Radionics as Fiction-True Confessions of a Secret Radionicist

Here is an excellent article written by Geoffrey Neill

What if radionics was fiction, and Ruth Drown a novelist? Would we be able to say in conversation about radionics, “Read ‘Drown Radio Therapy’ by Ruth Drown,” – where today with the mention of time travel we can say, “Read ‘The Time Machine’ by H.G. Wells,” – and expect that everyone will nod knowingly? Would that make things any easier?

Recently I was in the final stages of constructing a new radionics device when visitors arrived. I couldn’t deny anything; it was on full display and I had a hot soldering iron in my hand. On the table before me was a box with two copper plates, a few wires, circuit board with amplifiers, capacitors and resistors – and a large crystal wound with wire. Naturally almost every person alive in the civilised world today knows that wirewound quartz crystals generally don’t belong in an electronic device. Something distinctly esoteric was going on, I could see the concern reflected in their eyes.

Then there was the awful question: “What [expletive] are you making?!” How do you brush off something like that in 60 seconds or less? I attempted a quick summary of radionics in general, the instrument itself and its inspiration. I was only partly successful. It actually took me about 10 minutes. Fortunately the visitors were polite, if bemused. I was grateful that they didn’t respond with outright hilarity or even scorn, although to be honest I didn’t expect any such reaction, for my friends see me (one may only assume) as an otherwise reasonably sensible person.

I was forced to admit, however, that I’m a creator of machines that don’t work – at least according to the laws of physics.

And I like it that way. I’m fascinated by mystery. I muse on unknowable things. If someone were to present me with chapter and verse on exactly how and why something works (or doesn’t, or won’t) that’s not necessarily what I’m seeking. That’s simply deflating. It’s not so much a certainty that I enthusiastically pursue, but the excitement of exploring the boundaries of possibilities. The sense of wonder is an end in itself. Wonder is to allow yourself to fall into the infinity of chaos, that “place” which gives birth to everything.

Order and certainty is limited by definition. When surety is abandoned, chaos and infinite potential are revealed as the background of existence. Creation takes birth there. The behaviour of the goddess Erin reveals that truth, instead of being found in order, is to be found in chaos. Shiva, Mahadeva, the great untamed deity, is the primary source; once everything is destroyed, pure consciousness is the soil for the seed of creation, order and insight. Entropy is the ground of life.

You can see where I’m going with this: This is the mud where lotuses bloom; this is the dimension where radionics works.

Life encountering chaos and confusion goes counter to universal entropy, forming knowledge and order out of unknowable constituents, thoughts, imagination. This is the basis of Myth (capital “M,” thank you Joseph Campbell) revealed in such stories as the Creation in Genesis. We imagine, we express our intention, thus we create. Imagination is the first creation of chaos.

In “Conversations with God” Neale Donald Walsch pointed out that God reveals himself in every way, even through our imagination. Albert Einstein observed that imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited by its own boundaries. Knowledge is bound by certainty. Einstein pointed out that imagination is boundless, spread out through the universe.

Dogma is blinded by its own light. A little bit of truth has the danger of becoming viewed as the whole reality. Galileo, Newton, Goethe and innumerable others would not be remembered today if they had stuck to consensus opinion. They stretched the bounds of credibility, often at the expense of their own lives. And no, they weren’t all rational sceptics. Isaac Newton for example, now considered the father of modern science, was an alchemist and a “natural philosopher.” He believed in “woo,” a favourite term of otherwise apparently sane, rational people today. Tesla (name stolen by an elite car manufacturer) was intensely curious about many things that would make any respectable scientist today nervous about his reputation.

I’m in no way going to imply that radionics is at the frontier of a cutting edge, cold blooded science. Unless, that is, we should include the esoteric arts of magic and energy healing in the departments of exoteric science. Radionics exists at the blurry fringe of our imagination. I believe it is more of an artwork on the canvas of consciousness. Radionics is what poetry is to journalism, what jazz is to mathematics. It measures the otherwise unmeasurable quality of life itself, its ephemeral conditions and possibilities. It offers a framework for introspection and intention. It reveals patterns in Nature rather than submitting to formulae and conventions. It dares to ask the question, “What if?”

Radionics is a direct tool of consciousness. Consciousness is unknowable, nonexistent, yet no knowledge of existence is possible without it. Hence whatever exists in consciousness – tangibly, imaginary or otherwise – exists. In consciousness an idea has the same reality as, say, a machine. Whatever arises as a consequence of consciousness has an effect in consciousness. This, I believe, is the world of radionics.

One of my visitors returned a few days later, and she asked how I was going with my radionics instrument. It was sitting beside me, switched on, LED glowing, otherwise motionless. As I was chatting to her about it, it then occurred to me how my radionics instrument lives in my imagination in the same way that a work of fiction lives in the imagination of an author and her readers. The mind of the author creates a universe, forms a world and breathes life into its characters, which take on a life of their own. Similarly the vision of my instrument is alive in me – I understand precisely its design, how it functions, the laws or principles by which it functions, the dimension of the universe with which it is designed to interact, and its potential effect which might be seen as a gateway between levels of reality.

So in conversation we explored and compared the two creations that arise in the imagination of the radionicist and the novelist.

At this point I assumed that there is an unreasoned (thus unreasonable) disparity in the minds of most people between a radionics instrument and a book, a work of fiction. I say unreasonable because the reality is that each one has taken birth in the imagination of its creator, ultimately taking tangible form – on one hand an instrument in the hands of an operator, and on the other a book in the hands of a reader. Each lives, so to speak, through its creator first of all, and secondly through the user or reader.

