a scalar wave, which cancels out the disease or condition. The famous opera singer of the early twentieth century Enrico Caruso was able to demonstrate this with a wine glass. He would tap a wine glass and hear the sound ( which is a vibration or form of energy) coming from it, he would then raise the pitch of his voice until he “sang” the same note as was produced by the wine glass. The vibration or energy being sent back to the wine glass by Caruso’s voice would cause the glass to shatter.

Another question that gets asked a lot is how do radionic witnesses work. Again because we live in an energetic universe the witness is linked to the subject or “owner” energetically.  For example, all the information about a tree can be obtained from one leaf of the tree by radionics. Distance,  of the witness to the subject, makes no difference. It works similar to a hologram, where a small piece of a hologram contains all of the information of the hologram.

Energy precedes matter. Before something is discernible with our five physical senses it already exists as a form of energy. One major application of this to radionics is that a disease condition will show up in a subject’s energy field or aura before it shows up in the physical body, and can be detected and eliminated at the energetic stage before it becomes physical, it can still be eliminated at the physical stage but it then takes more time and energy to get rid of it.

The History of Radionics , and Radionics Today

Since it’s beginning approximately 100 years ago, the road that radionics has had to travel has often times been a rough one, but thankfully it has had people like Dr. Albert Abrams, Ruth Drown, The De La Warrs, Galen T. Hieronymus, as well as others to help it along the way, many times at a very high personal cost.

Conventional Newtonian science, as well as a medical system based on a belief that the human being is nothing more than a mechanistic physical being composed of cells and chemical reactions have not to this day, accepted radionics as being a legitimate healing science, even though there are countless cases of people being “cured” by the use of radionics, many times when conventional medicine said there was “no cure”.

Radionics is one branch of Energy Medicine that uses the “energy field”  or aura that surrounds everything in the universe, as well as the “sea” of energy that everything exists in (sometimes called prana, infinite intelligence, ether, etc.) to analyze and manipulate or alter these energies in the case of an energy imbalance, or blockage such as a  disease condition.

Conventional science doesn’t believe what they can’t measure or explain, so if they can’t measure or explain something they say it doesn’t exist, or they call it a “hoax” or “quackery”.  Add to this the pharmaceutical companies who use agencies such as the F.D.A or the A.M.A. to try to squash anything that has the potential of cutting into their billions of dollars a year profits, which is why radionics has had such a difficult time.

We are now into the twenty-first century. Radionics is still alive and well, although used in the United States mostly for agriculture, radionics is used in England and in some other parts of the world as an alternative to allopathic medicine.

I believe the future of radionics will be much better than the past. As science slowly begins to realize that maybe there is more to the universe than what their “Newtonian” teachings have led them to believe. People in general,  are becoming more and more dissatisfied with conventional medicine and some of their harsh chemical treatments with the associated side-effects,  As well people are becoming more knowledgeable as to what else is available to them thanks in no small part to the internet. I believe gradually radionics as well as other forms of non-conventional methods of dealing with health issues will make it into the mainstream. The vested interests can only hide the truth from the people for so long, but the truth cannot be destroyed.



The History of Radionics , Peter J. Kelly

Peter J. Kelly was a man who made a very significant contribution to the field of radionics. He designed and built a high-quality radionics instrument based on the Hieronymus design, but with improvements.  This device came to be known as the “Kelly Instrument” which became very popular among radionic enthusiasts.

Peter collaborated with the “greats” of radionics such as Galen T. Hieronymus, Tom Bearden,  Robert Beck. Peter formed a company in 1984 called Interdimensional Sciences, Inc. then in 1985 the name of the company changed to  Dimensional Sciences, Inc. where Peter built and sold his radionic instruments.

Today the company is run by Peter’s son Ed Kelly under the name of Kelly Research Technologies, Inc. where radionic instruments based on Peter Kelly’s design can still be purchased. They also have an abundance of literature on radionics, some which are free, such as the KRT Radionics Book 3: Radionic Rates – Alpha which contains 13,800 rates.  They also accessories for radionic work. Peter passed away in 2004, but his legacy lives on.

I have personally purchased radionic instruments from Ed, and also attended one of his radionics classes. I can say that Ed is one of the most knowledgeable people I know on the subject of radionics. Also if you’re in the market for a radionics instrument, you won’t find any better than the instruments Ed sells. I own two of his instruments and one tuning bank. Actually, Kelly Research Technolgies is one of the few places in North America where you can purchase a new radionic instrument. Ed even has a used instrument on occasion that he will sell at a bargain. They also publish a newsletter on radionics, and have radionic seminars and workshops.  Heres a link to the KRT website


Kelly Personal Instrument

The History of Radionics, Don Mattioda

Don Mattioda was very passionate about radionics, and devoted many years of his life to studying and experimenting with radionics and using it to help others.