I suppose the materialist of this world might hasten to heap scorn and ridicule on the invention and use of a radionics instrument, simply because it is a physical device that doesn’t appear to have a direct physical effect the way that a machine is expected to. Think of the way an excavator or an oscilloscope works, for example. Never mind that the radionics instrument is modifying reality in many ways, not least in the mind of the operator (also part of the totality of reality, strangely enough). This latter point, curiously, is frowned upon by those who choose to view the world itself as a physical device, the mind thus being a modification of that material structure. Okay, so the problem is that the device is mental in concept, of unprovable purpose.

But when we come to a book, the situation is quite different. The book, by contrast, is almost universally permitted to continue creating an alternative reality, despite it being just as much a figment of the creator’s fertile imagination. A sceptic may even enjoy the novel. It may even change his life. The ideas embodied in a novel, for some strange reason, isn’t necessarily a threat to sensibility the way a physical device might seem to be. (Ignoring such books as Noddy, and The Satanic Verses, obviously.) So I may ask: What poses more of a risk, an instrument or a book? I would answer that a book is potentially a more dangerous thing! Revolutions have started with an idea in print.

Conceive a machine in your mind and write about it, and you’re an author, even an H.G. Wells. But to actually manufacture that instrument, you’re potentially considered a weirdo, a fringe geek, with the possibility of legal action taken against you for fraud should you promote its use. A time machine is a marvellous literary device – until you try to sell one. A medical device is even more dangerous since the self-appointed authorities behave as though they literally possess your health (or rather your illness) as long as you can pay for it. But they’ll let you keep your good health for free. And they’ll even let you keep your books about quack medical devices – just don’t build and use one!

Perhaps the only legitimate way radionics can exist in the eyes of most people in our age of scientism is as an artform, as Duncan Laurie suggests in his book “The Secret Art.” A work of art is important for what it suggests rather than for what it actually does. Artwork isn’t expected to do anything, except change the viewer in some way.

Some arguably atrocious and disturbing literary creations have won Booker and Pulitzer prizes, while radionics creations are put into quack medicine museums. I like that the Dutch call their art galleries “museums,” as by implication it means that a museum is a gallery for what should pass as art – natural art, if nothing else. At least art is one way that sophisticated folk can make sense of Nature and pigeon-hole reality. It’s as if, by labelling radionics as “quack medical devices” the self-appointed critics are saying that radionics is untrue and worthy of ridicule, while art and literature is allowed to blatantly state untruths and, if well stated, be praised for it.

Someone – I wish I could recall who – once stated that the correct understanding of reality is to know that it is a lie, but to believe in the lie willingly.

So what am I trying to say here? – only that radionics is a creature that seems to live while I live, as easily believable as great literature or philosophy, and arguably just as important as any other work of originality. The same sense of reality is cultivated by reading great works as when I contemplate my radionic creation – valid, relevant, alongside and parallel to the world while intersecting it, equal in their existence. Is it really Chuang-tzu dreaming of a butterfly, or is the butterfly dreaming of Chuang-tzu? Both, perhaps, are true.

The Buddha asserted that everything is mind. Who am I to argue? I believe that the mind literally creates what is commonly understood as reality. Perception is projection. Within consciousness the perception of both tangible or imaginary realities is non-different. A radionics instrument works at the same level as it is conceived. In that reality a book can change your life. Radionics may also.

Explore. Enjoy the journey.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Please join the conversation and leave a note in the comments section below.


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Radionics as Fiction – True Confessions of a Secret Radionicist


Reagents I Have found Useful

In radionics reagents help reduce broadcast time, as well as raising the General Vitality of the witness while lowering the G.V of a condition, pathogen, parasite etc, so you get the results that you are aiming for much quicker. After trying many different things as reagents there are a few that I  seem to keep using over and over that do an excellent job for a variety of things that I do with radionics. I will tell you about them, and they might be useful for you also.

Herbs and spices


One that I use a lot especially if trying to balance an infection out of a subject is Colloidal Silver. It works especially well for any kind of infection.  I just put the glass bottle that the colloidal silver comes in, into the witness well with the witness, dowse for broadcast time, and turn on the amp. It brings down the intensity of the infection, while bringing up the G.V. of the subject.

I also use essential oils a lot as reagents. I bought  ten small bottles that have oils such as lavender, lemon, frankincense, chamomile, tee tree oil, peppermint, elemi, grapefruit, oregano, clove. The set I have can be ordered from Botanic Planet

I use colors quite a lot as reagents, specifically Dinshah colors available from KRT Technologies You can also go to a store that sells paint and get the cards with the different paint colors and use them as reagents.

Using Frequencies to alleviate undesirable conditions goes back many years to the days of Royal Raymond Rife , I don’t have anything as sophisticated as the frequency generator that he had that used a plasma tube, but I do use a inexpensive frequency generator I got on eBay  at a reasonable cost.  KRT Technologies also sells a good frequency generator, you can read about it here.



I use it with the frequencies in the CAFL book.


Here is a PDF download of the frequencies

CAFL – The Consolidated Annotated Frequency List –


There is one hitch, to use a frequency generator with a radionics instrument you need to have one that will allow you to run a wire between the generators output jack , and the radionics instruments input jack, the only radionics instrument that I know of that  has such a input jack are the  Kelly Instruments.


Other reagents that I use almost every day are the Ho’oponopono, and the Somasol reagents that are made and sold by Marty Lucas. They work well for a wide variety of applications, from lowering the intensity of something undesirable to raising the intensity of something that you want. They are available from  Marty on his website, along with other reagents.

Some reagents are made by “Ashing” which is when you take the thing that is undesirable, burn it until it is ashes, then put some of the ashes in a test tube and broadcast them to the subject. For example if you were having a problem with mice in your house you could catch a mouse burn it and broadcast the ashes to a photo of the house. Ashing has been used to rid a garden of weeds. To do this you would gather some seeds from the weeds that you don’t want in your garden, burn them , and broadcast the ashes to the garden via a photo of the garden. Another powerful reagent you can use if you are having rodent problems, is lion or tiger urine. If you live handy to a zoo, ask the zoo keeper if they would give you some of the straw that the lion or tiger has urinated or slept on, ( something with actual urine is better) now put a bit of the straw into the well of your radionics instrument and broadcast to the area the rodents are in, they won’t hang around long.

Some people use a copy of the New Testament as a reagent ( you can get miniature copies that will fit into the well of your radionics instrument. I have used it and it has lowered broadcast time, and the intensity of undesirable conditions, while raising the intensity of desirable conditions. I have also been told that the Old Testament will have the opposite effect, although I’ve never experimented with that.

The “Tibetan Buddhist Amado Miraculous Spring Water” which Peter Radatti describes how to make in his book ” A Fun Course In Beginning Radionics” I have found that this potentized water will bring up the intensity of anything desirable, while at the same time lowering what is not desirable. peters book can be purchased on Amazon, or a PDF version can be downloaded free.


                                                       A Fun Short Course In Radionics

other reagents that I’ve found useful are tissue salt tablets, pure magnesium oil,  a multi-vitamin, Epsom salts . For plants a good reagent is a test tube with some Miracle-Gro . I have also found the Sanjeveeni  Cards useful, they are a free down load here          

Here are a few of the reagents that I have used, and that have worked well for me. If your going to experiment with reagents it is a good idea to purchase a set of test tubes with caps in a test tube rack, too keep your reagents in. If you are emptying a reagent out of the test tube to put another reagent in,  be sure to neutralize the energy from the previous reagent, the easiest way to do that I find is to put the test tube in your radionic instrument and press the “Neutralize” or “Clear” button for a few seconds.

There are an infinite amount of possibilities for reagents, it’s fun to try different things to see if it makes a good reagent or not , you can also dowse to see if something will be a good reagent for a particular issue. I plan to experiment with wild plants and herbs as reagents and see what I can learn.   Some people have used different types of music as reagents with success, although I have not tried that as of yet. Another gentleman, Dr. McNaughton used to shine colored light on a witness placed on a plate, after he used his radionic instrument to determine what the person needed.  So I’m thinking why couldn’t colored light be focused right into the witness well of the instrument with the witness, and broadcast that way. There is a whole science behind light therapy that you can read about here

One thing I love about radionics, there are endless possibilities to explore




Everything I Knew Was Wrong

I borrowed the title of this blog from the preface of Nick Franks book “21st. Century Radionics”, where he states “EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG”  which is a pretty powerful statement , but looking back on what I knew, or thought I knew before I jumped down the dowsing/radionics rabbit hole ( it’s a very deep rabbit hole, I haven’t  reached the bottom yet after about ten years” )  and what I know now, the above statement rings true.


I’ll explain what I mean, and I think many other people who have studied radionics, and dowsing can relate. As a child, I attended public schools, where I was taught a bunch of “facts” and “truths” based on a Newtonian concept of the world, where the world and everything in it is a three-dimensional mechanical system. I learned about magnetism, electricity, gravity, atomic energy, sound waves, light waves etc.  I learned that allopathic medicine was the only true, and effective method to consider when you were ill, all of the alternate modes of healing, such as radionics, herbal medicine, light therapy, homeopathy, etc were “quackery”, and not even worth thinking about. I lived in a world where Infinite Intelligence, God, All That Is, (or whatever name you choose to use for this amazing power) that we can tap into and use, either didn’t exist or wasn’t very relevant to the day to day goings on in the world. I also believed that most politicians worked for the greater good of the people. I also believed that big business such as the pharmaceutical companies, the agribusiness was producing things that would make our lives better, and healthier. I also believed smoking, watching five hours of TV a day wouldn’t really hurt you, and if you saw something on the television evening news or read it in the newspaper it had to be true, they wouldn’t put anything on the news or in the paper  that wasn’t “true” would they.

Looking back I will admit I was very naive, but these are the things I was told by my elders, parents, teachers, relatives, surely they wouldn’t tell these things if they weren’t true, in retrospect they weren’t trying to deceive me,  they believed what they said to be true also. Then I saw things, that made me question many things that I believed to be true, such as mainstream medicine’s “cure” for cancer. Fifty years ago if you had cancer, they would dose you with radiation, chemotherapy, or they would perform surgery and cut the cancerous part out of your body. Today if you have cancer they will give you radiation, chemotherapy, or perform surgery. After billions of dollars in research money and countless man-hours spent on research, nothing has really changed. Another example is the government and the medical establishment telling us thirty years ago,  that all fat was bad for you, it will clog your arteries and cause you to have a heart attack, so everyone started eating low-fat, the supermarket shelves were loaded with items that were “Low Fat” or “No Fat”. Thirty years later, we have an epidemic of diabetes and obesity, because when people gave up on eating fats they switched to eating a lot of foods high in carbohydrates, not the medical establishment is saying fats are no longer bad for you (they never were).  Another one is when it came to light that many Catholic priests were charged and convicted of sexually molesting young boys. If you grew up in a Catholic home as I did, you were told that these guys were doing the work of the Lord, and should be given the highest degree of respect. When I found out what many of them had been doing secretly, it made me stop and take a good look at what I believed. I could write about many other examples of why the faith in what I believed was eroding, but I don’t wish to write a novel today, just a blog page.