Don built and sold commercially the famous  “Mattioda Briefcase Radionic Instrument” in the 1980’s and 1990’s. These items were very practical, as they contained a two-bank radionics instrument plus a potentizer, neutralizing button, jacks for plugging in an external antenna and an external ground were provided, best of all you could close the cover on the instrument and carry it around like an everyday businessman’s briefcase. Unfortunately, these instruments are no longer available new, but every once in a while a used one is for sale on sites such as eBay.

Don also wrote a book titled the Radionics How-To Manual, which in my opinion is one of the best books that I’ve read for people wanting to learn about  radionics , even the advanced rafdionic practitioner will be able to find pearls of wisdom in Don’s book. Don’s clear to the point style of writing makes this book easy to follow for someone new to radionics. Don covers a wide range of subjects in the book . The book Radionics How To Manual can be downloaded free of charge at the KRT website at this link

I was never fortunate enough to have met Don in person but did speak to him on the phone a few months before he died. I remember he was still very enthusiastic and excited about radionics and was working on a new radionic project at the time.

Don Mattioda, an exceptional human being who devoted much to radionics.


Don’s Briefcase Instrument
This is the same instrument as above closed and Don’s Radionics How To Manual

You can read more about Don at this link

Click to access krr-8-4-mattioda.pdf





The History of Radionics, UKACO

UKACO was a company that started up in the late 1940’s and continued into the 1950’s.  It was formed by three men Curtis P. Upton, William J. Kunth, and Howard Armstrong. What was unique about UAKCO was they killed insects that were destroying farmer’s crops, not by spraying the crops with a ton of pesticide. They killed the insects using radionics, and did so with far more success and for a lot less money than  when the farmers sprayed  their fields.

The three men, Upton , Kunth, and Armstrong traveled rural areas of the United States telling farmers that they could get rid of various kinds of insect pests that were eating their crops better than the farmers could do with their chemical sprays.  Understandably the farmers were skeptical, but UKACO offered the farmers a contract that stated: “no control, no pay”. The farmers had nothing to lose if they weren’t satisfied with UKACO’s results they wouldn’t pay.

The farmers must have gotten really skeptical when they saw the UKACO boys in action. They would take a photograph of the farmer’s field, then they would “paint” a small amount of insecticide onto the photo, they would then place the photo in a radionic instrument made by Galen T. Hieronymus then turn the instrument on and broadcast to the field in the photo.

But the amazing thing was they got results, better results than anyone got spraying their crops with insecticide. In one experiment an ariel photo was taken of a corn field and one corner of the photo was cut off. The field had a heavy infestation of Japanese Beetles. They broadcast to the field with their radionics machine as described above. After the broadcasts, 80 to 90 per cent of the beetles had died or left the field. In the corner of the field that was cut off in the photo, the beetle infestation was still 100 per cent.

The success of UKACO didn’t make the guys at the chemical companies very happy. The chemical companies got together with the USDA ( United States Department of Agriculture) with the intention of putting UKACO out of business. They (the USDA and the chemical companies) launched a publicity campaign against UKACO to discredit them in the eyes of farmers. The campaign against UKACO by the USDA and the chemical companies was very persistent, and successful.  UKACO was forced to close its doors because of the lack of customers.

This wasn’t an isolated incident in the history of radionics. Many times when it was proven radionics was much more successful and much cheaper than using conventional methods such as spraying chemicals. The big boys at the chemical companies would get their pals in government to either discredit or take legal action against the radionic practitioner. Another similar story about using radionics to control insects eating trees in the forest can be read HERE.

The History of Radionics, Galen T. Hieronymus

Galen T. Hieronymus was an electrical engineer, he was also a genius who designed his own radionic instruments which he added his own improvements to.  He was the only person to be awarded U.S. patent for a radionics instrument for “The Detection and Emanantions From Materials And Measurments Of The Volumes Thereof” . One of Galen T. Hieronymus greatest accomplishments, in my opinion, was he was not only able to keep radionics alive but to advance it in a time and place that was very hostile to alternative healing methods, especially radionics which was the United States in the mid-twentieth century. After the conviction of Ruth Drown, Galen T. Hieronymus had his work cut out for him.

Galen T. Hieronymus

Galen T. Hieronymus was born on November 21st. 1895. He served with the U.S. Army in World War 1 as a radio operator, he then worked as an engineer for the Kansas City Power and Light Co.  Galen had an interest in subtle energy and electronics which led him to radionics.

An interesting experiment that Hieronymus conducted in the 1930’s was when he proved that the energy from sunlight could be conducted on electrical wires. He had some plants in his basement that he kept totally in the dark, to one of the plants he attached wires that were attached to a metal plate which he placed outdoors in the sunlight. The plant attached to the outdoor plate grew tall green and healthy, the other plants were sickly, lacked color and growth even though the both plants received the same amount of water and were planted in the same soil.

Galen got into the business of fixing and building radionic instruments for doctors. In the late 1930’s Galen acquired a number of “Pathoclast” instruments from J.W. Wigglesworth, which he repaired and assembled.  Galen’s wife Louise developed “heart trouble”, she read the instructions on how to operate one of the Pathoclasts that Galen was working on and “cured” her heart problems, she went on to become a very good radionics operator.

The Patholast

Galen started a company called the Advanced Sciences R&D Corporation Inc. in the 1970’s where he designed and manufactured radionic instruments that he sold commercially. He also put together a book that consisted of thousands of rates which he titled The Eloptic Directory and another book titled The Story of Eloptic Energy, and The Cosmiculture Manual, about radionics as it pertains to agriculture.  Some of Galen’s books along with other books on radionics can be downloaded from the KRT Technologies website at this link  http://www.kellyresearchtech.com/books.html

image001 black box
One of Galen T. Hieronymus Radionic Instruments
Hieronymus Plant Experiment


diagram of Hieronymus patent

Most radionic instruments built-in the United States today are of the Hieronymus design. He replaced the resistors that were connected to the tuning dials with capacitors, which he believed was much more accurate.  Galen T. Hieronymus passed away in 1988 in his nineties. I believe one reason Mr. Hieronymus was able to avoid prosecution by the F.D.A. ( Food and Drug Administration) who were on a “witch hunt” and prosecuted people like Ruth Drown, Royal Ramond Rife, Willhelm Reich at about the same time Galen T. Hieronymus became well-known for his radionic pursuits was that he used his knowledge of radionics to solve problems for big business . In one example 3M was having problems with a tape they were making, it just wouldn’t “stick”. Hieronymus was able to analyze the tape using radionics and found that there were trace elements of solvent that were mixed in with the adhesive on the tape, which kept it from sticking. This information solved the problem for 3M. I also remember reading at one time the F.D.A. sent an inspector to observe Mr. Hieronymus in his laboratory for a week, at the end of the week Hieronymus had the F.D.A. inspector converted into a believer of radionics.  Galen T. Hieronymus also was an ardent proponent of the use of radionics in agriculture, he wrote The Cosmiculture Manual to explain radionic use in agriculture.  He knew radionics could be a big help to farmers, especially after he used his radionic instrument to kill corn worms. He selected three ears of corn, that the corn worms were busily eating. He isolated the ears of corn so that there was no way for the worms to escape, he then broadcast to the worms for three days with his radionic instrument. After three days all but one was mush, after another day of broadcasting, that one was mush also.  In another very interesting experiment that Galen performed, he used his radionic instrument to track the Apollo 11 astronauts on their flight to the moon. The astronauts were tracked before and after lift-off and periodically on their way to the moon. When the spacecraft went behind the moon all conventional communication with was lost, no one on Earth knew how the astronauts were doing , even if they were still alive or not…except for Galen T. Hieronymus and the few people gathered around him, they knew the astronauts were alive and although their vitality readings decreased due to what Hieronymus detected as a “Lethal Radiation Belt On The Moon “the fact that they were still alive was  confirmed to the world by conventional means when the spacecraft re-emerged from behind the moon. Galen T. Hieronymus was a man who contributed so much to radionics.



The History of Radionics, The British Connection

After the attempt by the vested interests to snuff out radionics in America, with the imprisonment of Ruth Drown on trumped up fraud charges by the F.D.A. radionics had a re-birth in England.

The radionic trailblazer in Britain was Dr. Guyon Richards. Dr. Richards was a respected doctor and surgeon in England having served in India and in World War 1.

Dr. Richards wrote and published a book titled The Chain of Life in 1934.  He also made some modifications to Dr. Abrams  Oscilloclast such as using colored lights within the circuit of the instrument. He carried out extensive experiments in radionics such as enclosing himself and his equipment inside a Faraday cage while examining a subject, he felt this gave him more accuracy.