When I started to see “the light” and realized many of the things I thought were true weren’t even close to being true, while others things, were downright lies. That is when I started searching for answers to my many questions, I knew instinctively there had to be more to the picture than what I was looking at, that’s when I discovered dowsing, radionics, using herbs for healing, etc, I learned about people such as Royal Raymond Rife, Ruth Drown, Rene Cassie, Gaston Naessens, and many other people who were persecuted by the establishment for trying to help humanity.  I learned about this awesome power that is all around and in us which many refer to as God. I learned that everything can’t be pigeon-holed by the establishment. I learned to “think outside of the box”.  I devoured this new found knowledge, like a man dying of thirst in the desert would drink water, and I still am, my thirst hasn’t been quenched yet, and I don’t think it ever will.

Beware, if you jump down that “rabbit hole” as I did, it is very very deep, and once you get down there a ways, you won’t want to come back out. You can’t unknow what you know Once you learn the real truth, you can’t ever go back to your previous way of thinking, the way the masses think.

Scalar Waves

If you study radionics, you will come upon the term “scalar waves” or scalar energy. What are these scalar waves, and what do they have to do with radionics.  the quick answer to “What have they to do with radionics”  is  “everything”, but what are they and how do they work. In the next few paragraphs, I will try to explain scalar waves.


Ever since the dawn of mankind, in all civilizations, there have been certain individuals that had ‘the gift’ and were able to “heal” by various methods, such as prayer, laying on of hands etc. These people were said to have the “power”. This so-called “gift” or “power” is what would be called scalar energy today, scalar energy exists everywhere, scalar energy is life itself. The “gifted people” were able to focus and direct this scalar energy to do a specific job. Nikola Telsa knew about scalar energy, he performed many experiments using scalar energy.  Albert Einstein said “Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.”  In radionics I believe we are “matching the frequency of the reality we want”, as Albert Einstein said. Modern science is beginning to understand scalar energy through the study of quantum physics, but much of “modern science” is still stuck in the Newtonian model of the universe, which doesn’t include scalar energy.  Unlike other forms of energy, scalar energy does not lose its potency over time or distance, which is why in radionics you can balance someone’s energies even though they may be on the other side of the world, using a photograph, blood spot, fingernail, a lock of hair that was taken from the subject many months or years before ( the exception is blood which turns rancid). The reason many people don’t believe that scalar energy exists is that if you only use your five physical senses you wouldn’t know scalar energy was all around you and in you. Scalar energy can’t be measured, weighted with conventional instruments. Think of yourself as a fish and scalar energy as the ocean.

Our DNA is an antenna that receives and broadcasts scalar energy. Our brain is not a huge warehouse that stores everything that we know, it is the “interface” that connects us to what some refer to as ‘Infinite Intelligence”, where we are able to access the information we otherwise would have no way of knowing about. We are also able to send information the same way. We can connect energetically with every other living thing in a sea of conscious energy called scalar energy.  Every cell in our bodies is affected by scalar energy, and so is water, our bodies are about 70% water, so saying that scalar energy is “life”, I don’t think is an exaggeration.

Scalar energy is sometimes referred to as “subtle energy”, but there is nothing “subtle” in the amount of energetic power possessed by scalar energy, we can’t even compare it to anything that we know of on earth or our solar system, that’s how powerful it is. It has been said ” there is more energy in one cubic centimeter of space than we can comprehend.  Even though scalar energy cannot be seen, almost everyone has had experiences with it, for example, you think of a person you have not seen for a long period of time, and within a few minutes that person calls you on the phone, or you get a sudden “feeling in your gut” about something, and it turns out to be true, even though you had no way of knowing about it.

In radionics as with all energy medicine, we interact with scalar energy. In radionics we can measure this scalar energy, one way is with a rate, the rate 2-76, for example, is the rate for the heart, another example would be if you were dowsing to determine which fertilizers, soils, nutrients would be for some tomato seeds that you want to plant. You have no way of knowing the answer with your conscious mind, but when you put a favorable nutrient, soil, fertilizer in the radionics instrument with the seed the General Vitality of the seeds will increase, likewise if you put something that’s detrimental to the seeds the General Vitality will drop. You may have never planted tomatoes before, and have no idea what to use to make the tomatoes grow well, but the information received through scalar energy knows.

I won’t go into long scientific explanations of scalar energy, and how it works, because frankly, I wouldn’t understand it myself.


Intution in Radionics

One of the most valuable things you can do if you are interested in radionincs is to hone your intuition to a razor sharp edge. Society tries to discourage the use of intuition right from the time we are children, saying such things as “it’s only your imagination” or other comments that are designed to make the child think that their intuition is of no value, this kind of  programming stays with many people their entire lives. It used to be called “women’s intuition” because men supposedly were more concerned with facts and figures. It has been described as a “hunch” or a “gut feeling”. It is the way universal consciousness communicates with us.  Intuition is like a muscle, the more its used the stronger it gets, the reverse is also true.


We, humans, have two sides to our brains, the left side, and  the right side. The left side of the brain is all about logic, linear thinking, it is the side of the brain that is used when doing mathematics, categorizing facts and figures, analyzing, etc. The right brain is the side of the brain used creativity, free-thinking, imagination, dreams, and intuition.


The material world that we live in today strongly encourages left brain thinking, while discouraging right brain thinking except in the arts. People who spend much time meditating develop their right brain, so that it dominates the left brain, instead of the other way around as it is with most people.



In radionics as well as dowsing, the right brain with its intuition is of supreme importance. A radionic instrument isn’t like a radio, for example, where you turn the tuning knob until you find the frequency of the station you want to listen to and your done. In radionics you can just open a rate book, find the rate you want, put it on the instrument, and turn on the amp switch and let it broadcast, but that isn’t really practicing radionics It would be like making a cake with a cake mix or learning to make a cake from scratch with the ingredients, then you have many more options.

In radioncs you would use your intuition for dowsing, cold-scanning, finding the length of time to broadcast a rate, which reagent would be best to use, and many other uses.

One bonus of radionics is that it has an ‘intuition strengthener” built right in at no extra cost. The more you use a radionics instrument and or pendulum, the stronger and more accurate your intuition or “gut feeling” will become. When we are cold-scanning for a rate to balance out the pain in your dogs leg  for example, and you arrive at a rate and broadcast it and your dog’s sore leg gets better, for example, you are getting the rate that will work on your dog’s leg from universal intelligence, through your right brain, you logically with your left brain didn’t know what rate would make your dog’s leg better.

Other than using radionics and or dowsing there are other ways to build up your intuitive powers .

  • Meditate
  • Practice Mindfullness
  • Mindfullness is noticing everything that is happening NOW, using your five physical senses
  • Spend more time in nature
  • Strengthen your Pineal gland.
  • Drink pure water, the chemicals in municipal water such as chlorine, bromide and fluoride damage the pineal gland
  • Take more notice of your dreams
  • Avoid Flouride, it reduces the functioning of the Pineal gland
  • Eat wholesome organic food if possible
  • Exercise, even walking is a good exercise

I use a little exercise to improve my intuition, it can be used anywhere and can be very useful. I will ask myself a question, such as should I drive on highway A to get to my destination or should I take highway B. If there is a reason that it wouldn’t be good for me to take highway B, because maybe there’s a traffic accident or road construction is underway with long lineups of cars, I will get a feeling in my gut (Solar Plexus) that isn’t pleasant, it’s like there’s a knot tied there. When I ask myself about highway B, it’s like a weight has been lifted from me, there is a sense of relaxation a sense that the stress in my gut has completely disappeared.

Once you have learned how to use your intuition, you also have to learn to trust the answers it gives you because your left logical mind will try to convince you that the answer that you have just received isn’t right or isn’t logical. This also will come with time and practice.

Intuition is, in my opinion, is the most important tool that you can use for not only radionics and dowsing, but in all areas of your life.


Radionic Questions

Often times when practicing Radionics, you may be faced with issue that is not as easy to fix as opening a rate book, finding the rate for the issue, putting it on your Radionics instrument, and letting it run.


There are times for example when you might not be able to find a rate for you particular problem in a rate book, or you may know the location of a condition, but not know what the condition is or vice/versa,  or you know there is definately a problem, but have no idea what it is. There are other times when a cold-scanned rate is the best one to use, which means you will need to do some dowsing. Dowsing is such an important part of Radionics, its a skill every Radionics practitioner should try to hone to a razor sharp edge.

Once you learn how to dowse, you still need to know what questions to ask. You can get the answers, but you have to know what to ask.

Here are a few general questions that can be used for a variety of issues.

  • Is the issue Bacterial, Viral, Fungal, Parasitic, Environmental, Spiritual,  Emotional, Physical, Mycoplasmatic or a combination  thereof.
  • Does the issue correspond to a chemical toxin, food additive, is it atmospheric,  is it agricultural, is it caused by a food additive, is it caused by heavy metal.
  • Does the issue correspond to a condition such as hypo/hypertonicity,  degradation, acidity/ alkalinity,  high/low temperature, electrical pollution.
  • Am I missing anything here.
  • Will Radionics take care of this issue, without using anything else.

Once you have found out cause of the issue, you can cold scan a rate to broadcast . For example, if your dog wasn’t feeling well, you could use the above questions to find the problem, in this case we’ll say its Bacterial, so we now know the dog has some kind of bacteria. You could cold-scan for a rate to get rid of the bacteria.  Using reagents along with the rate is highly recommended. The last question to ask before broadcasting is  “Is it safe, appropriate and advisable to make this broadcast at this time”

The questions that can be dowsed is only limited  by you own imagination, the ones mentioned above will hopefully get you pointed in the right direction.

Continuious v.s. Pulsed Brodcasting

There are three different ways you can broadcast with a radionic instrument to balance energy.  Continuously with the amp switch (power switch) left on. Another way is with the amp switch off , you don’t actually need any electrical power to operate a radionic instrument , using electrical power shortens the broadcast time . Dr.  Ruth Drown, used instruments that weren’t designed to be plugged into an electrical source, they relied on subtle energy only.