This book is still available on eBay and Amazon at times




At about the time of the Second World War, another British couple were about to make their mark in the world of radionics, this was George and Marjorie De La Warr.

George De La Warr was an engineer in England before the war. Since almost all radionic instruments at the time of World War 2 were manufactured in the United States, it was very difficult for anyone interested in radionics in England to obtain an instrument.  George De La Warr obtained permission from Ruth Drown in the U.S. to copy her instrument. George made some modifications to the Drown instrument and devised his own set of rates which he published. His book contained over 8000 rates. The book was titled “Book of Rates and Detail Sheets”.

The De La Warrs established De La Warr Laboratories, where they worked for a number of years. The De La Warrs developed a radionic camera in which they obtained a French Patent, although it worked in a similar way as the Drown camera, but it was designed differently.

The De La Warrs made many experiments in radionics in general and with the “De La Warr Radionic Camera” in particular. A few notable experiments with the camera was when they produced a picture of a three-month-old fetus from the blood sample of a pregnant woman, and the lady was over 50 miles away at the time. Another is when they took a picture of a patient’s brain from a blood sample, which showed a tumor. An autopsy after the patient’s death showed a tumor in the exact place on the brain as what was in the picture.  George De La Warr took a photograph using a drop of his blood and a drop of his wife’s Marjorie blood in 1950 while holding the thought in his mind of “our wedding day 1929” the photo showed two human-like figures standing side by side, although not clearly identifiable as George and Marjorie.

As was the case with Ruth Drown in the States, George De La Warr faced a legal battle in 1969. Apparently, a woman bought a radionic instrument from De La Warr in the 1950’s, she claimed the “radionic box” didn’t work as it was claimed to work and that she was defrauded. fortunately, the case was “thrown out of court” but the cost of the legal proceedings almost bankrupted the De La Warrs. George De La Warr died nine years later, a sad ending to a brilliant career and an amazing man.

George and Marjorie De La Warr

delawarr marjorie

De La Warr Radionic Instrument


Four other British gentlemen that made a large contribution to radionics are Malcolm Rae, David Tansley, Darrell Butcher and Dr. Bruce Copen.

Both Rae and Butcher designed their own versions of radionic instruments, different in many ways to the radionic instruments of Drown, Abrams, or De La Warr.

Malcolm Rae


Butcher Radionic Instrument

David Tansley was a great writer who wrote and published many books on radionics. Tansley took radionics into the metaphysical, spiritual, esoteric realm. Up until the time Tansley published his books, radionics dealt mostly with the physical body, as does traditional medicine and not so much with the spiritual realm of the human body, such as the Chakras or the Aura. Tansley with his extensive knowledge of Eastern Religions and Spiritualism wrote about the subtle anatomy, the chakras, the aura, explaining the illness first shows up in the energy bodies before it shows up in the physical body.

One of David Tansley’s Many Books
david tansley
David Tansley

Dr. Bruce Copen developed a line of high-quality radionic instruments and  instructional material which is available through Copen Labratories.

Dr, Bruce Copen
One of Dr. Copen’s Instruments

Today radionics is an accepted form of alternative medicine in Britain, with schools where you can study radionics and obtain a diploma.  It is said that the Queen of England employs experts in the radionics to maintain her health and well-being, although I have no proof of this. The radionic pioneers mentioned above were responsible for the giant strides radionics has made in Britain. If I have omitted anyone, I do apologize.


The History of Radionics , Ruth Drown

Ruth Drown was an American Chiropractor who studied under  Dr. Albert Abrams. Ruth Drown was a true radionics pioneer who advanced radionics significantly at the cost of her own demise.

She is credited with coining the term “radionics”. Dr. Drown also invented the “stick plate or rub plate”, she covered a flat piece of metal with a rubber material and it became part of her radionic instruments, as well as most American made radionic instruments since then.  Ruth Drown’s radionic instruments used no electricity for either analysis or balancing, although she used a small electric light bulb installed under the stick plate to warm it, as it’s easier to get a reaction or “stick” when using a warm stick plate as opposed to a cold one. She referred to her radionic system as the Homo-Vibra-Ray

Dr. Drown’s also merged radionics with photography and created what she called the Radio-Vision camera. By using a blood spot as a witness in place of an actual person, she was able to take medically accurate photographs, showing not only internal organs but also the disease affecting them.