The third way is pulsed broadcasting , which is an on/off method of radionic broadcast . In some cases this is the most effective way of broadcasting. Some radionic instruments used to come with a timer that you could set to turn on your instruments for a specified amount of time and off for a specified amount of time, most instruments today don’t offer that feature, but you can use an electronic timer that you plug your instrument into.

How do you know if you should use a pulsed or continuous broadcast ? you need to dowse for the answer. Dowsing is one of the most important skills that you can have as a radionics operator, it is where radiestesia and radionics come togeather. I describe dowsing here. Radionic and Pendulum Dowsing.

First of all, when you are ready to make a radionic broadcast, you would dowse the question ” Should this be a pulsed  broadcast” YES or NO,  if you get a YES, next dowse to determine if the ON time should be in seconds, minutes, hours, days. Now dowse if the off time should be in seconds, minutes, hours, days. Next dowse for how many ON/OFF cycles. You can use your intensity dial as a dowsing tool, the number on the dial, when you get a stick is your answer.

You can buy a cheap kitchen timer, to turn your instrument ON and OFF at the required times such as this one, available in stores and eBay,



I personally use the timer pictured below, it is more expensive, but more accurate. Available on eBay or Amazon.

timer 2

Pulsed broadcasting isn’t something you’ll use all the time in radionic work, but it’s another tool in your tool box, and it’s good to have the option of using it.

Can You Predict The Future With A Radionics Instrument ?

When most people think of predicting the future, they think of a Gypsy lady gazing into a crystal ball or turning tarot cards, while the client waits impatiently to find out if their going to become rich or meet the person of their dreams. I don’t know if a radionics instrument can predict the future the way Gypsy lady with the crystal ball can, but it can reveal hidden  health issues and conditions, as well as detecting health problems while they are still in the energetic stage, long before there are any physical symptoms, or long before modern medical science can detect anything with their CT Scans, MRI, blood tests, biopsies,  endoscopy etc. The old saying goes” “Energy Precedes Matter”.

fortune teller

When someone is tested with one of the above mentioned medical procedures, they are looking for something (such as cancer) that has already manifested into something physical. One of the many areas that radionics far surpasses medical science is that you can find out if there are any undesirable conditions within your body, while they are still energy, or just beginning to become physical, which is also the best and easiest time to balance them out of your body. You can still balance a condition out of your body when it has become physical and is causing problems, but it’s going to take longer, it’s much easier to eliminate something while it is still in the energy stage.




The easiest way that I’ve found to find out if there are any undesirable conditions present in the body is to use an analysis sheet. The first part of the sheet covers the organs and glands, which should be up to General Vitality. The second part of the sheet covers the conditions , they all should read zero. What if your doing an analysis sheet on yourself and find a reading of 120 for Algae (82-100) or Cancer at 75 (3.50-11). Now is the time to balance out any conditions. Balance them out using the rates on the analysis sheet. Dowse for balancing time. Check each day to see if the intensity of the condition is dropping. You can also add some reagents to the radionics instrument to help balance out the condition quicker. Keep broadcasting the rates and reagents until the intensity of the condition reads zero.

To be most effective, you should run an analysis sheet on yourself , on a regular basis. Once or twice a month should be sufficient to detect anything abnormal, although it certainly wouldn’t hurt to run an analysis sheet more often, say once a week.

Most analysis sheets are similar, but the best one I’ve found is the one published by KRT Radionics. Even though the Kelly Analysis Sheets below are titled “Animal Analysis” they can be used for Humans also.

Kelly Analysis Sheet

Kelly Anlysis Sheet-page-0Kelly Anlysis Sheet-page-1

Buying Your First Radionic Instrument

From talking to different people as well as reading comments on radionic Facebook groups, there are quite a few people, who are new to radionics that are not sure what radionic instrument to buy, which is why I am writing this blog post in order to assist those new to radionics with their choices. This isn’t carved in stone gospel, it’s just my own opinion of what has worked well for me, so take it for what it’s worth.

As I see it, with radionic instruments ( I call them instruments instead of machines, they aren’t machines, in my opinion, a food blender or chainsaw is a machine),  anyway there are the Hieronymus types of instruments,  The electronic radionic instruments such as the SE-5, and the Copen instruments . There are also the Symbolic Radionic Instruments, which are nothing more than a diagram of a circuit of a radionic instrument drawn or printed on cardboard, with a rotating dial, also cardboard. There are plans on the internet on how to build a radionic instrument using a box and a few items from an electronics parts store  I call these “cigar box instruments”) There are the Karl Weltz instruments, The computer operated radionics programs such as the CyberShaman,  Manifestor Pro etc. also a ton of so-called radionic instruments on places such as eBay, in my opinion most are glorified “cigar box instruments” or wishing machines. Will these other so-called radionic instruments work… they will, but if you want to seriously pursue radionics, and use it to balance undesirable conditions, illnesses, pathogens, parasites etc, out of yourself, other people, pets, livestock, plants etc you should get one of the three basic types mentioned above.

Each one of these instruments has their pluses and minuses. I won’t say that any one of them will work any better than the others, they all work, and people who use each type of instrument have had great successes with each type. it’s like an automobile, if you wanted to drive from New York to  San Fransisco, you could get there in a Ford, Toyota, BMW, its more about the person operating the vehicle, and the same goes with radionic instruments, but the three categories of instruments do have their differences and similarities, pros and cons, which I will discuss now.

The first type, and the type that I’m most familiar with are the Hieronymus type instruments. The reason they are called Hieronymus type instruments, is because T. Galen Hieronymus, a well-respected radionics researcher, inventor, and radionics practitioner of the Twentieth Century, took the radionics instruments that were around then and redesigned them to make them more accurate and easier to use. The Hieronymus instruments for sale today follow his design, but some have been improved upon.


KRT Personal Instrument


OK, what are the pros and cons of the Hieronymus instruments, first the pros.

  • Affordable, usually less expensive than some other types of instruments
  • A large database of rates. The Kelly Rate Book has over 10,000 rates.
  • Most can be grounded
  • Most have jacks that you can plug other radionic accessories into
  • Training classes available for these instruments
  • Very accurate, can be fine tuned
  • Most basic models today are two or three  bank, but tuning banks can be added to give you as many banks as you need.
  • Many have a built-in potentizer
  • Can be used without electricity, but when used with electricity, broadcast is amplified.
  • You can add optional accessories to most of them such as signal generators, extra-large witness wells, tuning banks, powerful antennas.
  • According to Hieronymus, his instruments, as well as all Hieronymus type instruments today that use capacitors instead of resistors are more accurate.
  • KRT Radionics offers four different models from $4750.00 for their Workstation to $1450.00 for their Personal Instrument
  • KRT sells a Windows computer program they call an “Electronic Rate Book” which is searchable, and contains over 10,000 rates.

Now the cons, fortunately I can’t think of very many cons for the Hieronymus system.

  • Some people have difficulty obtaining a “stick” using the stick pad. Most people can learn to get a stick with some practice, but for those that can’t they can use a pendulum instead, for some reason more people can get a pendulum to work for them than can get a stick on a radionic instrument.
  • The instruments built today aren’t very portable, especially if they are grounded, they are basically made to be set up and left in one dedicated location. Some of the earlier instruments were made to be portable such as the Mattioda briefcase instrument, or some of the early Hieronymus 1 bank instruments that were encased in a wooden box with a cover and a carrying handle, unfortunately these instruments haven’t been built for thirty or forty years, and the only places you can find them now are on places such as eBay.  But you can buy cases that you could put the Kelly personal Instrument in to carry it around. Would be nice if they designed Hieronymus instruments with a battery compartment, in case you wanted to power them up when away from an electrical source. That having been said you could rig up a 9 volt battery in a battery holder and plug that into the instrument for temporary  power.
  • These types of instruments are not as “technologically advanced” as some of the others, they do not have a built-in computer, some would see this as a limitation, but I see it as less things to go wrong.
                                                                                                      SE-5 1000

Next on the list is the SE-5 1000 electronic radionic instrument. Here are the pros:

  • Highly portable,  it’s small, it fits into its own case and can be taken anywhere.
  • The SE-5 1000 kit comes with almost everything that you would need to get started, including a digital camera/printer, built-in potenizer, and laptop computer depending on the package you purchase one has a laptop one doesn’t, and there are other accessories that you are able  to purchase separately,
  • You can use the Hieronymus rates, and or Base 10 rates, comes with 50 loaded programs, plus additional programs that you can purchase.
  • Has a battery compartment, so you can use the SE-5 1000 away from electrical power.
  • The SE-5 1000 company offers advanced training courses on DVD, that you are able to purchase separately.  As well as live training courses. There is also a free beginner’s  training DVD included in kit.
  • You get two hours of personal training with purchase either by Skype or phone
  • Comes with computer software and usb cord connection. Apparently you can control and set up the SE-5 1000 using the laptop as well as access many thousands of “tunings’ on the laptop.
  • You are able to run multiple rates at the same time, as well as control the length of times these rates and programs run.
  • The SE-5 100 website has a lot of information, books, videos etc.
  • Can be used independently of the laptop as a standalone unit.

Here are the cons of the SE-5 1000 system:

  •     The SE-5 1000 comes with a one year software and hardware warranty, to me that’s not a positive thing. If I’m going to buy one of these units, and spend about $5000.00 I would like it to have a longer warranty period (3-5 years). Other radionic instrument manufacturers such as KRT, will replace or repair defective equipment as long as you own it.
  • The price tag. To buy one of these SE-5 1000 kits it will cost you $4695.00 without the laptop or $4995.00 with the laptop. These prices are in US currency, and are accurate as of March 2018. I’m not saying the SE-5 1000, and all of the accessories that come with it isn’t worth those prices. What I’m saying is that many people starting out in radionics may not have or may not  want to spend that amount of money on an instrument, at first .
  • The SE-5 1000 is basically a small computer, and because it’s a sensitive electronic device, it’s not as forgiving as some of the other types of radionics instruments. Static electricity could be a problem,  also if you were doing any kind of work outdoors in damp weather, you may also run into problems.
  • The SE-5 1000 isn’t made to be grounded, as some other radionic instruments are. Some may say ” so what if you can’t ground it”. I am a firm believer that a radionic instrument should be grounded if your dong work on someone or something other than yourself. Here is a quote from Marty Lucas’s website about grounding ” If the instrument is not grounded properly, that means the phase conjugate wave will dissipate into the information field of the operator.”  Which means if the instrument isn’t grounded the phase conjugate wave and any energy good or bad will return to the operator of the instrument, which is you. Do I have proof of this…No, but grounding a radionics instrument is something that is done by many experienced operators, including me. These are available through the SE-5 1000 website

The next instruments I will be reviewing are the radionic instruments  made by CopenLabs Ltd. in the United Kingdom.