Dr. Drown made some amazing discoveries in the field of radionics, but perhaps her most famous discovery was that patients could be diagnosed and conditions balanced at a distance using only a spot of the patient’s blood as a witness, no matter where the patient was in the world. radionic practitioners still use witnesses to analyze and balance subjects at a distance.

By the year 1951, Dr. Drown was the most well-known radionics researcher/practitioner/inventor in the United States, which made her a prime target for the F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration). They (the F.D.A.) wanted Dr. Drown out of the picture, they also wanted to make an example out of her to discourage anyone else with any ideas about radionics.

Dr. Drown was charged by the F.D.A. with fraud in 1951 on a technicality.  So-called “expert witnesses” testified that  Dr. Drown’s devices had nothing to do with “radio”. despite testimonies from numerous patients of Dr. Drowns on the effectiveness of her radionic work, she was convicted of “fraud” and “medical quackery” all of her radionic equipment was seized and destroyed and she was sentenced to time in prison, which she served. By the time she was released from prison she was ill and died a short time later in 1966.

This is another tragic example of a “witch-hunt” by the “establishment” who “crucified” a genius, a humanitarian, an inventor who was Ruth Drown. After Ruth Drown’s conviction, the use of radionics on humans had become illegal in the United States and is to this day. The only “legal” use for radionics in the U.S.A. is in agriculture or use on animals.

This is a sad story of a woman who was well ahead of her time, and who was severely persecuted by the “vested interests” at not only her expense but of the expense of the general public. Ruth drowns story reminds me of a biblical quotation: Mat_7:6 ” Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

Dr. Drown’s    Homo-Vibra-Ray                                          Dr. Ruth Drown                                                               

DrownRVconsole                                     RuthDrownportrait


The History Of Radionics Dr. Albert Abrams

Radionics was “discovered” in the early twentieth century by Dr. Albert Abrams, who is considered today as “the father of radionics”, but there is evidence that the Babylonians practiced a form of radionics in the thirteenth century. The picture below is the radionic machine that they used, looks like some sort of radionic machine.


Albert Abrams was born in San Fransisco in 1863. Abrams was a genius and received his medical diploma from the University of Heidelberg in Germany graduating with high honors.  Abrams studied physics under Hermann Von Helmholtz. Abrams returned to San Francisco to set up his medical practice.

At that time, before the invention of modern medical diagnostic equipment doctors used to use percussing  to find out what was wrong with a patient. Percussing was done by tapping different parts of the patient’s body while listening for differences in the sound or tone of the tapping.

While Abrams was percussing the stomach of a cancer patient, he noticed a strange-sounding “thud” in a certain location in the patient’s stomach, he also noticed the same response in the same area in other cancer patients. He then found similar sounding thuds in patients suffering from other diseases, but in other locations on the patient’s stomach. A problem developed when Abrams discovered the same “thud” in the same location for both cancer and syphilis.

As a solution to the problem,  he built a box with a variable resistance dial. When this box was used in an electrical circuit with patients suffering from various illness and diseases, Abrams  found that each disease or illness had its own frequency or resistance, for example when he tested for cancer he got a resistance reading of 50, but he got a resistance of 55 for a patient suffering from syphilis, and so on for all diseases.  Abrams discovered something else that was amazing if a healthy person held a vial with a cancer specimen in it up to their forehead, Abrahms heard the same dull sounding “thud” in the same location on the stomach as an actual patient with cancer.

Dr. Abrams invented the Oscilloclast,  which was the first radionic instrument ( not counting the one invented by the Babylonians ). Dr. Abrams also discovered that a single drop of blood from a patient would reveal as much information about the patient as if the patient was present in Dr. Abrams clinic, even though the patient could be in another city or another country and many times was.

The medical establishment at the time and would not accept what Abrams was doing as “possible”, they turned their backs on him and branded him a “quack”. Dr. Albert Abrams died in 1926.

Dr. Abrams was a man well ahead of his time. Today almost a hundred years since  Dr. Abrams death, he is still not given the credit and recognition that he rightfully deserves. In some circles, he is still called a “quack” and a “charlatan”. These same people say Dr. Abrams radionic machine was just a “scam” a “get rich quick scheme”, which is a lie. Dr. Abrams was a multi millionaire for most of his life, because of a very large inheritance, he didn’t  need money. The radionic work that he did, he did without any pay, he was well able to support himself and his work. When Dr. Abrams died he left enough money in his will to build a “Radionic Hospital”, that money went missing mysteriously after his death, and the hospital was never built.

                                                    Dr. Abrams Oscilloclast



                                                             Dr. Albert Abrams