                                                                                                   Copen MK-12

The pros of the Copen instrument:

  • These instruments are well made high quality instruments
  • CopenLabs Ltd. offer four different models of radionic instruments ranging in price from $7500.00 for their top of the line “Care ND System” to their MK12 portable unit at $2600.00
  • The Care ND System comes with a laptop with the Care Program software installed.
  • Their computer database is searchable, meaning if you want to find the rates for a “Cold” you would type cold into the program and obtain all the rates in the system for a cold.
  • Care ND users get free software updates when they become available
  • Homeopathic remedies can be made with each model
  • These units have an internal memory that can store a large database of analysis/balancing information.
  • CopenLabs offer various accessories that can be purchased separately and used with their Radionic  instruments.

Now for the cons:

  • These instruments are not made to be grounded, to some that wouldn’t be a concern, to me it is. I explain the reason why in the section on the SE-5 1000.
  • I did not see any training classes offered for use of these radionic instruments on the CopenLabs Ltd. website.
  • The Copen instruments aren’t made to use the Hieronymus type rates, the same as the Kelly instruments aren’t made to use Base 10 rates. This may or may not be an issue, depending on which system of rates you prefer to use.
  • I didn’t see what kind of warranty they have on their instruments while reading their website, but there is a number that you can call for further information.
  • They are pricey, well  made, but pricey,  for a radionics newbie, the MK12 portable unit at $2600.00 which isn’t too bad for a good quality instrument.
  • According to the CopenLabs ltd. website there is a company in Mexico which sells “low quality fake CopenLabs products” Something to look out for. The Copen instruments are available through their website

The three types of radionic instruments mentioned here, the Hieronymus type, the SE-5 1000, and the Copen instruments are the most popular and most widely used radionic instruments in the world today.

The only manufacturer that I know of that builds and sells the Hieronymus type instruments in 2018 is KRT ( Kelly Reasearch Technologies). I bought two instruments from them and can say first hand they are a pleasure to do business with. Their main concerns , in my opinion are to build good quality instruments and that they have happy customers.

I have never dealt personally with Don paris and the SE-5 1000 people, so cannot say what they are like. I do own an older SE-5, which I bought used, I have used it and know it works, but prefer the Hieronymus type instruments, but that’s only my personal opinion. I know people who love using the SE-5’s

I have never bought or used a Copen instrument, the information I have on this blog about them was obtained by  reading the information available on the internet about them.

Which instrument is the best. I can’t say, it all comes down to personal preference, how much you want to spend, what you plan to do with the instrument. I mentioned before that my preference is the Hieronymus type instrument . I find it to be a good basic system that suits my needs. You may prefer the SE-5 1000, or one of the Copen instruments.  I hope by writing this blog I’ve helped you make a choice,  especially if your new to radionics.

Internet Sites About Radionics

Over the years I’ve been surfing the internet searching for good websites about radionics, I’ve collected a few good ones. What surprised me was there aren’t very many good radionics sites, offering helpful information.  There are sites about Psionic information, which have very little to do with health. Then there are the sites that only have an interest in selling you some kind of radionics or psionic machine, such as the Karl Weltz sites Anyway here are a few  I found that are pretty good.

radionics pic

The first one is the Radionic and Dowsing Institue of Canada. They offer Radionics training, as well as  an explanation of what radionics is.

This next site offers a good explanation of what radionics is, and how it works.

The next site is one of my favorites. Kelly Research Tecnologies offer radionic instruments  for sale, radionic accessories, radionic books ( some free) news about training events, and info on radionics.

The Journal of Borderland Research offers a very good explanation on radionics.

The Radionic Association In England offers Radionic Certification Courses.

The next website is that of Duncan Laurie’s the author of the excellent book titles “Radionics, The Secret Art”

This next site offers information on using radionics for cancer

The next site is another of my favorites. In it Marty Lucas offers a ton of radionic advice, as well as info on radionic classes he teaches, and radionic accessories.

The next site offers a good article on the history of radionics.

A very  good essay on radionics, by Dr. Arden Andersen

Another very good site with a lot of radionic information.

This next site, while not pure orthodox radionics, offers a system that is based on frequencies as discovered by Royal Raymond Rife, they also have radionic instruments that can be used with their frequency generators.

This next one is the SE-5 website. They sell an “electronic” radionics instrument, which some say works quite well.

I would highly recommend this website by George Kuepper. Here George has excellent radionics information, and he has a couple good radionic books, as well as the Rogers radionics instruments for sale.

Another site with some good radionic information

This next site is a Google book site, here you can read the book “Vibrational Medicine” a very good book for understanding all types of energy healing, including radionics.

The next site is by Joseph Max, a very knowlegable radionics practitioner, he also builds some really cool radionic instruments.

Berkana Labs offers much information on not only radionics, but also dowsing, orgone etc.

This site has many very interesting articles on radionics

The USPA or U.S. Psychotronics Association has a very informative webite, with an archive of newsletters, as well  holds a USPA conference once a year.

Last but certainly not least we have a few excellent Facebook groups that are all about radionics. These are good places to share radionic info, as well as ask questions. You have to join these Facebook groups, to view their content.

Well thats it, these are the best sites that I’ve found dealing with radionics. If there are any other good radionic sites out there that I haven’t mentioned, it’s because I don’t know about them yet.